Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

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You probably know the drill by now. Basically, post the things that you've seen on the ladder that are absolutely terrible, whether it's a Choice Specs Machamp, someone who Tricked you an Armor Fossil, or maybe an Eviolite Kakuna. Whatever the case is, we've all seen some things while laddering a new alt that we wish we could forget.

Now before we start, let me just clarify some things. If something isn't standard, that doesn't mean it's silly. If you see the move Earthquake on a Mega Charizard Y, that isn't silly, as it allows Mega Charizard Y to break through Heatran. Some things may seem silly, but are actually quite beneficial to that team and how they play. Also, it's funnier when something silly is out of stupidity, not someone deliberately trolling. A special Mamoswine is funnier than someone just using a Whimsicott.

Finally, the old thread was overrun with replays. Not everyone wants to see replays, and while the are most definitely allowed, try to comment on what actually happened as well.

There we go. Get posting.
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Brb in 5, gonna go spectate.

Swagger Durant / Gothitelle / Work Up Rest Furfrou / Trevenant / Megahorn Mega Heracross / Red Card Steelix

And then he won, because his opponent threw every bad Pokemon to send at Heracross (Slowbro, Honchcrow, Breloom) before letting his Heat Wave Hydreigon kill it, which he let get revenge killed by Furfrou instead of switching to Aegislash.

The plays.
I just watched a fascinating battle. Both players seemed intent on seeing who could get swept the fastest, letting multiple pokemon die before sending out the obvious counter to a Porygon-Z. Other elements of this battle included flame charge+flamethrower Talonflame, Carvanha, and Garbodor. Also, bad plays in using Tri Attack on a Bronzong when you have Dark Pulse, among other things.
I've seen Specs Toxicroak. No rain either.

Hmm what else?

Thundurus with Incinerate and Expert Belt.
I've seen that once and was dumbfounded. However, a while later I found out that Incinerate has been buffed this gen, to 60 BP I think. That makes it a better choice than Focus Miss against Ferrothorn. It's overall a lot worse coverage, but at 60 BP, it's at least a tiny bit viable.
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