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Ok I'm like two weeks late on this but whatevs, here's my initial thoughts on the pkmn that Oglemi / DC gave me:

Primeape - Revamp
  • Vital Spirit should be the main ability on CS Primeape; Defiant is just too niche.
  • LO is probly a bad item choice on the Encore set; Fist Plate should probly be the item of choice. the set itself needs testing too.
  • test cb if its worthy of a set?
  • there's a lot of good stuff in the current analysis, but I feel that a lot of the examples are kinda meh so I think this is worthy of a revamp, though it'd be a low priority one since the current analysis isn't terrible.

Vileplume - SCMS edit
  • analysis is honestly fine for the most part
  • move lo to the first set (vileplume's biggest niche), support to second (mostly outclassed by rose / amoon; smaller niche)
  • bigger ac hp fire mentions for both sets, add emboar to partners for both sets
  • add durant and escavalier to checks and counters

Eelektross - test and revamp
  • this analysis is very outdated and i'm not entirely sure what the best route for eelektross would be in this metagame.
  • I mean, idk, a mixed attacker seems outclassed by Electivire of all things, Coil is probably not very good since Eel has no useful resists to set up on and meh bulk.
  • I guess like a special attacking tank set with lefties could be cool, and maybe a CB set since Eel does have a nice physical movepool.
  • needs to be tested and revamped for sure

Seismitoad - Revamp
  • Needs tank set badly
  • the analysis in general is just hideously out of date, so it needs a revamp for sure.

Slowking - SCMS edit + add set
  • defensive set needs full phys def spread in ac, mention that current ev spread avoids 2hko from entei flare blitz, psychic and dragon tail ac mention
  • choice specs set needs to expand on psyshock vs psychic; "However, Psychic's higher Base Power might come in handy." is a dumb statement.
  • add nails's calm mind set after specs
  • i don't really think this analysis needs a full revamp, since everything is covered nicely. The wording is somewhat awkward in some places though imo, so touching that up via the scms would be nice.

Rampardos - test and revamp
  • ugh why is this analysis so outdated.
  • Is choice scarf even good, not outspeeding sceptile etc seems really bad to me...I guess it makes a passable check to moltres (passable as in; can switch in once and take like 75% from hurricane...yeah idk)
  • does tr sweeper really needs its own set, I imagine that it could probably just be dumped into ac on another set.
  • is rock polish even good, lo stone edge is weaker than lo Aggron's Head Smash, and Rampardos has like none of the same set up opportunities Aggron has. Literally the only thing it seems to have going for it is the fact that it can 2HKO Steelix with eq and is slightly faster, but aggron does similar damage with Low kick and only needs a little more residual damage to achieve the 2hko, and all the extra speed does is allow Rampardos to outspeed Accelgor.
  • test cb; i think that's honestly probably the best thing rampardos has going for it, since its head smashes hit even harder than aggron and it cleanly 2hkoes steelix and most rhydon with eq.
  • also test mix rampardos; this actually seems unique and could be a cool way to use all of rampardos's good qualities. head smash / tbolt / focus blast / another special move (probably fire blast) sounds very very promising and capable of beating a lot of common cores. 65 Spatk is not bad when backed by such high bp power special moves sheer force and lo. also it like 6-0's august stall so it has that going for it (well, until you die from Head Smash recoil I guess).

Klinklang - scms edit
  • This analysis is actually p good, it probly just needs a few minor edits to fix things up.
  • ferroseed is not one of the tiers most common steels; change to "more effective" or something along those lines.
  • maybe remove the smeargle / qwilfish line in ac; yes its true, but spikes help every sweeper so meh
  • otherwise this is fine; it looks like a very well done analysis.

Weezing - test viability; if viable revamp
  • merge spdef and phys def most likely, and figure out which one is better. They're such similar sets that they don't need to be seperated imo.
  • the examples are outdated throughout the analysis, so if this thing actually is viable, then it needs to be revamped.

Lanturn - being revamped
  • sitb is revamping this atm, and that looks good so this should be fine

Aggron - Revamp
  • tentative set order should be cb / rp / subpunch. idk if subpunch is even that worthy of an analysis at this point since low kick hits p much everything you'd want to hit with focus punch; i guess being able to maintain subs vs like rhydon is cool though...
  • at the very least, remove sr ac mention on subpunch; why is that even there lol
  • Remove all that bulk from cb and subpunch; idk if there would ever be a scenario where i wouldn't want to run max speed on aggron.
  • Low Kick needs to go over eq on like every set or at least be slashed with it; it's just so much better in most scenarios since being able to 2HKO steelix is amazing.

Rotom-F - test viability; if viable, revamp
  • needs testing; scarf frotom is probably not bad with hp ice as ice stab, so i imagine that set at the very least deserves an analysis.
  • i guess test subsplit too, but i doubt it's effective since hp ice just flat out isn't as good as blizzard which means that it's weaker and isn't as much of a threat

Sawsbuck - No changes needed
  • There's nothing I can see that needs changing, other than maybe add natural gift watmel berry to ac.

Victreebel - Revamp
  • I think the set itself is pretty good and there's a lot of good stuff here, but there's quite a few outdated examples, counters, etc, so it could definitely use a revamp.

Regirock - No changes needed
  • This analysis is like perfect lol

Shelgon - test viability; if viable, revamp
  • Wish sounds usable, but DD sounds outclassed by dragonair. If someone could weigh in on how good the DD sets are that'd be great.


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A few things

  • Seismitoad has a current revamp going on
  • Eelektross was actually uploaded I want to say last month actually. I think it's find tbh. There's even a set you talked about in the analysis itself (special attacker with lefties
  • I remember putting in a passing mention on a fully physical (and special) defensive spread when I did Slowking (jeez that was a long time ago) but I guess more of an emphasis wouldn't hurt.
Now, on Rampardos, I haven't used RP in a while but I remember during the hail meta I used Life Orb w/ Sheer Force, RP, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Thunderpunch/Fire Punch. Thunderpunch actually hit really hard against bulky waters as it 2HKOed Alomomola and Poliwrath, while having a somewhat accurate STAB that let it not get worn down too quickly (98 BP move isn't really bad considering the accuracy, which is better than Stone Edge/Head Smash's.) Not sure if it still works or is worth using over Aggron that much, but I would look into it at least. I don't know about other sets because I haven't tested them.
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Shelgon is completely outclassed as an offensive and defensive DD sweeper by Dragonair, Fraxure, and Altaria. Idk on the viability of the Wish set, but that's all I would allow in an analysis.

The Coil set for Eelk could be tested again though; the special attacking set is good.
Silentvers, I just read this and I'm doing the rampardos. I'm putting TR in OO and i think that mixed might be good. I tried it out on the ladder but nothing conclusive...

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