Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames

LOL (yes I know it's against Abyssal Bot and Abyssal Bot is complete garbage at 'mons but this was just too good)

(yes I know Red Orb Malamar is probably a gimmick but it has Calm Mind and decent Special Attack after Red Orb takes effect, plus Dark/Fire is nice as STAB if I'm not mistaken)

(yes I named the team Bruh in the teambuilder because I wanted to and for no other reason)
(R) Standard Mega Aggron. There are better tanks in Mix & Mega.
(L) Standard Mega Aggron.
(L) Mightyena. Not sure what it accomplishes that other Dark-types don't do better. It's not like he was running pre-Mega Intimidate.
(L) Aegislash. It's not a particularly great Pokémon in Mix & Mega, mainly because everything else is so absurdly powerful.
(R) Blazikenite Cinccino. It has Bullet Seed and Rock Blast, neither of which are reliable without Skill Link/Technician.
(L) Manectite Raichu has… Thunder Punch. Nice +0 bonus to Attack from your Mega Stone there. And it uses it on Mega Aggron.
(R) Manectite Electivire has Cross Chop. Nice +0 bonus to Attack from your Mega Stone there. It deals 17% to Mega Aggron.
(R) Gyaradosite Azumarill. You do realize that means you no longer have Huge Power, right? Also, bothering to use Knock Off in Mix & Mega.
(R) Latiasite Lapras. I don't know what giving Lapras Levitate is supposed to accomplish.
(L) Shaymin-Sky is holding a King's Rock or Razor Fang. Not overly silly, I just found it amusing.
(L) Alakazite Weavile. Nice +0 bonus to Attack from your Mega Stone there. It Traces Blazikenite Cinccino's Speed Boost and KOs it with Fake Out + Ice Shard. It then loses to Gyaradosite Azumarill due to not using Ice Shard when Azu uses Aqua Jet.
(R) Mega Aggron uses Low Kick on Raichu.
(L) Wins the match by Thunder Punching a Mega Aggron.
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Ahoy, mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and now that I'm done pillagin' for the day, have some landlubbers doin' things that I'd have them walkin' the plank for if I were a captain.
Shedinja with Giga Drain+Life Orb, Rest, and Final Gambit against Arceus-Ghost.
A team of mostly PU mons defeats a mediocre at best team of mostly OU mons (Quick Attack Talonflame, anyone?).
A very brave Focus Punch Hitmonchan, and Hawlucha blowing its chance to win by using X-Scissor on Mega Diancie instead of a Fighting move.
Running away from the genwunner.
Ambipom is so bad, it's even been known to kill its own teammates. Granted, the teammate in question was a Level 50 Lucario in a TerraCott clone gone wrong, but still.
PU guy from above returns, this time facing Detect Scrafty, Liechi Berry Crobat, and more.
Rotom forms on left, and a bunch of seemingly random sets on right.
Rest Xerneas induces a forfeit against a bad team. Also starring Vivillon not realizing Sleep Powder does nothing to Chesnaught.
Not Mega Evolving your Rayquaza even though it has Dragon Ascent? To Davy Jones with ye!
Not sure how much of a thing Iron Tail Mega Kangaskhan is, but it sure helped here.
Alakazite ever, Keen Eye stock Mega Sableye, and several gimmicks used surprisingly well, namely Banettite Shuckle (with Rock Blast off base 60 Attack to boot) and Heracronite Cloyster with Sticky Web support to help counter the lower Speed. And some other weird things as well.
Flame Charge Talonflame. Gotta go fast. And that's just the tip of the iceberg (oddly enough, there's an Avalugg in this battle to boot).
Cosmic Power non-mega Lopunny. Just... no.
Grimer. That is all.
When facing a FEAR mon, one option is to fish for a flinch.
I don't know what's worse: that particular Bug mono, or the Fire mono for losing to it (or, in this case, just one of its members).
Not OM, I know, but still. This is why everyone looks down upon the RU ladder. And the Ambipom isn't even the worst part of this one.
And then someone is stupid enough to forfeit in front of that team.
I've seen multiple Dedenne sweeps before, actually.
The longer you follow this thread, the less unusual Dedenne sweeps seem lol
So this isn't a one liner:
3 mon team with shuckle
Infernape 6/0s a level 50 mono poison team:
Attract Jolteon putting in real work here
not knowing the difference between thunder and thunderbolt, DIG SYLVEON, and more:
Goodra turns the tables on an incompetently used OU team (bonus chat)
In the process of getting requirements (with a theme team, no less), there were a ton of silly teams I faced in Mix and Mega. Have at it, folks.
The first team I faced wasn't even complete. It also ended quickly.
There was a Focus Sash Camerupt. It helped. Also, Contrary kicking me in the butt for a good while.
Groudon cleans up a standard mega team. ...Also, how is a Medicham SLOWER than a bulky Primal Groudon?
Special Gyarados. And then... a team that gets swept. This team of mine is terrible for showing off bad sets.
Ninjask? I don't think that's a very good stone for you.
Not one, but TWO FEAR mons on a team. They barely helped. There is also other questionable actions here.
...That Gengar tells you quite a bit about what to expect out of this battle.

And a bonus.
Toxic Orb. Why would you do this to yourself?
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Your Primal Kyogre didn't have Thunder? It has perfect accuracy in rain.
I forgot that Thunder in Rain just bypassed accuracy and evasion altogether.

So this is not just a response post, have two more very silly battles.
This is just about the best Metronome battle I've witnessed. Against a non-Metronome user.
This was normal up until the Mewtwo... and then it becomes really funny.
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(R) Literally everything
(L) Altarianite Hippowdown and Red Orb Togekiss
(L) Said Togekiss has Dazzling Gleam
Let us not forget about Synchronize Mega Gallade and Mega Kick/Thunder Primal Groudon.
That's actually Audinite Hippowdon, which is even more questionable. I mean, are you that afraid of Terrakion to use that?

Of course, I have more.
Every mega is a non-standard one, and that makes this replay even more special.
Ronald McDonald team versus... a bad Generation 1+2 team.
Every mega is a non-standard one, and that makes this replay even more special.
Swampertite Politoed isn't the worst idea ever since you set your own rain to abuse with Swift Swim. Despite being a cool concept, though, it's not very good in practice due to poor stats.

Altarianite Mega Metagross is interesting and pretty non-terrible since Steel/Fairy is great defensively. Sheer amount of Fire in MnM undermines that though.

Charizardite X Weavile is terrible (since you lose the powerful Ice STAB that is the whole point of using Weavile in MnM, plus what are you even doing for Dragon STAB, and both STABs are shut down by Fairy), and Pinsirite Snorlax makes you ask questions.
Edit: Weavile doesn't learn even one Dragon-type move. No, not even Dual Chop.

Lapras is a Pokémon that I always really wish was good, but unfortunately isn't.

Right is on a next level of bad. Someone take this one.
(R) Standard Mega Gallade.
(R) Mega Gallade running Close Combat/Thunderbolt/Synchronoise/Hyper Beam. Also, Synchronoise ever.
(L) Audinite Hippowdon. I guess they're really afraid of Terrakion. If they don't have an Altarianite user though they should be running Altarianite Hippowdon instead. Smaller defensive boost (+20 Def/+0 Sp. Def instead of +40 to each), but it'd actually get a physical Fairy move to use and boosted Attack.
(R) Keldeo trying to use Aqua Jet on Hippowdon. I don't care if that's SE, with Keldeo's Attack and Aqua Jet's base power that's going to do nothing to Audinite Hippowdon.
(R) Keldeo trying to Aqua Jet with Desolate Land up. How have people not yet learned how these weathers work?
(R) Switching Keldeo out after it takes 78% from Red Orb Togekiss's Dazzling Gleam… and switching in Salamence to replace it. That's not an improvement.
(R) Primal Groudon trying to Eruption with Primordial Sea up.
(R) Twice.
(R) Using Eruption at 50% health.
(R) Mega Kick Primal Groudon, which it uses on Skarmory for a whopping 12%.
(R) Primal Groudon reveals Thunder, finally taking out Skarmory. That's silly on its own, except as a niche counter to Blue Orb users. So, when confronted with a Blue Orb user, why try everything else in your set first?!
(R) Primal Groudon using Eruption at 11% health.
(R) Keldeo tries to use Aqua Jet on Audinite Hippowdon.
(R) The opposing Mew used Gunk Shot! It's super effective! Togekiss lost 39% of its health!
0 Atk Mew Gunk Shot vs. 248 HP / 8 Def Red Orb Togekiss: 152-180 (40.7 - 48.2%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
Something is wrong here.
(R) Gallade uses Thunderbolt on Togekiss. Not that it has any better moves to use.
(R) To their credit, their Zoroark actually has full Sp. Atk investment. Its Flamethrower does nothing to Red Orb Togekiss anyway.
(R) The opposing Keldeo used Secret Sword! It's not very effective... Togekiss lost 11% of its health!
0 SpA Keldeo Secret Sword vs. 248 HP / 8 Def Red Orb Togekiss: 51-60 (13.6 - 16%) -- possible 7HKO
Um… physical Keldeo stat spread? Why aren't you running Sacred Sword then? Ignoring the fact that physical Keldeo is terrible every which way, of course.
(R) Only Mega on their team was Mega Gallade. That's an even bigger fail than all the teams made up of nothing but standard Megas.
Edit 2: Must be physically defensive Togekiss, since Keldeo shouldn't be able to deal damage that low with Secret Sword even with 0– Sp. Atk.
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To give you an idea of how bad this replay is:
Machamp used Tickle!
The opposing Aerosmithsonian's Attack fell! The opposing Aerosmithsonian's Defense fell!
★PokemonPokerPoke: IMMA TICKLE YOU
★Lordpotatollama: HEHEHE
★Lordpotatollama: SHEIT
That Sigilyph...
no u used Encore!
The opposing Sigilyph avoided the attack!
The opposing Sigilyph used Cosmic Power!

The opposing Sigilyph was hurt by poison!

Also mono-Fairy, Venom Drench Swalot, and more.
Will01liMEH's team: Darkrai / Darkrai / Darkrai / Rayquaza / Rayquaza / Rayquaza
vfdjnkirktg's team: Gengar / Dragonite / Alakazam / Articuno
Someone please do this one. I can't even. What.
Ok, I'm done. Geomancy / Reflect / Horn Leech / Moonblast Xerneas sweep. HALP
Okay, so I was thinking about what I should do with my 1.5k post, and the answer was pretty obvious.
Water mono with Kingler. Right switches out a Gengar spamming Hex (aided by Toxic Spikes Cofagrigus) and probably ruins his own sweep.
A team of all Wobbuffet Encores PDon into Stealth Rock turn 1, then promptly forfeits.
If you're going to boost in front of Shell Smash Cloyster, it helps to not get greedy. Also, insert obligatory "shitmons in AG" complaint here.
Mono Dunsparce, and much more. Someone take this one, please.
Torterra 1, Salamence 0.
Doublade sweep. On a side note, I'm not entirely sure why you'd want to set up Toxic Spikes against a Poison mono.
Oh no... someone take this one, too.
Maractus sweep.
Sablenite Delcatty plus Baton Pass plus facing only standard megas equals Absolite Mew sweep.
Rotom form spam with some of the most random move/ability sets, Powder Ferrothorn (it worked), and more.
Sap Sipper Azumarill is a thing in Monotype, but with a Life Orb?
Hyper Voice Chansey. And the only reason it killed anything is because it hit a 1 HP Deoxys-A.
Meanwhile, in the "strats so stupid they might just work" department...
Wobbuffet spam wins.
Another Rotom form spam team, this time in AG. And Mega Scizor, of all things, cleans up.
Swampertite Politoed isn't the worst idea ever since you set your own rain to abuse with Swift Swim. Despite being a cool concept, though, it's not very good in practice due to poor stats.
As a note, it actually is ranked in the VR. Being able to setup a self-Tailwind kind of makes up for those mediocre stats. On another note.... you all remember Earl's School in Stadium 2? There was a Belly Drum lesson there, being used by... Politoed. It all comes full circle....

Back to terribly good replays.
Mono Dunsparce, and much more. Someone take this one, please.
I got this.
[L] Mono-Dunsparce.
[R] Eevee and a Grovyle.
[L] Agility/Toxic Dunsparce. Might I ask what you're trying to boost your speed for when you can just use Glare...?
[L] Double Team Dunsparce. There is a time and a place for that boost. It is not on a slow snake.
[L] That stupid nickname.
[L]...Which has a TOXIC ORB....With Façade (along with Retaliate). That's not exactly good...
[L] Hex Dunsparce. Which it uses on Hydreigon for a big 8% whopper.
[R] That good set of Dragon Pulse/Superpower/Draco Meteor Hydreigon.
[R] Drain Punch/Thunder Punch/Leaf Storm Grovyle. This guy rally likes his mixed attackers...
[R] Using Shadow Claw on a Dunsparce. From a Bisharp.
[L] Counter Dunsparce.
[L] Has NO sign of a paraflinching set on any of his Dunsparces.
In his own words: wow.
Someone please do this one. I can't even. What.
(L) Mono-Treecko
(L) Oh god, it's a FEAR team
(R) Mega Lucario with Blaze Kick and Protect
(R) Hariyama with Bulk Up and Power-Up Punch (Redundant much, redundant?)
(L) Attempted to use Crunch on the Hariyama
(R) Hariyama in general
(R) TIL Electivire can learn Flamethrower
(R) Electivire in general
(R) Skarmory with Drill Peck
(R) Dewgong in general

[R] Low Kick Gallade. Okay... not a terrible idea, but Close Combat's the better choice.
[L] Specially offensive Gyarados. Reminder that this is a mon with an Atk stat of 125 and a SpA stat of 60.
[R] Mixed Gallade with both Psycho Cut and Psychic.
[L] Yveltal with Phantom Force. Say it with me, people... DARK. IS. NOT. GHOST.
[R] Spiritomb with Dream Eater. Who proceeds to use it on Yveltal. Well, maybe he was predicting a switch except Dream Eater only works on sleeping targets and why does he have Dream Eater in the first place Jesus fuck this is hurting my head
[R] And the Spiritomb also has a Quick Claw. Okay.
[L] Yveltal attempts to finish off the Spiritomb with Psychic. At this point I'm starting to doubt that these people even know what Pokemon are.
[L] Yveltal finally finishes off the Spiritomb with... Fly.
[R] Mixed non-Mega Charizard.
[R] Mega Gardevoir with Dazzling Gleam. Does this person not know that Moonblast exists?
[R] Okay, I stand corrected. The Mega Gard has Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast. Normally I'd make a comment about Pixilate Hyper Voice trumping both of them, but my expectations are very low at this point.

You know, I'm starting to suspect that AG has been taken over by trolls who make their teams horrible on purpose just because they want to be in this thread.
So this happened.

I also found this gem:

Take a guess who wins this one:

Featuring protect and hidden power at all, speed boost rotom, dry skin rotom, sturdy rotom, color change rotom, and 2 other rotoms.

Edit: Dang, didn't see someone else had found the rotom one already, oh well

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