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Can I breed the protean down with another froakie or does it need to be female?
You can breed the protean down, regardless of gender, as long as you have a ditto/female froakie, however some may retain torrent. I happen to have a protean froakie, if you're still interested.
Hello Smogon,

I made a post earlier regarding my friend code. I thought I would make another quick post.

Anyways, I'm seeking reliable people to add to my friend safari and for making trades.

If interested please add me and send me a private message with your friend code.

My friend code is: 3711-7996-2136

My Type is Electric:

I give the following Pokemon: Electabuzz, Pachirisu & Zebstkrika

I think it might be a good idea to create a chatroom for anyone that adds me. XAT, Tinychat, Facebook group. Some kind of work together type of chat room for trades, breeding, IVs and such.

Just let me know what pokes you give in your friend safari if interested.
Any pokemon with modest synchronise? Doesn't matter what gender or IVs it has. Just need 1 to encounter pokemon with Modest nature. If you have 1, PM me
Hey, my name is Rob. I have two 3DS systems and two FC's to offer every one!

First FC is 4141-2636-9236
Fire Safari

Second FC is 0559-7286-0154
Bug Safari

I am primarily looking for Normal, Dragon, Steel and Dark FC's but I will accept everyone!

Inbox me your FC's Please and which of my FC's you are adding.

Thanks guys!
Im looking for a gale wings fletchling and an adaptability skrelp ive got a bunch of timid protean froakies, jolly speed boost torchics and adamant technician scythers
Available 4+IV Spitbacks
- Modest Abra(Magic Guard, Synchronize, and Inner Focus)
- Timid Noibat(Infiltrator & Frisk)
- Jolly Axew(Mold Breaker & Rivalry)
- Jolly Larvitar(Guts w/Dragon Dance & Outrage)
- Jolly Pinsir(Mold Breaker w/Close Combat & Quick Attack)
- Jolly Aron(Rock Head & Sturdy w/Stealth Rock)
- Jolly Tyrunt(Strong Jaw)
- Jolly Charmader(Blaze w/Dragon dance, Outrage, Flare Blitz, and Dragon Pulse)
- Adamant Aron(Rock Head w/Stealth Rock)
- Adamant Larvitar(Guts)
- Adamant Scyther(Technician & Swarm)
- Adamant Fletchling(Big Pecks & Gale Wings)
- Adamant Honedge(No Guard)
- Brave Honedge(No Guard)
* Flawless versions of some of these pokes are available. Send a pm if interested in anything.
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