Pending Show Unrevealed Pokemon After Match Ends

If you have forfeited, or if your opponent forfeits, or if you win by eliminating all of your opponent's bench, then you lose the ability to view your own, unrevealed bench. Often times we end a match and simply forget who we had in our reserves. It would be great if we could see the pokemon that we did not reveal.

Some counter suggestions I have received:

-You can just screenshot your team...
I don't think that is a practical thing to do over and over again

-Just remember your team...
Usually we do! But in case we don't, would be great to have a backup way of knowing who I had remaining on my bench.

-Why do you want to know who was on your bench...
It's interesting to look back on a game and consider my strategy, and what backup strategy I had in mind

Open to more feedback, but if this is easy to implement, I think it is a low hanging fruit great change!

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i don't see the harm in team preview metagames. could see an argument against it in past gens, such as players not wanting their team revealed. it'd be cool in random battle though.


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I think it'd be relevant not to do so for matches where you only select a certain number of Pokemon (e.g. for VGC / Battle Spot formats, where you bring 4/6 or 3/6 Pokemon). Since at least VGC does team-locked best-of-threes, hiding the final Pokemon you brought to a match if possible is an important skill, and so if the final slot would be revealed, I'd want to be certain that it's only revealed to the player; otherwise, it's a pretty substantial information leak.

Seconding that this would be cool in randomized formats, though.
For all random formats, this sound amazing. But I definitely agree with the points raised for the non-randomized formats.
This idea also helps the tour games a lot of rooms play (eg. if you have a water type you get a point) by not forcing players to actually use the mon, just having it.) just to name something.

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