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I'm looking for a female Brave HA Snorlax. IVs and ball don't really matter.

I'm also looking for a Bold HP Ice Zapdos.

CMT for both of these. I'm willing to give multiples for the Zapdos.
Just referred a friend to Smogon after years of experience in the game. He's a pretty serious player and I told him to come here for trades. He just made an account, what does he have to do to be able to make a thread?

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Anybody have a spare Beedrillite?
I can give you one for absolutely free.
Just so you know, the FC in your signature is incorrect.
Feel free to give me your FC and add the one from my signature.
Let me know when you're available and I'll wait for you online at the Festival Plaza.
Does anyone have the following mons for trade?
- Careful/Adamant/Jolly/Impish/Bold/Relaxed/Modest Swablu in a Dive Ball with Hyper Voice
- Timid Scatterbug in a Dive Ball
- Jolly HA Sengo
- Timid/Modest HA Amaura
- Jolly Scraggy with Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Drain Punch (preferable with Knock Off too)
- Adamant Timburr with Drain Punch, Mach Punch (preferable with Knock Off too)
- Impish/Bold/Timid/Jolly HA Qwilfish in a Dream Ball
- Bold Chansey in a Love/Dream Ball with Aromatherapy
- Timid HA Caterpie in a Dream Ball
- Modest/Timid HA Pikipek with Boom Burst, Mirror Coat, Tail Wind
- Adamant Spinarak with Megahorn, Toxic Spikes
- Jolly/Impish HA Trubbish with Spikes and Rock Blast
- Jolly HA Zubat in a Dream Ball with Brave Bird, Defog, Hypnosis
- Careful/Impish Paras with Leech Seed
- Adamant HA Scyther in a Dream Ball preferable with Defog
- Impish Snubbull in a Dream Ball with Heal Bell, Close Combat
- Modest/Rash/Mild HA Magby in a Dream/Repeat Ball
- Impish/Careful Shieldon with Stealth Rock
- Jolly Pinsir in a Heavy Ball with Quick Attack and Close Combat
- Modest Igglybuff in a Dream/Love Ball

I can offer the following:
- Jolly Tirtouga in a Dream Ball with Liquidation, Knock Off, Iron Defense
- Impish Onix in a Heavy Ball with Heavy Slam, Stealth Rock
- Adamant Snubbull in a Heal Ball with Close Combat
- Timid Cutiefly in a Timer Ball with Moon Blast, Baton Pass
- Adamant Kanto HA Ratatta
- Timid HA Abra in a Level Ball with Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Encore, Knock Off
- Adamant Sudowoodo in a Level Ball with Selfdestruct, Stealth Rock, Rock Out, Defense Curl
- Adamant HA Swinub in a Heavy Ball with Freeze Dry, Stealth Rock, Icycle Crash
- Adamant Tarpinch in a Friend Ball with Bug Bite, Quick Attack, Endure, Focus Energy
- Adamant Axew in a Beast Ball
- Adamant HA Turtwig in a Dream Ball with Superpower, Earth Power, Grassy Terrain, Seed Bomb
- Adamant HA Tepig with Sucker Punch, Curse, Superpower, Endeavor
- Adamant HA Torchic in a Dream Ball with Baton Pass, Counter, Feint, Feather Dance
- Bold Koffing in a Heavy Ball with Psywave, Toxic Spikes, Pain Split, Grudge
- Jolly HA Tyrunt with Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang
- Adamant Marill in a Love Ball with Superpower, Bodyslam, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
- Bold/Modest HA Slowpoke in a Love Ball
- Modest Tortunator in a Repeat Ball
- Adamant Barboach in a Dive Ball with Dragon Dance
- Jolly Bagon in a Moon Ball with Thrash, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump
- Adamant Larvitar in a Safari Ball with Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Pursuit
- Jolly Togedemaru in a Heavy Ball with Wish
- Modest (either abilities) Piplup in a Dream Ball with Hydro Pump, Yawn, Icy Wind
- Jolly HA Totodile in a lure Ball with Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Crunch
- Adamant/Jolly/Careful any ability Drillbur in a Dream Ball
- Timid Ralts in a Dream Ball with Disable, Shadow Sneak, Ally Switch, Grudge
- Jolly HA Buneary in a Dream Ball with Encore, Fake Out, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
- Adamant Premier Ball Delibird with Fake Out, Ice Shards, Destiny Bond
- Timid (any ability) Litwik in Love Ball with Heat Wave, Haze, Clear Smog
- Timid Salazzle in a Beast Ball with Fake Out
- Modest HA Skrelp in a Luxure Ball with Toxic Spikes, Play Rough, Haze
- Adamant HA Goldeen in a Love Ball with Body Slam, Hydropump, Aqua Tail
- Modest HA Psyduck in a Dive Ball with Encore, Yawn, Hypnosis, Cross Chop
- Timid Zoroa in a Luxury Ball with Sucker Punch, Detect, Extrassensory
- Timid Orichio in a Luxury Ball with Bodyguard, Tail Wind
- Modest Chinchou in a Beast Ball with Amnesia, Agility, Mist
- Modest Goomy in a Heal Ball with Iron Tail, Curse, Counter, Acid Armor
- Adamant Stufful in a Heal ball with Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Stomping Tantrum, Mega Kick
- Modest Deino in a Beast Ball with Earth Power, Dark Pulse
- Jolly Any Ability Kabuto in a Dream Ball with Knock Off, Icy Wind, Giga Drain, Mud Shot
- Timid Misdreavus in a Dream Ball with Nasty Plot, Memento, Curse, Destiny Bond
- Adamant/Jolly both ability Magikarp in a Beast/Moon/Dream/Love Ball
- Jolly/Timid any ability Jangmo-o with Ultra Ball with Counter, Dragon Breath, Reversal
I can get you a Careful Paras with Leech Seed if you are still looking for one. You can PM me if you are interested.
Looking for a Brave Dhelmise(if possible with 0IV in Speed and in a cool ball). Have things to trade so we can work something out. Thanks in advance.


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still looking for this (for like a month lol) male non USA grubbin in a moon ball with egg moves and 31SpAtk.

will trade anything i have for this
still looking for this (for like a month lol) male non USA grubbin in a moon ball with egg moves and 31SpAtk.

will trade anything i have for this
I can breed you a German one if you want. Why do you need a non USA one?
Write me a PN or VM me with all the details. (Hidden Power wishes, nature, 0 Atk, which egg moves etc.)
Offer: Lv. 1 4IV Lonely male Dream Ball Spiritomb with Infiltrator holding a Gold Bottle Cap.
View attachment 79857
(In case you think it's 5IV, look at the Speed rating.)

Want: Any Lv. 1 Heavy Ball Deino with Choice Specs.

Any takers?
(Expires on March 28 at 12:00 AM EDT since I can just catch myself one then.)
(Note: The Spiritomb isn't exactly a Breedject. I just decided to breed one in case anyone wanted a Spiritomb to breed. All I'm asking for is the Deino listed above.)

Actually, should I include the ign and Trainer ID as well? Let me know so I can edit the picture accordingly.

If you're interested, reply to this saying so and I'll PM you my fc.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to temporarily withdrawal that request as I'm gonna be unavailable for a few hours.

I will rerequest when I'm available again, so don't worry.
I can give you a Brave Ditto with 0 Speed IVs and a Relaxed Dhelmise with 0 Speed IVs in a Nest Ball to start with.
I'll only take the brave ditto, I don't mind finding the dhelmise in the wilds. But can we trade later or tomorrow, I can't trade right now cuz I'm shiny hunting oricorio and it might take a while. I'll PM you when I'm ready.

Thanks a lot but just asked for the Brave Ditto of Steve since I need the poke today(most likely wont be available tomorrow or the day after)
Alright, I'll do what I can. It may take at least more than an hour.

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