Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames

So I have a whole bunch of games to share with you all.
Yes, that's a Shedinja. Turns out my team has trouble with it. But that's only the beginning...

And THEN... there's a suspect. You know what that means....
Oh jeez. Groudon Focus Blasts a Ghost, and a Garchomp gets Toxic stalled... BY A CROBAT.
Confuse Ray Gengar does what it does best, but that's the precursor to the true stupidity...
Another Special Mega Gyarados. (I actually used Special Gyarados, but those cases were in Gen 3 Battle Frontier and a Specs one. Not this mediocre damage output.)
This battle had lots of incompetence.... and the unrecorded rematch was even WORSE, if you can believe it.
This is basically Crobat: The Battle.
Those are some questionable Mega Stones and movesets...
I really don't get it. Why play Mix & Mega if you're only going to use the mega evos that already exist?
Because that's what they know best, or they can't realize they can experiment. What I'm more curious about is how they made those sets... Some of them are utterly incompetent to a mind-boggling degree. Even I as a child made my sets with a purpose in mind. I can't say the same thing for all of these people...
Birdspam beats a seemingly competent (but not really) team, although not easily. Also, TIL Darkrai gets Swords Dance.
(L) Swords Dance! Finally, a Talonspam team that isn't mindless Talonspam!
(L)...aaaand you're setting up on Primal Groudon, which can easily carry a Rock move. Max-SpA, sun-boosted, full-health Eruption gets the job done too.
(R) Groudon using Focus Blast against a team full of Flying-types. (And possibly at all--it smacks E-Killer on fully-special sets, maybe, but that's about it.)
(R) Hydro Pump Primal Kyogre when Origin Pulse exists.
(R) Two Kyogre, the second non-primal and also completely ineffective.
(R) SD/Dark Pulse Darkrai. It gets Knock Off and Sucker Punch (also Drain Punch, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, and X-Scissor). Come on.
(R) Say it with me now: DARK! IS! NOT! GHOST! Gengar also has Night Shade, which it doesn't need due to having an actual attack stat. Also, regular Ray+Mega Gengar>regular Gengar+Mega Ray.

My own team is pretty silly here. But there is no way it should be able to get that close (one critical or 15% miss) to beating a lineup like that, not unless the opponent is doing things like staying in and spamming Toxic Spikes against a team where it cannot possibly have any effect, ever.


This team isn't quite as stacked, but it shows that the tendency to willingly lock yourself into a completely useless Spikes, and then refuse to switch out, is not an isolated case. Also, the ending is downright ridiculous--maybe it would have even turned out differently if they didn't take the auto-suggestion of 0 Attack IV.
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Nothing really insane this time. Just some more silly replays.
Some of the movesets here are... questionable. Turns out Rest is a good gimmick.
Just a bad half of a team falling to Klefki and Genesect.
Okay, what exactly is Left's team doing here???
Mostly just an enjoyable battle of things you usually don't see. Also Aerial Ace Weavile.
The rare Mega Aerodacyl sweep, against a mediocre team...
Using Snubbull and Mantyke in this tier is basically asking to lose.
I don't understand how those Garchomp is supposed to be Martin Lurther King... Jr. Oh, and an incredibly dumb battle. too.
Eevee alert. Despite that, right almost wins.
You bring shame to both Hoshido and Nohr for that performance and casting! (and not naming Crawdunt Ryoma how dare you }
Volcarona sweeps an incredibly incompetent team of legendaries and dragons.
A rain team in Mix and Mega... and a great performance by Skarmory, compounded by some questionable moves on the foe's end...

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