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Hello all!

Have new 5iv -spAtk or -spe adamant luxball mimikyu and 5iv -atk love ball a-vulpix for trade as well as lots of 5iv spit backs of both for trade!

Looking for:
Synchronize mons I don't have
A capture smeargle
Apricorn ball pokes with good natures

Let me know!
Hey, I am looking for a HA Alolan Sandshrew or HA Slowpoke, I've got various starters and a bunch of HA Alolan Vulpix (Modest w/ Moonblast, hatched fresh) to offer. IV's and nature dont matter for what you trade me, but my stuff doesn't have maxed IVs either so its up to you I guess.
Any offers or help would be appreciated!
Looking for a solosis or duosion ivs and natures don't matter.

Also what's a good Pokémon to catch other Pokémon with?
IMO the best Pokemon catcher is smeargle. False swipe, spore/hypnosis, thunderwave, disable/encore/ect

Still trying to get one myself as I don't want to go through the leveling proccess ;-;
Hello all.

I'm looking to finish my Alola Dex and need to have the info for Politoed, Froslass, and Weavile.

If anyone can trade to me and back that would be awesome.

My FC is 1349-4674-3085

PM me with your FC.
Guys I really could use some help. If someone could lend me a 0 IV speed Ditto I would be extremely grateful. I will even return it back I just need it for a breed.
Offering HA Rockruff Mareanie Vulpix Sandshrew Cubone
I need the following synchronizers: Calm, Modest, Timid, and Bold I can offer the following natures in return: Rash, Naughty, Jolly, Adamant, Lax, Quiet, Impish, Sassy, Careful, Careful, Relaxed, and Lonely.

I also would like 31 IV ditto in spd, Hp and sp.def.

I can't offer anything in Sun and Moon, but I can offer some breedables in ORAS. Write on my message board if interested in breedables.
How many hearts of affection do I need to get boosted XP? Does it stack with Lucky Egg?
Two hearts will net you the x1.2 EXP boost, and it will stack with all other EXP modifiers that apply. (traded and holding Lucky Egg most notably) Giving a Pokemon a Rainbow Bean boosts their affection to three hearts immediately, saving a lot of time.


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Does anybody have a Careful, Jolly and Impish synch? I can offer Adamant, Bold, Calm, Naive, Modest and Timid syncs
LF an Alolan Vulpix with Snow Warning (preferably female), can offer any BP-buyable item or Moon exclusive mon in exchange

Got it from Asche, thanks!
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