Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 48 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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Looking for a cloner. PM me if you can help.

Also looking for PAL Volcanion and Genesect codes.
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looking for timid male alolan vulpix in dive ball can offer something in exchange (pokemon, items, etc) if needed
Looking for a destiny knott for my sun version. I dont have much to offer yet in this gen but i have plenty of self breed shinies on x or oras that i could offer for one.
Not sure if this question should go here or here but I'll ask it here.

I'm currently at the part of the game where you have to catch the mascot legendary and I'm discussing if I should spent time soft-resetting on Solgaleo now, or just catch it and wait until I can soft reset on Cosmog?
Weird question but I need to borrow the following Pokemon in order to soft reset on Solgaleo
a Lv.73 Staraptor that has Final Gambit
a Lv.76 Relaxed Smeargle, 31 IV in HP, Def, SPD, and has Spore

Don't have much to offer in Sun/Moon, but I can try to get hidden ability Pokemon and whatnot.

Edit: If you don't have a Starapttor, then a Starly will do.
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I need a timid abra sync if anyone would be so kind. I have nothing to offer, except a jolly sync since i caught two lol

edit: nvm just caught one!
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Does Someone have a Geodude with Galvanize?
I have a Relaxed Regenerator Mareanie, Sandygast in a beast ball, Xurkitree, Phermosa that I will trade
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So, I'm rigth before Lunalaa, and i want a timid one...
I'm looking for a Pokémon with the ability "Synchronise" and a Timid nature, please

rn, I don't have something really interesting, other than a few moon exclusives

FC: 2681-4033-2697
When you use the Level Boost in Isle Evelup, does it actually level up Pokemon or would you need to get into a battle and then you get the EXP? (I would check on Serebii, but it seems like Serebii's down...)
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