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Hey guy's looking for someone who has Aggronite. Willing to offer a Larvitar holding Tyranarite.
Please PM if interested :)
FC: 3969-4838-2026
Since Pokemon X and Y have been released, I'm going to do another run of Pokémon XD to SR some good pokemon and ribbon project all them. I want to catch one pokemon from each generation from 1-3. I know I'd like to reset for a Scyther (which will become a Scizor) so gen 2 is covered, but what about gens 1 and 3? Please suggest some pokemon for me to reset for. I'd like it if each pokemon either had a MegaEvo or are competitively viable (obviously Scizor is both) and as an added bonus, whoever suggest the pokemon I end up sr'ing for will get free copies of each of them when they are ready.
I have had one reply suggesting Kangaskhan, Pinsir, Mawile, and Banette. Are there any others?
Hi can someone please trade me female pikachu with lightningrod ? thank you so much, please pm me :)
FC: 5472-6562-5974 :)
Hiya, looking for a Male parent in field or humanshape egg group. Must have have 4-5 flawless IVs, and be able to learn crunch by level up/relearner. Natures and anything else is irrelevant.

Can offer alovely Modest claunchers, with a 31/x/31/31/31/31 spread.
Hi guys, just looking for Joltik/Galvantula. If it's in your Friend Safari, I have Solar Power Charmeleons in mine. Otherwise I can trade you:

Protean Froakie
Magician Fennekin
Speed Boost Torchic
LOTS OF DITTOS with specific natures

Other Hidden Abilities and more. Let me know if you're interested
desperately looking for ditto friend safari please add me 2423-3133-4667 and pm me your code thx my friend safari is spheal sneasel cloyster but pls add me if u hav ditto ty also would be happy to trade u your safari dittos for you
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On the off chance that someone out there has ditto safari to give away, I'd like a piece of that cake too!

fc: 4957-3509-8034 and pm me yours :) If you Can't get a hold of those dittos yourself, I'd be very happy to get you the dittos you need yourself in trade for the safari opportunity!
Is anyone willing to trade their Aggronite? I can offer Tyranitarite, a master ball, or anything specific you may want, if i have it. I really want Aggronite :(
Please PM if interested
im looking for a nidoran (male) with the ability hustle.
Sableye with prankster.

Thank you!
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LF Ditto with a Hasty Nature

Also looking for someone that can help me get a Hidden Power Fire Froakie, i have a ton of other Hidden Power Type Protean Froakies, but cannot get Fire, help would be appreciated!

Have: Protean Froakies

Can breed a pokemon with the following natures: Rash, Quirky, Brave, Jolly, Adament, Brave, Docile, Relaxed, Calm, Bashful, Sassy, Lonely

PM me for any offers or help
Anybody got a Bold Nature Ditto with 31 ivs in two of its stats?

If anybody does than PM me to discuss a trade.
Looking for prothean froakie and magician fenniken. Anybody please help MEEEEEEE!

I have chlorophyll ivysaur in my friend safari.
Many other pokemon for trade. I really want the fin and fraokie
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