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Looking for a Geodude-Alola (or evolution) with Galvanize in a Luxury or Heavy Ball. Nature, IVs, Gender, Egg Moves do not matter at all to me.

Can offer breedjects or an Ability Capsule.
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Can't you "just" attach a Fast Ball to a Pokémon in HGSS, trade the Pokémon with the ball to DPP, catch the Rotom in it, move the caught Rotom to Gen VII and breed Fast Ball Rotom?
Couldn't a Fast Ball from HGSS be transfered to DPP to catch the Rotom, then transfer that forefather all the way up to G7? (Never played G4 myself)
Serebii ball legality list tells lies.

LF: Rotom in a fast ball. IVs nature everything else doesn't matter.

FT: Modest Shiny Rotom in a Fast Ball w/ HP Ice (kek)

Edit: Bad coding is bad
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Serebii ball legality list tells lies.

LF: Rotom in a fast ball. IVs nature everything else doesn't matter.

FT: Modest Shiny Rotom in a Fast Ball w/ HP Ice (kek)
If I remember correctly Apriballs aren't coded into DPP so trading a Fast Ball in and catching a Rotom in one isn't possible. You can however trade in Aprimons but whatever ball they are in will revert to a standard pokeball.
Does anyone have the following 5 IV mons for trade?
- Timid Ha Roselia in a Friend Ball with Sleep Powder, Spikes, Leaf Storm
- Adamant/Jolly Kangaskhan with Power-Up Punch, Double Edge
- Timid HA Girafarig in a Ultra Ball
- Jolly/Naive Basculin in a fitting ball

- Bold Ha Oddish in a Moon Ball
- Adamant Flareon in a Repeat/Dream Ball with Superpower
- Jolly Pidove with Wish, Hypnosis
- Timid HA Sandalit
- Timid Ha Woobat with Stored Power
- Timid Surskit in Dive Ball with Hydro Pump
- Careful Skiddo in a Nest Ball
- Hasty Elekid in a Ultra/Fast Ball with HP Grass spread and Ice Punch
- Bold/Modest Regenarator Audino in a Dream/Healball with Wish, Heal Bell
- Impish Overcoat Burmy in a Dream Ball
- Bold Munna in a Dream/Heal Ball with Baton Pass, Healing Wish
- Modest/Timid HA Pikipek with Boom Burst
- Modest/Rash/Mild HA Magby in a Dream/Repeat Ball
- Impish Druddigon in a Great Ball with Sucker Punch (preferable with Stealth Rock and Fire Punch)

And the following Pokemon that don't need good ivs:
- adamant/Jolly Victini with Bolt Strike, V-Create
- Impish Skarmory with Defog, Stealth Rock/Spikes
- Jolly/Naive/Adamant/Naughty/Hasty/Rash Shedinja with Sword Dance
- Relaxed non-HA Torkoal in a Repeat/Dream/Premier Ball with Stealth Rock (0 Iv on Spe)
- Timid/Modest/Naive HA Landorus
- Hasty/Naive/Jolly/Adamant HA Tauros with Bodyslam [RBY]
- Adamant/Jolly/Timid Arceus
- Adamant Giratina with Defog
- Jolly/Adamant/Naive/Hasty Rayquaza
- Timid Heatran in a Repeat Ball
- Timid Moltres
- Modest Xerneas
- Impish Salamence with Defog
- Jolly Mewtwo
- Jolly HA regular Raichu with Volttackle
- Bold HA Lugia
- Bold Defog Pelipper
- Bold Defog Zapdos

- 2 ability capsules

I can offer the following 5 Iv mons:
- Impish HA Spiritomb in a Premier/Dream Ball with Foul Play
- Adamant Koamala in a Moon ball with Sing, Charm, Wish, Play Rough
- Timid Houndour in a Moon Ball with Fire Spin, Grudge, Nasty Plot, Destiny Bond
- Bold HA Lileep in a Heal Ball with Mirror Coat, Barrier, Stealth Rock, Recover
- Timid HA Caterpie in a Dream Ball
- Jolly HA Weedle in a Ultra Ball
- Impish HA Trubbish in a Friend Ball with Spikes, Rock Blast, Selfdestruc, Rollout
- Adamant Lillipup in a Level Ball with Pursuit, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Psychic Fang
- Jolly Tirtouga in a Dream Ball with Liquidation, Knock Off, Iron Defense
- Impish Onix in a Heavy Ball with Heavy Slam, Stealth Rock
- Adamant Snubbull in a Heal Ball with Close Combat
- Timid Cutiefly in a Timer Ball with Moon Blast, Baton Pass
- Timid HA Abra in a Level Ball with Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Encore, Knock Off
- Adamant Sudowoodo in a Level Ball with Selfdestruct, Stealth Rock, Rock Out, Defense Curl
- Jolly/Impish Tyrogue with High Jump Kick, Rapid Spin, Mach Punch
- Adamant HA Swinub in a Heavy Ball with Freeze Dry, Stealth Rock, Icycle Crash
- Adamant Tarpinch in a Friend Ball with Bug Bite, Quick Attack, Endure, Focus Energy
- Adamant Axew in a Beast Ball
- Adamant HA Turtwig in a Dream Ball with Superpower, Earth Power, Grassy Terrain, Seed Bomb
- Adamant HA Tepig with Sucker Punch, Curse, Superpower, Endeavor
- Adamant HA Torchic in a Dream Ball with Baton Pass, Counter, Feint, Feather Dance
- Bold Koffing in a Heavy Ball with Psywave, Toxic Spikes, Pain Split, Grudge
- Jolly HA Tyrunt with Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang
- Adamant Marill in a Love Ball with Superpower, Bodyslam, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
- Bold/Modest HA Slowpoke in a Love Ball with Belly Drum, Zen-Headbutt, Sleep Talk
- Modest Tortunator in a Repeat Ball
- Adamant Barboach in a Dive Ball with Dragon Dance
- Jolly Bagon in a Moon Ball with Thrash, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump
- Adamant Larvitar in a Safari Ball with Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Pursuit
- Modest (either abilities) Piplup in a Dream Ball with Hydro Pump, Yawn, Icy Wind
- Jolly HA Totodile in a lure Ball with Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Crunch
- Adamant/Jolly/Careful any ability Drillbur in a Dream Ball
- Timid Ralts in a Dream Ball with Disable, Shadow Sneak, Ally Switch, Grudge
- Jolly HA Buneary in a Dream Ball with Encore, Fake Out, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
- Timid Litwik in Love Ball with Heat Wave, Haze, Clear Smog
- Timid Salazzle in a Beast Ball with Fake Out
- Modest HA Skrelp in a Luxure Ball with Toxic Spikes, Play Rough, Haze
- Adamant HA Goldeen in a Love Ball with Body Slam, Hydropump, Aqua Tail
- Modest HA Psyduck in a Dive Ball with Encore, Yawn, Hypnosis, Cross Chop
- Timid Zoroa in a Luxury Ball with Sucker Punch, Detect, Extrassensory
- Modest Chinchou in a Beast Ball with Amnesia, Agility, Mist
- Modest Goomy in a Heal Ball with Iron Tail, Curse, Counter, Acid Armor
- Adamant Stufful in a Heal ball with Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Stomping Tantrum, Mega Kick
- Modest Deino in a Beast Ball with Earth Power, Dark Pulse
- Modest Numel in a Luxury Ball with Heat Wave, Iron Head, ancient Power
- Jolly Any Ability Kabuto in a Dream Ball with Knock Off, Icy Wind, Giga Drain, Mud Shot
- Timid Misdreavus in a Dream Ball with Nasty Plot, Memento, Curse, Destiny Bond
- Adamant/Jolly both ability Magikarp in a Beast/Moon/Dream/Love Ball
I have the Kangaskhan and Skiddo ready. Let me know if you still want them.
Can someone trade me my Haunter and Porygon back and forth (Moon) so that they evolve? I could give you a few specific 5IV level 1's as a thanks. PM if you are willing to help!
LF: 6 IV Jolly Ditto in Gen 7 if anyone has an extra or knows of an open giveaway please point me that way. :) Non English would be great but doesn't matter.
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