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I don't get it ._.
In case you didn't know, the bot used its Mega Steelix to spam Earthquake which did make a lot of damage but also forget to make the other Pokemon to use Protect, causing multiple Pokemon (including mine and excluding the Mega Steelix) to faint from the Earthquake.
The famous Aggron returns!
And it actually takes down a Steelix.
This, amongst other silly sets, highlights this match.
I... wow. This is probably the dumbest Ampharos sweep I've ever seen. Left's terrible sets compound this. (And I thought this would actually be legit...)
No amount of poetry is going to save you from mono-Arceus if you're spamming Brave Bird as mono-Talonflame.
A bad FEAR Nosepass gets bopped by a lucky Metronome, and then promptly forfeits.
This match seems legit on the first 2 turns, but then takes a nosedive faster than a Talonflame. The Aggron in particular is a work of art.
quantum tesseract: wut is this
★LegendaryBoss1973: ladder
RU players, look away. The Ambipom has Power-up Punch and Double Hit.
Birdspam poetry guy appears to be laddering heavily. This time, he loses to Deoxys-N and the simple fact that Extreme Speed and Stealth Rock exist.
I think I found a use for Cosmic Power: shutting up birdspam poetry guy.
Smart: Using Teravolt MMX against Sturdinja. Dumb: Switching in on Endeavor. Dumber: Using Extreme Speed on it.
Judgement Leftovers Snorlax.
Birdspam poetry guy vs. Red team from the manga.
Left has no items on anything except the Charizard and Draco Meteored a Diancie. Right's team does not appear to comprehend the "mix" part of Mix and Mega.
If you want to shut birdspam poetry guy up and Cosmic Power is not your thing, try this.
A sweep by Substitute+Dragon Dance... Shelgon. Left also has Zigzagoon, Pignite, and Gastly.
Deoxys-N guy and birdspam poetry guy have a rematch, with the same result.
Itemless Pikachu, Greninja, and Floatzel. Bad in any meta, never mind this one.
3 mon team wins despite having Megagross get burned. By the way, Destiny Bond does not help you here.
Another alternative to dealing with birdspam is Lugia.
While some Pokemon of the choice may be questionable, No Guard allows Milotic to utilize Hypnosis and Blizzard and gives pretty good SpA and Speed boost. Bulky Mence with Wish was a thing in Gen 5, i guess (?) So with Aggronite, Filter, great boost and losing weakness to the Stealth Rock might be neat to rise this set from its grave. Ancient Power Dialga was hilarious, though
Rocks+Scarf Sucker Punch Yveltal=Dead Birds.
What. The Actual. Fuck.
Rocks+Multiple Steel Types+An Adamant Refusal to Use Flare Blitz also=Dead Birds.
Klefki attempts to sweep. Spoiler alert: it doesn't go well. Other...interesting ideas as well.
Somebody please take this one.
[R] A Mega Charizard for once... using Acrobactics.
[L] Blaziken using Heat Wave against said Charizard.
[L] Mixed Kyruem White.
[R] Sending Rayquaza in to take out the Kyruem that is obviously using Outrage.
[R] Not using Dragon Ascent to take out Mega Heracross...
[L] ...which was Body Slam/Focus Blast Mega Heracross.
[R] What appears to be physical Thundurus-Therian, as it used Wild Charge.
[L] Non-Mega Sceptile using Outrage. (To be fair, it was probably the best option against a Gengar)
[R] Fire Punch Gengar. We are far past Generation 3.
[L] Okay, never mind about the Sceptile being possibly smart. Double-Edge is used on a Gengar.
[R] Primal Kyogre has Earthquake, and decides to use it on Darkrai.
[L] Thunder/Thunderbolt/Spacial Rend Darkrai.
Words can't describe how stupid this is.
The Rotom Pokedex's team: Alakazam
PyroPatriot's team: Mudkip / Mudkip / Mudkip / Mudkip / Mudkip / Mudkip

(L) Trick / Encore / Swagger / Disable Choice Band Alakazam
(L) Encoring a choiced mon
(L) Disabling a Pokémon that has not made a move, while being a lot faster
(R) Mudkip with Water Gun
(R) Another special Mudkip

The chat is one of the best I've ever seen
That Shuckle... everything about that is so wrong.
I can't give this battle proper justice. Someone else take this one.
Iron Barbs Samurott confirmed for best Shed counter. Also, that chat is incredibly sassy.
Meloetta-Piroette sweeps a bad Undertale team. It includes Choice Specs Metang.
Oh no... Someone take this one, too.
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I can't give this battle proper justice. Someone else take take this one.
I'm gonna try this
This is all coming from someone who doesn't play BH often.

(L) Gligar outside of UU, Grotle, and Squirtle outside of his squad
(R) Dark Void/Final Gambit Lotad named FAT
(L) Metronome Team tho
(L) Squirtle beats Lotad thanks to Final Gambit...
(R) Brave Bird/Roar of Time/Recover Mega Pidgeot
(L) Gligar outspeeds Pidgeot. Might be Prankster, but still
(R) Brave Bird does less to Grotle than Roar of Time...
(R) Recover Deoxys-A, which seems like a waste considering its bulk
(R) Belly Drum Deoxys-A
(R) Sand Stream Belly Drum ESpeed Regular TTar
(L) Gets Absolutely 0 luck with Metronome against an easy opponent. RIP.

Also, the beginning in chat.

(L) Ninjask and Bibarel.
(L) Itemless Deoxys-S.
(R) Itemless Wailord, Clefable, Scolipede, and Nidoking. And all four of those mons in BH in general.
(R) The Wailord had Icicle Crash.
(L) Simple Swords Dance+Extreme Speed Rampardos. While not awful on paper, you can do that with Regigigas or Slaking and get STAB on Extreme Speed.
(R) Avalanche Megabro.
(R) Earthquake in BH, used by Scolipede.
(L) Belly Drum+Extreme Speed... wait for it... CHANSEY. At least it gets STAB.
(R) Scolipede survives and responds to that by using Explosion.
(L) Entrainment Truant Deoxys-S. Without a trapper, don't bother.
(R) Dragon Pulse+Brick Break Megamence.
(L) Defense Curl Shuckle. No Rollout. Tsk tsk.
I promise that isn't me! Despite the identical PS avatar and my tendency to make ridiculous joke teams and show them to people on this thread, I'd never keep that many battles open at once.
According to yourself (lol the chat)
Anna says hi: what, my battles don't last 200 turns
Anna says hi: they last longer
Yeah, that definitely isn't you.

Alright, I think "birdspam poetry guy" is starting to get way too famous in this thread.
I skipped all the Morganna Mode Birb replays because holy shit there's A LOT of them.
Left's Spiritomb and Greninja are itemless, unlike Acrobatics Ambipom. Also the infamous Cosmic Power Clefable is back, this time with Calm Mind as well (weirdest double dance set ever).
The guy with DD Clefable is back with... uh... what the fuck is this?
This is why Mega Rayquaza prefers Waterfall over Aqua Tail. Either move shouldn't be used in a Shell Smash Cloyster. And Mega Rayquaza shouldn't stay in on a +2 Cloyster.
Is Aqua Tail MMX a thing? Also LO Slaking. Any item but Choice Band is bad on Slaking, and Slaking is bad on the first place. There's a couple questionable sets more.
Infamous sets in Eruption Primal Groudon and Nightmare Darkrai. There's a Gorebyss named "Will this work?"
Yes, because his/her opp is dumb, and has 4 Ice-weak Pokémon.

Really, what's up with all these chats recently?
It's not particularly bad, although I'm curious about Superpower Air Balloon Registeel. Right doesn't seem to know how Quick Claw works (check chat). Also, this:
★nico7073: why i have this team?
The guy that faced Slaking in one of the replays above is back sweeping again with his/her Swoobat.
The infamous Normalize Mega Gengar is back setting up all over Chansey only to be stopped by our lord and saviour Imposter.
★captain sinnoh: Hello from the other side
Classic BH stupidity.
Diancie used Boomburst!
It doesn't affect the opposing Giratina...
Bad mono-MMX vs. a team full of Protect (in BH). The chat as well.
I'm just going to skip most of them, because they're all birdspam at its core. Handle the Birdspam, and you can handle quite a lot.
But not if you use a Zekrom like this.
The guy with the Lotad returns and he faces his greatest nemesis...
Is it even legal for an Ambipom to do this much? Also, that Blissey is hilarious.
Some of these sets are pretty special, but not nearly the worst we've seen.
Some more silly gimmicks, some of which actually work.
This, however, is just bad. Do people bother to look into Destiny Bond's mechanics a little?

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