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I have a shiny ralts with it's HA that was so close to being battle appropriate, but it isn't quite there because of a lack of defense. I'm offering it up for any potential trades. Here's what I know:

Ability: Telepathy
IVs: 31/31/0-5/0-8/31/31
Great Ball

I would prefer a legendary that you cannot get in Pokemon Y or Omega Ruby, but I'm open to know what else you have to offer. Just message me so we don't flood this.
Did you breed this yourself or what I mean i can trade a lot of stuff I mean because why not it would help you out
You could go Premier, like Sakuretsu suggested... but Dream Ball also fits very nicely for either color of Togekiss, I think. Certainly the puffy clouds that pop out when sent out into battle fit.
That would be nice i think, but unless any one can give me a dream ball female, ill probably go with premier. *crosses fingers* anyone have a dream ball female togepi/tic/kiss? Oh dang, i like the great ball match.
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So, I'm an idiot and managed to start SR'ing for Latios without a sync on my team :(

What IV spread is good for Latios? Hasty 31/31/x/31/x/31 and Timid 31/x/x/31/x/31 ?
I cought shiny regirock 5 minutes agoo in oras but is it usefull the sync suceeded (carefull) its ivs are

13 8 30 30 30 30
14 9 31 31 31 31

I know the hp and attack hurt a lot so probatly not but still I like to know its speed is 30 though and not 31

but does it have any value asside from collecting?
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