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2 questions
1. Can I catch Nihilego with any ball besides Beast Ball?
2. If I defeat an Ultra Beast, can I rebattle them like the legendary Pokemon after finishing the Pokemon league?
You can catch them in any ball you wish.

If you defeat an Ultra Beast, you can rebattle them immediately. You must catch all of the Ultra Beasts before moving on to the next one, however.
Does alolan geodude legal in safariball? It should be, since male mons can pass balls now, with a parent that hold an everestone the new child should be in his alolan form, but i'm not sure about that.
How does the multiplier for the Electric, Psychic, and Grassy terrains work? If Thunderbolt is used in Electric terrain, does it get a 1.5x bonus simultaneously with STAB (so, 180 power) or is one multiplied after the other (so, 90 * 1.5 * 1.5 or 202 power)?
Can anyone recommend active threads where I can get help building am OU Singles team? Or if anyone could PM for a few questions Id greatly appreciate the help.

Also looking for cloners- You can keep a clone of any pkmn you clone for me as long as I can get back a few extra

Edit- Yes, for example Tapu Koko's Tbolt is feared because of terrain boost, stab boost, and item boost, lackluster sp atk makes coverage moves less deadly
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crazy_man post: 7241908 said:
Oh joy.

Any guides on getting plaza lvs and specific buildings? Have totally ignored it and I'm lv 3 right now. ;p
Try Bewear farming (gives decent xp, can be faster than E4 as long as help comes often),Battle Buffet, Morrimotto, and E4 (cutscenes slow it down though)
Back again...

I am in need of a Black Sludge for my team, and after 2 hours of farming Griner with a Trevenant, I have come up short. I have a few HA Bold Mareanie left, and would be happy to make a trade!

I have a spare black sludge, It's free but you wouldn't happen to have a prankster sableye would you?
So I lost my copy of Moon and have been unable to find it (RIP my 31/31/31/31/31/26 Bulu, HP Ice Nihilego, and VGC team) and recently bought a copy of Sun to replace it. I want to speed run through the game as fast as possible; is there a guide around anywhere that will help me finish the game as quickly as possible?

Or, would watching a YouTube speed run be enough?
Help? Anyone else ever been in this situation? :(
Help? Anyone else ever been in this situation? :(
the only time this happened to me was when my save in diamond corrupted and i had to start over. I ran the game with only a torterra and crobat so i would recommend severely over leveling (about 10-15) levels above the wild pokemon in the area with your starter and another sweeper of your choice to just get through the main story then finish your team after you get done with the main game.
1) Is there any conceivable use for a Bold 31/23/31/31/31/30 Nihilego? I just RNG'd one when Synchronize randomly decided not to work on a frame it's supposed to work on.

2) Does anyone know a guru for Sun & Moon RNG mechanics who's open to answering a few questions? I know how to RNG stationary all right, but I still have a few questions about the mechanics of UBs and maybe some other stuff. Asking in the "Most Generation PRNG" thread isn't yielding results.
Ive been seeing alot of Hariyama in team builds lately. Is this in response to the increased viability of Trick Room thanks to Oranguru, or am I missing something? Ty!
Hariyama works great alongside TR setters (actually it only works with them). They can ensure TR set up, then create momentum (or quickly die and let a sweeper in safely).

Makes sense his he would see increased usage with the increased usage of Oranguru.
Ive been seeing alot of Hariyama in team builds lately. Is this in response to the increased viability of Trick Room thanks to Oranguru, or am I missing something? Ty!
i've always used hariyama as account to the coverage moves and when paired with an assault vest and thick fat, can be an insane tank. however with trick room, i can see the offensive capabilities of it.
Edit: Was initially looking for Nest ball Treecko but I'm not sure it fits shiny Sceptile. I think Net ball might be more fitting for that. Thoughts? Also looking for Net/fitting ball Treecko. Too bad Moon ball is illegal cuz I'd go for that in a heartbeat.
Pm me for offers please I offer other bank/dream/apricorn ball mons.
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Hi! I'm looking for competitive Pheremosa and Celesteela (Im playing Sun). I have yet to update my thread with Gen 7 stuff as it's been some time since I've been trading on these forums, but I will do my best to make your trade worthwhile!

Please do PM me if you have either and are willing to trade :) Thanks in advance
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