Silent Hills Cancelled ;-;

So if anyone gives a shit about the horror scene of video gaming then this should be no news to you at this point, but Silent Hills, one of the most anticipated horror games of the year, has recently been caned. Well, fuck.
I have to say, as a devout Silent Hill fan I'm upset and somewhat happy about this. I don't think I'd need to explain why I'm not ecstatic about this, I mean come on, the P.T in itself was already considered one of the scariest horror 'games' of last year, it got everyone prepared for an awesome fucking game, it was gonna be great. Though from what I heard about the reason behind it all, Kojima and Konami had a fallout, there was some dispute over use of the Fox Engine, and really when there's such massive dispute between company and developer then I have little doubt that we'd have ended up with an overall sloppy product. Kojima being kicked off the project and fired from Konami kind of makes it impossible for Konami alone to push ahead with the project, without the Fox Engine, they'd pretty much just have to start from scratch and it would, once again, end up as a piece of shit.
While I don't agree with many that the newer Silent Hills were all that bad, most of them anyway, there was a distinct quality decline and the inside disputes wouldn't have allowed Silent Hills to pull them out of this decline like it seemed before. Maybe it's a bit overdue, but it could be better to let this series just rest peacefully instead of beating a dead horse till falling sales figures finally kill it after increasingly shitty instalments. At least the P.T can be a high note for it to go out on, even if we wanted more. I'm still fuckin' sad though. ;-;
Thoughts? Anyone else even give a shit?
It's more weird why there's apparently this big split between Konami and one of their best game makers (Kojima) and why no ones talking. Did they just decide to not like each other one day and want to kill off Silent Hill and Metal Gear series?
Apparently Konami are still adamant to keep Metal Gear going. I'd like to see how that turns out... All I've heard is fallouts and power struggles and shit regarding ownership and/or use of the Fox Engine. Kojima is a renown arrogant prick though so maybe this was stirring up for a long time. But yeah, the fact that it's all a bit blunt and kept quiet is a bit odd. i suspect the illumernaty


So who did buy all the stroopwafels?
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Only thing I do hope is that Kojima finds kickstarter and will release stuff like silent hills (albeit not under the same name)

I think this kind of sums up what some publshers are doing and what I think of it really.

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