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God, the GTS is awful.

Are there any decent Multiscale Lugia around? Am also looking for a Shiny Kyogre, Modest/Timid/Quiet with either quint flawless or Hex flawless IVs in a Love or Dive ball.


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31/04/30/31/31/31 (HP Ice) KB Modest Zapdos Giveaway

Today, I'm giving out 30 KB Zapdos, caught by my friend, Flareblitz13 from GameFAQS.
She was scammed out of her zapdos, so she wants it spread throughout the entire poke community. Today I bring it to Smogon.

OT Edith, ID 32059, 5/24/14, Takes plants of Siestas, HP Ice, UT

This will be a GTS giveaway. Toss up a Bunnelby in the GTS asking for a level 61-70 Zapdos, with the description Smogon. These will be distributed as soon as they start popping up. Do not post on this thread unless it has been more than five minutes since you put up the bunnelby. Let the giveaway begin!
Please only 1 per person.
I have 8 4iv zapdos, Giving them away if anyone's interested
Are you also giving them away on GTS for a Bunnelby, or do particpants have to trade with you directly? Seems like this information needs to be pointed out. I'm participating too!
can someone tell me whats so good about hp ice i dont understand it
ice is a really good attacking type in general, hitting quite a lot of types for super-effective damage
as a coverage type, it's very good at patching up holes where other types fail

some examples (not exhaustive):
water -> ice hits grass and dragon
electric -> ice hits grass, dragon, ground

its main appeal is hitting dragons since most are dragon/flying or dragon/ground and are therefore hit 4x super-effective by ice attacks. the introduction of the fairy type and the nerf of HP in general means this isn't the biggest reason anymore per se, but it's still pretty big as garchomp and dragonite are still pretty big, common threats

EDIT: HP Ghost keldeo was a gen V thing for hitting celebi and jellicent. bug was an option for just celebi if jellicent wasn't a concern
there might be some more, but i can't think of any now. at any rate, in gen VI, all the rage is HP psychic or flying on keldeo to hit mega venusaur
Hey Guys Looking for an Onix with its hidden ability, weak armor. Any nature is fine but an Impish one would be helpful.
To offer I have:

Timid Male Noibat with Ivs in everything except HP, Infiltrator as the ability and Switcheroo as the egg move.
Timid male Scyther with IVs in everything but Sp.Atk, Technician as the ability.
Adamant male Dratini with IVs in everything besides Sp,Atk, Marvel Scal as Ability and Dragon Dance and Iron Tail as egg moves.

If you have a friend safari with Onix in it that also helps and ill give you one of the above pokemon, thanks in advance.
Edit: Have them now, thank you Esmeya.

In need of three eviolites, for LC of course. So if you have any eviolites spare and want leftovers (2 spare) or an Ability Capsule (I have 204 Points not being used) or, alternatively, the only not super common but still not particularly rare poke I have up for trade is a 31/o/3130/31/30 [HP Water] HA Timid Female Roselia which could be used to breed HP Fire with some ease. Eviolites appreciated.
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Hi! I really need charizardite y. I offer charizardite x. Its for the international vgc 14 and I need it fast. I can even trade it back after the tournament. My team wont work without it, help a brother out :)

IGN: razmataz
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