Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

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A different take on Baton Pass...
All Eeveelution Baton Pass team. I don't even.
Thunder Wave Jolteon. Gotta go faster.
"rough re enactment of the discovery"
Hclegend: What item are you holding?
Hclegend: Spore isn't meant to miss
HyruleKid: Brightpowder

"stays silent for the rest of the battle"
Me using Spore on Espeon. To be fair I had no risk in using it because I was paralysed and Grass is immune to spore. Plus I had to make sure it wasn't Synchronise.
Idk.... Confuse Ray Umbreon?
... Normally I'd have more to say....
Random Shit volume 123: No Idea Edition
-This entire battle: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-125238041
-Sableye using Recover while at full HP.
-Metagross using Gyro Ball. Against a Trick Room team.
-Normal Medicham.
-Iron Head Ferrothorn. Ever heard of Gyro Ball?
-Normal Gardevoir (it's not that good, seriously).
-Electivire (see Gardevoir).
-HP Ground Zapdos. I'm pretty sure HP Ice is better.
-A team of butterflies: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-125237800
-Chansey using Thunder Wave on Rotom-W. A burned one, no less.
-Ninetales using Extrasensory. On Hydreigon.
-Hydreigon responding by using Aqua Tail. In the sun.
-Y-zard repeatedly using Overheat against substitutes. And getting outsped by a non-scarfed Butterfree. Bonus: it had Focus Punch and used it without subbing.
-Speaking of Butterfree, that team also had Vivillon and Beautifly on it. Beautifly had Quiver Dance and U-turn.
-Fire Blast Machamp. In GSC.
-Substitute+Rock Blast Cloyster without Skill Link.
-Beat Up Y-zard.
-Psychic Malamar.
-Another Y-zard using Solarbeam, but before going mega.
-Torrent Greninja with Hydro Cannon.
-Icicle Spear Smeargle without a sash, using that move against Azumarill.
-ICE BEAM WEAVILE, ALSO AGAINST AZUMARILL. Can people not handle Azumarill anymore? Jesus.
Random Shit volume 123: No Idea Edition
-Sableye using Recover while at full HP.
-Speaking of Butterfree, that team also had Vivillon and Beautifly on it. Beautifly had Quiver Dance and U-turn.
First needs more context, was it against something strong with priority?

if your going to have a butterfly team vivillon is one of the better options.
Really Weird/Unusual/What the Hell Things: Day 2
Pyroar with Fire Blast, Overheat, and Moxie. Gotta get dem fire and attack boosts.
Non-Levitate Bronzong. Makes sense, since it had Heavy Slam.
Non-mega Pinsir
Non-mega Charizard with Flare Blitz
Mega Manectric with Thunder, Signal Beam, and Iron Tail, and not on a rain team. At least it had Flamethrower.
Shadow Ball and Destiny Bond Dusclops. Also, Dusclops.
The above 4 on the same team. The other 2 Pokemon were Feraligatr and Metagross
Ambipom, Noivern, Electivire, Hitmonchan, and Slowking all on the same team. At least he had a mega-Venusaur, I guess.
Slaking. It had Night Slash.
Gyarados with Taunt. I wouldn't have found that so weird if it was a mega-Gyarados, but it had leftovers. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
Switching out a Volcarona that had +6 in Special Attack, Speed, and Special Defense while I had my own +6 Volcarona out.
Another Clawitzer. Is it even good?


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Gradevoir is viable in OU with its Choice Scarf set; letting it check weather sweepers, use D-Bond in an emergency, and revenge killing some dragons.
EDIT @ above: Taunt is legit on Gyarados.
Two words:
Fuck Heatran
That reminds me of my friend who surprised me in Wifi with her apparently mixed Pixie Plate Arceus.

Needless to say, Fuck Heatran came into play when she decided to use Earthquake (not Earth Power) against it. It also had dual dragon killing potential with both Fairy Judgement AND Dragon Claw. I forget it's last move... For some reason I want to say Hyper Beam
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