Silly Things You Have Seen On the Ubers Ladder!

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Hi everyone! I'm pretty sure everyone's played on the Ubers ladder in the recent or relatively distant past, and I'm pretty sure you've met some really bad players using some really bad sets. Some of these were featured in a Smog article by Tobes some time ago. That list is in no ways comprehensive, and this is where we need your help! Basically, this thread is going to let you vent your "WTF"ness when you see some really retarded Pokemon or set on the ladder. I'm pretty sure most of you have seen at least one of these.

Before we begin, some ground rules:

1) Don't trash niche Pokemon/sets that actually work or sets/Pokemon that are just outclassed: We are aiming for REALLY stupid sets. So, something like Swords Dance Ghostceus + ExtremeSpeed is off limits, but something like Swords Dance Ghostceus with Roar of Time is a perfectly acceptable target. Reshiram in general would not be allowed, but something like Hyper Beam + Dragon Rage Reshiram is fine. I hope you all have enough discretion to tell what is acceptable and what is not. Sets included in the article I linked above should provide a ballpark of what kind of sets we're looking for.
2) Don't post too excessively. I'm aware that people generally run into a scrub every 2 games, this does not mean that you need to come in here and record a dumb set every 10 minutes on a fresh post. Generally, if you have a post in the last 5-10 posts, you should be able to just get away with editing your post.
3) Logs are good - The more logs you provide, the more real it feels. That said, DO NOT JUST C/P YOUR ENTIRE BATTLE INTO YOUR POST. We don't need to see the whole thing, just the funny bit.
4) Don't trash individual players - This should be common sense, but this set is not here to let you humiliate newer players. We are here to humiliate bad sets, not people. We've all been there at some point. Show them the courtesy that they deserve. Please have the decency, that if you're posting logs, to censor out usernames if they do pop up.
5) Don't just paste a log, we want to know your feelings and opinions when you saw. Comment on what you just presented in some sort of meaningful way, not just presenting the log and leaving without anything else.

Okay, so I'll start off. I don't have the log any more, but a few days ago, I ran into a Future Sight + Protect Lugia.
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Something I randomly ran into on the ladder was a Substitute+Flame Charge+Agility+Blaze Kick Blaziken with Speed Boost. Gotta go fast

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Man I really hate seeing F.E.A.R. teams on the ladder. Ones where there's six Pokemon that can abuse F.E.A.R. but nothing to stop residual damage.

Oh and seriously stop using Dream Eater/Nightmare on Darkrai. It doesn't work, 90% of the time people switch out after being put to sleep.


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I ran into some strange user named blarajan using a LC team in ubers smh

I cannot fathom the fact that people are using Shadow Force Giratina-A on the ladder. I've encountered it multiple times in the past week and I swear that I cringe every time I encounter it
I ran into Shrang using Keldeo :O (should have lost that btw)

Well, not really weird stuff lately, although I kinda start crying every 3 matches, because even if your rating is far over 2k, still charizards and crobats n shit. Worst stuff is probably Shedinja without any form of hazard control. Poor lil bugger :(
The infamous Dragon Dance - Outrage - Earthquake - Dragon Claw @ Soul Dew Latios has thrown me for a loop before!
I have played a lot of Ubers match, so naturally I have ran into a lot of...interesting sets. My favorites:

-Rain Dance Focus Sash HEATMOR
-Chesto-Rest Blaziken
-Air Balloon Ho-Oh and Gligar
-Eruption Groudon (this forced Enguarde's Scary Face Kyogre to switch out)

I'd make fun of Shrang's choice of Omastar as a Sun Sweeper but got 6-0'd by it.

I know Enguarde put Scary Face on Kyogre by accident :)
Ok, one word: Shedinja.

I'm sorry, but running this thing with ANY set is foolhardy. Sand teams laugh in its face, and all you need to do is set up Stealth Rock or a layer of Spikes to make it completely useless. Yes, it walls Kyogre, but using Shedinja on any Ubers team is just wasting a team slot.
wasn't my battle, but saw it on showdown:
[changed names to make sense]


Opponent withdrew Lugia!

Opponent sent out Grassceus!

Tyranitar used Dragon Pulse!
The foe's Grassceus lost 15% of its health!
The sandstorm rages.

The foe's Grassceus is buffeted by the sandstorm!

this person in general was pretty odd: they were running mono dark and had a foul play weavile as well as a physical houndoom.


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The first thing that popped into my mind was some Baton Passing team based around Magikarp. That was pretty funny. Would that count for this topic? Also I've ran into other small things like non-Speed Boost Blaziken, non Magic Bounce Espeon and stuff of that nature.

But by far the silliest thing I've ever seen in the uber ladder are people who complain about ubers in the uber tier. :s
Solar Power Charizard isn't that awful because it has a niche in being the hardest hitting unboosted sun pokemon in the game. Granted it can only switch in once and it dies to any prioirty that's not mach punch/vacuum wave/bullet puncn, but it hits absurdly hard (harder than reshiram actually!)
What am I even reading.

Anyway, some stupid stuff I see is:
Choice Specs Excadrill (okay that was me Showdown-raping an IRL friend, changing his set when he was away).
Protect+Shadow Force Giratina- seriously, it was kinda bothersome since it stalled out PP like hell for a couple of turns.
Choice Scarf Kyurem-W (we were aiming for REALLY stupid sets, here you go).
All out-attacking Deoxys-S. With Life Orb.
The mighty mixed Darkrai with Dark Pulse and Sucker Punch.
Every Genesect that isn't scarfed c'mon I can maybe see CB being OK with E-speed but honestly, all other sets are plain stupid.
Dream Eater Darkrai.
Waterfall Rayquaza (you aren't hitting anything special with that dude).


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Waterfall Rayquaza (you aren't hitting anything special with that dude).
Just saying, SD Waterfall was a thing back in gen 4, since it hits Groudon super effectively and Air Lock negates sun. I guess V-Create kind of superceded it, but you can still deal hefty amounts of damage to Groudon without having to drop your speed.
I would put the NU team that I met up here.... until I got swept by Ludicolo.
So I'll have to make do with the various Hidden Power Fire Kyogres and Roar of Time users.


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Dragon Dance Latias was weird, as well as Calm Mind Blissey, and Splash Magikarp. I also saw ChainChomp, which sucks in Ubers and Eruption Groudon which swept my team! Crap, that thing is kind of viable, but I was running mono-Grass, so., ye.
Brick Break/Psycho Cut/Earthquake Mewtwo was a highlight for me. I actually let it kill half my team because I wanted to know what its other moves were lol.

Also obviously the OU teams with a Lugia splashed on, or the Politoed + Swift Swim teams that I actually have a lot of trouble beating

And this

Mewtwo used Psystrike!
The foe's Munchlax lost 74% of its health!
Mewtwo lost some of its HP!

The foe's Munchlax used Earthquake!
A critical hit! Mewtwo lost 40.2% of its health!

Mewtwo fainted!

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