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Da Letter El

Officially internet famous
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You all look around and realize that thetwinmasters is dead.

Dear thetwinmasters,
You are the Lynchpin.

You are kind of a big deal, holding everything together.

At night, you may PM Da Letter El with, “Night X - Ending USER’s whole career.” You will channel your inner Supa Hot Fire and kill User. You can do this twice every three nights.

Additionally, at night, you may PM Da Letter El with, “Night X - TEAM won’t get the jump on me.” You will follow a team around, making sure they don’t kill you. If they do, you will be able to resurrect from the dead at any point. You can only target yourself by Night 5.

You are pretty important, and with that come a lot of perks. You cannot be killed on night 1, because that seems really ridiculous. You also cannot be lynched until day 5, because your people love you.


Once Night 4 hits, you will have more duties.

You are allied the Squad. You win if Squad wins OR SNIP AND you die at least once.
You look around and realize that you haven't started bickering and splitting off. How odd. I wonder why that could be.

It is now Day 6. Results going out now.

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