Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 50 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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2nd bump lol:
Still seeking the following touch trades:


Luxury Sand Rush Drilbur
Luxury Honedge w/ Destiny Bond/Wide Guard/Block
Common Sword exclusives
Fossilized Birds/Dinos
Bob's Food Tins
Random 4 IV mons from raids (most are in Poke Balls though)
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does anyone have a hidden ability Toxapex/Mareanie that they would be willing to part with?
I have a Regenerator Toxapex I've been planning on breeding soon, actually! I'll let you know if and when I get a hatchling for you, okay?
(I'll post on your profile wall if that's fine by you.)

Still seeking the following touch trades:
Let's dance, love. I'll shoot you a profile post in a moment.
Desperate for HA Hatenna. Preferably in a Dream or Heal Ball. IV’s or Nature’s don’t matter. Can offer HA Rookidee with Defog and Roost or HA Mareanie with Haze.
LF Zacian with sword

offering BR pokes / master ball / gold caps / 5IV pokes / Breedjects/ non shiny breeding projects in sword and shield / many gen 7 stuff.
DM me for negotiations.
LF: A Foreign Ditto.

I don’t need 6IV or 5IV, but a few IVs would be nice.

No idea what to offer, PM me with request.
Turns out I still need a few more Master Balls for a few more Gigantamaxes. Anyone willing to give theirs up? I don't care if it's cloned.
LF Drampa and Sableye and a touch trade of zamazenta I that should leave me with the babies and zacian left, it would be a big help. Not sure if I have much to offer but could provide fossils
Looking for in gen 6:
- a Modest/Timid Groudon (RNG)
- Poke ball Event Vivillon (RNG)
- Modest Diancie (RNG, non shiny)
- Regi Trio (RNG, non shiny)
- Lake Trio (RNG)
- Timid or Modest HA Landorus

I can trade TSV shinies for the RNG mons or do some breeding projects (gen 6 or 7).

Also, anyone with Sun or Ultra Sun able to RNG a shiny Lunala using a NA code?

Edit: Anyone able to clone me 2 mons in gen 7?
Have HA Applin's and Bold Rotoms, looking for hidden ability Mareanie/Toxepex, Rookidee with Defog+Roost, and HA Cursola (dont care about IVs)
If you are still looking, I have HA Mareanie and HA Corsola that I would be happy to trade for HA Applin and a bold Rotom, respectively.
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