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In the once-peaceful city of Arenithan, battle has suddenly broken out. The Warriors and the Mages have long been antagonistic, but some suspect the shadowy Conspirators have a hand in this. While the Church tries to stop the fighting, rumors have arisen of a powerful Necromancer trying to raise an Undead army.

Now, these five factions battle for the hearts and minds of the people, the Free Agents, recruiting them by the droves to their cause. Who knows what powers or magical items each faction might acquire?

Do you have what it takes to emerge from this melee with your life and power intact, to end the fighting and emerge the victor?

Welcome to PATHFINDER VIVA MAFIA, hosted by Aura Guardian and Agape.

This is a big, viva-style game with aliases. The side forum will be linked in the game thread.

Important notes:
Items, lots of items
Aliases, side forum
Five factions
Last faction standing.

Game-Specific Rules
1. There are five factions in the game: Church, Conspirators, Mages, Warriors, and Undead. Most players are Free Agents, who can be recruited into the factions (specifics listed on the factions’ subforums). The factions recruit aliases, not smogon names. You may refuse to be recruited (Action: Refuse Recruitment).

2. There are three categories of abilities in this game: Weak, Medium and Strong. Weaker abilities generally have no power over stronger ones.

3. Anyone who gets more votes on them than a third of the remaining aliases is lynched even if they do not have the majority on them. This can mean that multiple aliases are lynched during a single cycle. A lynch does not stack with itself.

4. There is a ridiculous amount of items in this game. Items may be passed to other players. You can use items’ abilities as if they were your own innate abilites or with the syntax “Use ITEM on ALIAS”. Potions can be used without knowing what their effect is. Passive items are assumed to be always used. Leftover items from dead players go to the Scrapyard, from where anyone may attempt to retrieve them.

5. Any player can use all of their actions every cycle unless limited by some effect, with the exception of kills. A player can only use one kill action per cycle, and cannot use a kill action the cycle following an attempted kill attempt. Items that grant kills count towards this limit.

6. A player may only use one non-passive item per cycle. Some abilities may bypass this.

General rules shamelessly stolen and edited from 2official2mafia.

1. You must obey all forum-wide and subforum-specific rules. These include but are not limited to adding users to mafia conversations, screenshotting of any kind, impersonation, and insulting other users. If you think there’s any problem with the game come to the hosts (Aura Guardian and Agape) with it before mentioning it to other players. In other words, just exercise common sense and if anything is unclear ask the hosts about it rather than just assuming anything.

2. Every player will receive a Role PM. These PMs may not ever be shared, in part or in full, with other players. You may not at any time c/p or quote directly from your Role PM. You can describe your role in your own words only. You may not ever c/p a result PM you receive from the hosts, though, again, you may describe it in your words. Do not ask someone about any particulars of their Role PMs. Yes, this means you cannot ask for the exact wording of Win Conditions.

3. The official chat room for this game will be the Discord Social Forum room #circus. A permanent link is in the Circus Maximus thread. We want to see everyone using this room.

4. Free agents and neutrals submit all actions as a PM to Nethys on the Pathfinder Mafia phpbb forum. Factions should list the actions of their members on their subforum or their spreadsheet. Post new lists instead of editing old lists. Individual actions may be sent via a role PM if you disagree with the action list on the subform, but this is both bad teamwork and causes a huge headache to the hosts so if you do this without a good reason the hosts have the right to sub you out.

5. This game will have a Unicycle format. This essentially means that the typical ‘day’ and ‘night’ cycles of real-life mafia will be collapsed into one, in order to halve the runtime of this game and keep things moving at a fast pace. As such, each Cycle will have both a daily lynch, in which you may post a bolded Vote ALIAS to vote for another player to be lynched. At the same time, you may submit targets for any abilities you might have. Deadline for each cycle will typically be 48 hours after the conclusion of the previous Cycle, except for the first cycle.

6. Vote count and majority are not public knowledge. Don't ask the hosts for them. It's probably wise not even to bother discussing it. A lynch does not stack with itself. No one is lynched in a tie, unless they both have more than 1/3th of the available votes on them.

7. The game will start on Cycle 1. No kills will be valid on Cycle 1, but lynches will be.

8. All actions happen simultaneously. Conflicting interactions are quite simple and you should be able to work them out. In a case of a real conflict ie. kill vs kill the hosts have a secret priority list, but generally Strong>Medium>Weak and Magic>Martial. You can ask how specific interactions might work, assuming they exist, but if you're smart you should come to same conclusions the host will because we're really good at this and always correct.

9. If you start to get busy then let the hosts know so that we can find a substitute. Don't be lame and sub out without good reason.

10. Follow the rules, including those commands laid it in your results. Things like silence and persuade are meant to have concrete effects on the game, not to be manipulated. You cannot "godkill" yourself, but failure to follow the rules in this official game may result in punishment from the moderation team or exclusion from further games by either host and like-minded hosts.

11. If you are silenced, this negates any persuasion on you.

12. Add Aura Guardian and Agape to any smogon conversations you have between more than two people. Add us to any secrets chat rooms. Add us to any sheets you make, and don't name them Pathfinder Mafia. Ask us for our emails if you need to.

To conserve space on Role PMs, we have referred to abilities by name only. A detailed list of ability power levels will be included in the side forum as a separate thread. Here’s the list:
  • Kills (You can use this action if your kill power is higher than none; only one kill per 2 cycles)
    • Weak: Pops weak defenses
    • Medium: kills thru weak defenses, pops medium and weak BPVs
    • Strong: Only blocked by Strong defenses, pops all BPVs
  • Bodyguards CAN be used on oneself unless otherwise specified
    • Weak: Block one Weak kill action
    • Medium: Block all medium and weaker kills
    • Strong: Block all kills
  • BPVs
    • All: automatic self-BG of equal level to BPV, destroyed if targeted by a kill equal to its strength. Medium and Strong last the entire round of their destruction.
  • Safeguards
    • Weak: blocks all weak non-kill harmful actions on target
    • Medium: blocks all weak and medium non-kill harmful actions on target
    • Strong: blocks all non-kill actions on target, can choose to let harmful or harmless through
  • Roleblocks
    • Weak: Block target’s Weak powers
    • Medium: Block target’s weak and medium powers
    • Strong: Block target from doing anything
  • Thief
    • Weak: Steal their most recently acquired weakest item
    • Medium: Steal their most recently acquired weakest item OR item specified
    • Strong: Steal all items
  • Info: Tracker
    • Weak: Track 1 target
    • Medium: Track 2 targets
    • Strong: Track 3 targets
  • Info: Watcher:
    • Weak: Watch 1 target
    • Medium: Watch 2 targets
    • Strong: Watch 3 targets
  • Info: Role
    • weak: identify target's weak powers
    • medium: identify target's weak and medium powers and their rolename
    • strong: identify target's all powers and their rolename
  • Info: Items
    • weak: identify how many items target has at the end of the cycle OR identify properties of an item which you hold
    • medium: identify an item whose name is specified, or the target's weakest item if unspecified, or find all properties of all items which you hold
    • strong: identify all of target's items OR find all properties of all items which target ally (can be yourself) holds.
  • Info: Alignment
    • Weak: Determine if either/both of two people are on the specified team
    • Medium: Either weak targeting four with IDing the people on the team, or ID the faction of one person and their rolename
    • Strong: Either choose Medium or name a group of people and learn the majority faction
  • Kidnap
    • weak: target's actions will go through the cycle this is used, target can be killed during the cycle this is used, target is released at the end of the following cycle
    • medium: target's actions will be roleblocked the cycle this is used, target can NOT be killed during the cycle this is used, target is released at the end of the following cycle
    • strong: can choose weak or medium effect, duration 2 cycles
  • Redirector
    • weak: redirect target's weak powers to another target
    • medium: redirect target's weak and medium powers to another target
    • strong: redirect all of target's powers to another target; if ability names are known can redirect specific abilities to specific targets in addition to all unknown powers to a single target
  • Persuader
    • weak: target has to cast a vote next cycle
    • medium: target has to vote to vote an alias provided (no lynch is valid)
    • strong: target has to vote an alias provided and their vote counts as +2
  • Silencer
    • Weak: Target cannot post in the voting thread next cycle
    • Medium: Target cannot post in the voting thread next cycle
    • Strong: Target cannot post in the voting thread for next two cycles
The following abilities are available for anyone to perform during any cycle:
  • Scavenge
    • Weak: Retrieve one item from the Scrapyard.
    • Medium: You can use this instead of Strong if you idle all other actions.
    • Strong: Greater priority than weak or medium, usable only if you idle all other actions.
  • Refuse Recruitment
    • Weak: You cannot be recruited this cycle.
    • Medium: You can use this instead of Strong if you idle all other actions.
    • Strong: Greater priority than weak or medium, usable only if you idle all other actions.
  • Item Passing
    • Weak Pass named item to target alias
    • Medium You can use this instead of Strong if you idle all other actions.
    • Strong You can use this if you idle all other actions.

Note that the Medium versions of these actions are mostly redundant.

Just remember... this is Pathfinder. As in, these guys:

Death is not the end.

Signups (40/50)
01. zorbees
02. acidphoenix
03. Thetwinmasters
04. King_
05. RODAN!!!
06. Blazade
07. Hitmonleet
08. UncleSam
09. Haruno
10. Amelia
11. Flyhn
12. Jalmont
13. MoodyCloud
14. OM Room
15. shade
16. askaninjask
17. LonelyNess
18. Walrein
19. Texas Cloverleaf
20. Pidge
21. internet
22. theangryscientist
23. Former Hope
24. pancake
25. Cancerous
26. TraceofLife
27. Slim Guldo
28. praj.pran
29. LightWolf
30. Memoric
31. Paperblade
32. Steven Snype
33. Yeti
34. shubaka17
35. Maxim
36. Oddish.
37. Dogfish44
38. Someoneelse
39. Painter Oshawatt
40. Da Letter El

Low-Priority (1)
01. Asek

Subs (3+1)
01. KnightsofCydonia
02. sunny04
03. Josh (by Discord)
inf. rssp1 (by PM)

If we do not reach the 50 players, then we can start with 40ish players. The Viva format is flexible. The sign-ups will be up for at least a week.

Here's the discord:
Use channel #circus
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If you have wishes for type of role etc. drop them to me or AG.

If you have doubts about joining due to being in both quentin and NOC, then I suggest you join and request being a free agent. Their earlygame can be played quite lightly if desired. This will be a game worth playing!
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