SS OU SILVALLY Volt-Turn: PEAKED #15, 1922

Which pokemon on this team is most fun to use?

  • Silvally

    Votes: 19 22.4%
  • Toxtricity

    Votes: 16 18.8%
  • Cinderace

    Votes: 17 20.0%
  • Reuniclus

    Votes: 16 18.8%
  • Corviknight

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Toxapex (bruh)

    Votes: 17 20.0%

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1. Introduction
2. Proof of Peak
3. Team + Description
4. Team Building Process
5. Team usage tips
6. Threatlist
7. Replays
8. Shoutouts
9. Importable

10. Outro


Hello everyone! It’s Pinkacross, and I’ve got another team. When Cinderace’s Libero came out, I realized something big: We finally had the first U-Turner that could do good damage with a U-turn. Additionally, the presence of Rillaboom and Cinderace’s new abilities would cause the meta to become more offensive, and even more vulnerable to the Volt-Turn playstyle. This is an extremely fun team, one of the most fun I’ve ever used. Unfortunate things are going on in the world right now, and it’s important to take a break. I hope this team allows you to enjoy PS, take a break from your troubles, and have fun spamming Volt Switch, U-Turn, and Parting Shot. Without further ado, here is my Libero Cinderace Volt-Turn.


My main account has had GXE ruined by testing stuff like Graploct. Still, Tenebricite is working to provide a peak with a better GXE.


I will now break down each pokemon individually, explaining EVs, movesets, and purpose on the team.

Cinderace @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Libero
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature

- U-turn
- Pyro Ball
- Sucker Punch

- Court Change/Gunk Shot

Cinderace is the star of the team, and the reason I thought to make a Volt-Turn. I initially ran Choice Band, but I realized that speed would be much more valuable than power due to the initially poor matchup against offense. Choice Scarf is fantastic against this fast and frail meta that is rising right now. U-turn is the move I click most. It works very well with Toxtricity, and it allows me to outspeed everything in the tier (other than Scarf Dragapult) and safely U-turn out. Due to this level of safety, Cinderace is the most common lead for the team. A particularly useful setup is U-turning turn 1, switching into Eject Button Toxapex, and then swapping into a check for whichever pokemon attacked that turn. Pyro Ball works extremely well in combination with Reuniclus’ Future Sight. Sucker Punch can be used against sweepers, especially once they are poisoned from Toxapex or Silvally (So they can’t spam setup moves on your Sucker Punch). Court Change is rarely used, since we have Corviknight, one of the best defogers in the tier. However, in a pinch, or when the opponent has 3 layers of spikes and rocks up against you, this can be used to flip hazards. Note that Court Change also flips screens. This can be good to use against HO teams. However, Gunk Shot over Court Change makes Togekiss and Hatterene, two threats to the team, much less difficult to deal with. The choice is up to personal preference.

252 Atk Cinderace Pyro Ball vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 254-300 (63.5 - 75%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

252 Atk Cinderace Pyro Ball vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Zeraora: 255-301 (80.4 - 94.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252 Atk Libero Cinderace Sucker Punch vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Dragapult: 300-354 (94.6 - 111.6%) -- 68.8% chance to OHKO

Toxtricity @ Choice Specs
Ability: Punk Rock
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature

IVs: 0 Atk

- Volt Switch
- Overdrive
- Boomburst
- Sludge Wave

Toxtricity is the Volt Switch user on this Volt-Turn. It is also the member on the team with the most raw power. Toxtricity is the most vital member for breaking down bulky teams, and if the opponent has no ground types or electric immunities, this thing can go wild. Toxtricity is important for killing lots of pokemon that people typically switch in to take a U-turn from Cinderace, most notably Toxapex and Hippowdon. Overdrive should be used as a powerful breaking option when the opponent has a Ghost type that is still alive (Heh). Overdrive also passes through substitutes, allowing this pokemon to OHKO Togekiss and Primarina from behind a substitute. Boomburst is Toxtricity’s most powerful move, despite the stab effect of Overdrive. With Punk Rock, this move gets a whopping 182 base power. This is important for fainting pokemon such as Zeraora, Hippowdon, and spamming when the opponent lacks a Ghost type. Sludge Wave is a move I rarely use, but it is important because it allows it to break Clefable. In summary, Toxtricity is the breaker of the team, and has the most powerful momentum move of Volt Switch.

252 SpA Choice Specs Punk Rock Toxtricity Boomburst vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Hippowdon: 355-419 (84.5 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252 SpA Choice Specs Punk Rock Toxtricity Overdrive vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Toxapex: 343-406 (112.8 - 133.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO

252 SpA Choice Specs Punk Rock Toxtricity Boomburst vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Toxapex: 199-235 (65.4 - 77.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Black Sludge recovery

252 SpA Choice Specs Punk Rock Toxtricity Boomburst vs. 252 HP / 160+ SpD Mandibuzz: 220-259 (51.8 - 61%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252 SpA Choice Specs Toxtricity Sludge Wave vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Clefable: 326-386 (82.7 - 97.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Reuniclus @ Assault Vest
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD
Quiet Nature

- Future Sight

- Psyshock
- Knock Off

- Energy Ball

Reuniclus helps this team against bulkier builds with Future Sight support. Future Sight + Cinderace’s Pyro Ball or Toxtricity’s Boomburst can make a stall or bulky team shatter. Usually Reuniclus will simply come in, Future Sight, and switch out. However, it has a few other roles. Knock Off is helpful for removing Leftovers from pokemon such as Toxapex, Clefable, and Corviknight. Psyshock allows Reuniclus to use its own Future Sight to break pokemon such as Clefable, and it gives it an instantly hitting stab move. Energy ball is helpful on Reuniclus for OHKOing Seismitoad, doing loads of damage to Hippowdon, having a small chance to OHKO Rhyperior, and even breaking apart rain teams. To safely allow a sweeper to enter after clicking Future Sight, Reuniclus can switch into Eject Button Toxapex, then into Cinderace, Toxtricity, or, on rare occasions, Silvally. While Cinderace is a common lead against offensive teams, Reuniclus is a good lead against bulkier builds. Reuniclus can also tank a hit from the likes of Specs Aegislash, Specs Chandelure, Specs Dragapult, and Specs Gengar. It can then punish these pokemon with a Knock Off, considerably weakening them, or in the case of Gengar, OHKOing with a psyshock. Overall, Reuniclus acts as Future Sight support, a light Kyurem check, and a Ghost bait.


252+ SpA Choice Specs Chandelure Shadow Ball vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Assault Vest Reuniclus: 354-416 (83.6 - 98.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252+ SpA Choice Specs Aegislash-Blade Shadow Ball vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Assault Vest Reuniclus: 344-408 (81.3 - 96.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252+ SpA Reuniclus Energy Ball vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Seismitoad: 528-624 (127.5 - 150.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

252+ SpA Reuniclus Energy Ball vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Hippowdon: 274-324 (65.2 - 77.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252+ SpA Reuniclus Future Sight vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Hippowdon: 274-324 (65.2 - 77.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Toxapex @ Eject Button
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk

- Toxic
- Recover
- Haze
- Scald

Toxapex was put on this team as a wall, and a “1 free momentum pass.” The eject button is helpful against offense in particular. Toxapex’s Eject button gives you one free ghost hit without having to sack anything. Toxapex is less helpful against stall and bulky teams, though in a pinch, you can always beat (or tie) stall by swapping between Toxapex and Reuniclus until turn 1000. The only time at which Toxapex’s Eject Button is harmful is against HO. Toxapex cannot take on Cloyster if it’s Eject Button is still intact. Try to burn it early on by luring an attack from Grimmsnarl, or taking an Infestation from a Shuckle. The one other situation in which the Eject Button is bad is when dealing with an opposing Bulk Up Cinderace. Toxapex can tank a +1 Zen Headbutt and then Toxic, unless it still has it’s Eject Button. 8 speed allows Toxapex to outspeed and Haze CM Reuniclus. A great setup is using Future Sight with Reuniclus, which often brings in the opponent’s Cinderace for a U-turn. You can then swap in Toxapex, which will cause their U-turn to not switch them out, but instead only swap out Toxapex. Cinderace will then take the full force of a Future Sight, which has a 25% chance to OHKO. Toxapex’s Eject Button allows it to get a great advantage against other HO teams; but be careful: You can only use it once.

+1 252 Atk Libero Cinderace Zen Headbutt vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Toxapex: 194-230 (63.8 - 75.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Corviknight @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature

- Body Press
- U-turn
- Defog
- Roost

Corviknight is easily the best defog user in the tier. It has Pressure, meaning that the PP of Defog outnumbers the opponent’s Stealth Rocks. Body Press is for stopping Bisharp, and to give Corviknight a strong attack. U-turn is helpful, especially since the meta is becoming faster. This allows Corviknight to get a slow turn frequently after Defoging or coming in to wall something. Roost is good for reliable recovery. In some games, the opponent will attempt to use hazards and offensive pressure to keep Corviknight from using Defog. Hazards are extremely bad for this team, mainly due to the amount of switching around we do. If the opponent attempts such pressure, a good thing to do is Parting Shot with Silvally into Corviknight. At -1, there is almost nothing in the tier that can do 88% to Corviknight, and you can get off a Defog. Corviknight is overall a good wall that works alongside Toxapex and Silvally, as well as providing removal and momentum.

252+ Def Corviknight Body Press vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Bisharp: 332-392 (122.5 - 144.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO

252 Atk Cinderace Pyro Ball vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 254-300 (63.5 - 75%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Silvally-Ground @ Ground Memory
Ability: RKS System
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature

- Multi-Attack
- Toxic
- Flamethrower

- Parting Shot

Silvally is one of the best pokemon on this team. That may surprise many of you. Despite being in PUBL, Silvally performs very well on this team. I needed a Zeraora check, and Silvally fit well. It is essentially a stronger Hippowdon that doesn’t drain momentum. Silvally can live 2 grass knots from Zeraora. Silvally outspeeds and OHKOs Blade Form Aegislash, which is very helpful considering the team’s weakness to Specs Aegislash. Silvally is also a decent abuser of Future Sight. It can use Toxic on switchins such as Mandibuzz and Hydreigon, and surprise Ferrothorn with a Flamethrower. It can also kill Hippowdon with Future Sight + 2 Multi Attacks. Silvally is a defensive wall that provides great utility and momentum for the team. However, note that it does not have recovery. While Silvally can check things such as Aegislash and Cinderace at least once, try to use Toxapex and other pokemon with recovery to wall things first, especially if Silvally seems crucial late-game. Even while uninvested, Silvally outspeeds Mandibuzz, Aegislash, and Primarina. Use Silvally when it is needed, but swap it in with caution, especially when the opponent has a Zeraora.


0 Atk Silvally-Ground Multi-Attack vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Zeraora: 350-414 (110.4 - 130.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO

4 SpA Zeraora Grass Knot (100 BP) vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Silvally-Ground: 154-182 (39 - 46.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO

0 Atk Silvally-Ground Multi-Attack vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Aegislash-Blade: 426-504 (163.2 - 193.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO

0- SpA Silvally-Ground Flamethrower vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Ferrothorn: 200-236 (56.8 - 67%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery


This is the process of how my idea became a team.

When libero cinderace came out, I knew I finally had a good U-turner for a Volt-Turn team.

Toxtricity was easily the most powerful and viable Volt Switcher to work alongside Cinderace, so I added it as a breaker.

I needed hazards, and a way to start the volt-turn spam. I added a stealth rock Eject Pack Duraludon to set rocks and initiate the momentum cycle.

I added on Eject Button Toxapex to have some bulk, and also for extra momentum. Toxapex walled so much, and it seemed to work well at bringing in my Volt Turners.

I needed a Defoger, so I chose the best. I also figured Corviknight would be good for getting in Cinderace and Toxtricity with its low speed and u-turn.

I needed a Zeraora check, and Hippowdown seemed very good in the meta, especially with all the Cinderace running around. I didn’t run rocks, but rather a Curse set to beat Bulk Up Cinderace.

I was suffering against bulky teams, and I realized that rocks were no longer a necessity. Most pokemon weak to rocks ran heavy duty boots anyway, and I realized that since my team switched around so often, I ended up typically removing my own rocks. To better my matchup against bulky teams, I added an AV Future Sight Reuniclus to break those teams apart.

Hippowdon seemed to be doing very little, and every time I brought it in it completely drained momentum and gave the opponent an advantage. Therefore, I found myself a Zeraora check that fit the team better, and provided momentum instead of draining it. Testing proved that Silvally worked very well.


Here are a few tips to make the most out of this team:
  1. When playing against offensive teams, Cinderace is usually the best lead. Try not to reveal the scarf if you don’t have to, it can catch people off guard.
  2. When playing against bulky teams, Reuniclus is usually the best lead. Try to dismantle the team as early as possible with Future Sights.
  3. Try to bait Specs ghost types such as Gengar, Dragapult, Aegislash, and Chandelure with Reuniclus. AV Reuniclus can live one hit from any of these, and severely weaken them with a Knock Off.
  4. Use Future Sight → Cinderace, Toxtricity, or Silvally. Based on how the opponent’s team works, one of these is likely devastating with support from Future Sight.
  5. Play aggressively, unless the opponent is using a very bulky team or stall. The defensive core of Reuniclus, Toxapex, and Corviknight may sometimes make a more laid back playstyle seem good. It is almost always not. If you try to wall out your opponent instead of getting in Cinderace and Toxtricity, it is likely the team will just get worn down and slowly lose.
  6. DO NOT underestimate Silvally. That thing is really good, for real.
  7. Practice. This is the type of team most of you will not be used to, especially since the meta has been bulky for almost the entirety of gen 8. It may feel strange to play offense at first, but you’ll get it in no time, I’m sure.


Dragapult alone is not a threat. Substitute Dragon Dance sets just 6-0. This is very uncommon, however. We can deal with Specs, standard Dragon Dance, Scarf, and Band quite well. Sub Hex is a bit difficult to deal with. Try to Knock with Reuniclus, and if that is not possible, chip it down to the point where Toxtricity can KO through the substitute with an Overdrive. It does a minimum of 46.3%.

Togekiss is extremely threatening. It can be killed through Substitute with a Toxtricity Overdrive, but that is not consistent and can be flinched. Try to catch the Togekiss on the switchin with a Toxic from Silvally or Toxapex. You can also wear down Togekiss with Psyshocks from Reuniclus, and finish it off with a Pyro Ball from Cinderace. If Togekiss becomes a persisting problem, you can run Gunk Shot over Court Change on Cinderace.

Ghost types in general can be problematic if not dealt with properly. Try to bait a Shadow Ball into Reuniclus and then Knock Off. Remember that Toxapex can Eject Button to get you out of one free Specs Shadow Ball. One of the best ghost remedies is to play aggressively. It is harder to abuse the lack of resistances if you are constantly bombarding their team with powerful attacks.

Hatterene can sweep if it is CM. I tend to deal with it by switching in Reuniclus, using Knock Off, and then wearing down with Psyshock. When it begins to use Draining Kiss, swap into Toxapex, Eject out (try to preserve Eject Button if you see Hatterene) and go into either Cinderace or Toxtricity, depending on which can kill. If neither can kill, do as much damage with one as possible and finish off with the other (choose order based on which is most useful). Similarly to Togekiss, adding Gunk Shot to Cinderace over Court Change would make this weakness much less impactful.


Here are some replays to show off the team:

Game that got me to 1922:

Silvally being the MVP in high ladder:

vs OPJellicent on ladder:

Vs Finchinator:



First of all, huge thanks to Tenebricite for helping me test the team and being a proponent of Silvally. He’s a fantastic battler and a great guy.

Secondly, thanks to Zaza, RaikouLover and Bpewn for supporting me by helping with testing and always being very encouraging.



Thanks to anyone who read this far, and good luck using the team. I hope this fun Volt-Turn will help you enjoy some battling on PS. The DLC will come out soon, which will be great for the meta. I hope to continue using unconventional teams with great success, and posting them here on forums for all of you. Have a great day!
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Very nice team.

Future Sight is brutal on the meta, and your other attackers all have STABs that target the meta’s prevalent bulky Psychic resists (Corvi, Aegislash, Ferro, Rachi, Mew, Renu, and Mandibuzz).

I particularly like your use of Silvally, having experimented with it myself. It’s severely underrated in being the only Knock Off and Trick counter (and abusers are everywhere) and having it be a Ground type is useful in ensuring an opposing Volt Switcher can’t get momentum against your team.

Congrats on your success!
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Trying it out, have been wanting to use Future Sight for ages. Tried with Specs Espeon but Reuniclus feels like a better option, need to force switches and be able to switch in which Espeon can't really do.

Have just been beaten by a CM Hatterene, which it seems this team doesn't do so well against?
Yes, CM Hatterene is a big threat. I'll update the threat list sometime today. The best way to deal with it is by using Knock Off with Reuniclus, then spamming Psyshock until they use Draining Kiss. Double into Toxapex, Eject out, and then use either Cinderace or Toxtricity, based on which does more damage. If you encounter these problems frequently, it may also help to run Gunk Shot Cinderace. This would also help with Togekiss.

On an unrelated sidenote, Choice Specs do not affect the power of Future Sight unless the Future Sight user stays in for 2 turns after using it. Therefore, AV Reuniclus has just as powerful a Future Sight as Specs Reuniclus.
Thanks a lot for your rmts, love them!

I've been playing with the team today and it's really strong and fun to use. The only thing I have problem with are ghosts. Bait with reniclus and getting 2HKO for a knock off doesn't feel rewarding at all. I'll try to put more pressure on them like you explained above!
One situation that repeats 1 of 3 games is a late game Cinderace vs Hawlucha... should I trust my scarf ace will outspeed their unburden lucha?

Thanks again for the team!
I appreciate the kind words and encouragement. :) As for dealing with ghosts, don't switch Reuniclus in. Lead with it. Typically the opponent will lead with their ghost type, like Specs Aegis, after they notice you have no immunities nor resists. Lead Reuniclus, Knock Off, then switch out into Toxapex, Eject Out, and go into whichever pokemon deals with the current ghost type. Knocking off Choice Specs leaves many ghosts unable to break Toxapex. Also, try to anticipate when they will try to bring in their ghosts, and shut it down preemptively by making a counterswitch. Lastly, do make sure to play aggressively. Having a future sight on the field can keep ghosts like Chandelure, Gengar and Dragapult from coming in, lest they be OHKOd or dealt severe damage. It's hard for a ghost type to take advantage if you keep up pressure with Cinderace, Toxtricity, Reuniclus, and Silvally. DO NOT try to wall out ghosts however, as this will just get you worn down. I hope this helps, GL in future games. :)
love this team, so much fun to pilot and definitely feels like something different and silvally ground especially is a cool tech - however, one game I nearly got destroyed by a NP hydreigon - what's the best way to deal with that and honestly setup sweepers in general?
NP Hydreigon can definitely be a threat. The easiest way to beat it is two U-turns with Cinderace. Often the Hydreigon will be scared away by threat of HJK, but if they stay in, you can eject with pex and U turn the Hydreigon again. As for dealing with sweepers, Toxapex is likely the best answer, with haze and toxic. When facing Cloyster, make sure to burn your eject button earlier on in the match. Keep cinderace healthy as well, as it can outspeed a Shell Smashed Cloyster, and many other big threats. Gyarados is another difficult setup sweeper. Go Reuniclus as they likely sub. Psyshock to break sub, then Future Sight. Stay in and Psyshock if they sub again. If they KO you with Waterfall, go cinderace and U-turn. Future Sight will then kill them. If it somehow does not, go back into Cinderace and Sucker Punch / Pyro Ball. HO can be difficult for this team, you need to play very smart. I hope this answers your question! :)
Hey pinkacross, this team looks like a lot of fun to use and so I've been breeding it and setting it up on my Sword game but I ran into a few hangups.

Silvally can't learn Toxic and Reuniclus can't learn Knock Off.

What would you recommend in place of those moves for my team? I put thunder wave on silvally and I tentatively threw Shadow Ball on Reuniclus but that really lacks the utility that knock off provides.

Haven't tested it out yet, still breeding a Corviknight but I'm really excited to wreck people with this team.
I know that there are ways to get both Toxic Silvally and Knock Off Reuniclus is Sword and Shield. If I had to replace each move, I would put Thunder Wave on Silvally and Focus Blast on Reuniclus. Enjoy using the team!
Hey pinkacross, this team looks like a lot of fun to use and so I've been breeding it and setting it up on my Sword game but I ran into a few hangups.

Silvally can't learn Toxic and Reuniclus can't learn Knock Off.

What would you recommend in place of those moves for my team? I put thunder wave on silvally and I tentatively threw Shadow Ball on Reuniclus but that really lacks the utility that knock off provides.

Haven't tested it out yet, still breeding a Corviknight but I'm really excited to wreck people with this team.
I know that there are ways to get both Toxic Silvally and Knock Off Reuniclus is Sword and Shield. If I had to replace each move, I would put Thunder Wave on Silvally and Focus Blast on Reuniclus. Enjoy using the team!
They both have to be transferred from Gen 7 via HOME.
Yeah I realized too late that I had to have those moves on them in a previous gen. I'll work at that, but thanks for your suggestions in the here and now. I'll report back on how the team does.
Due to some large metagame changes, the team as it currently stands is outdated. Zeraora is no longer a threat, which brings Silvally into question. The team also struggles severely against Volcarona, a huge new drop. This team is still usable, but it certainly doesn't work as well as it used to. That being said, I still find the volt-turn playstyle very fun and I will try to post another succesful volt-turn using post DLC pokemon. A promising new volt turn is being made right now. :]

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