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I appreciate the reply, but unfortunately, it looks like their bot only works for Gen 9. Also, since Ditto cannot breed, I would not be able to do that.
Oh lol. My brain didn't even register old gens. Sorry! I see, so you;re actually wanting to USE the Ditto, not just for breeding.

EDIT: Lf all the starters that became available from Raids not Paldea dex, except Charmander line. FT some shinies or regular mons from rais w/ many teras(tons of Eevees especially.) Can tera change 1 or 2 to any type, I suppose(just not 2 to a major type like fire, steel, electric, etc. Still want shards for self.)


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LF for a few shinies from Gen VIII: Yamper, Boltund, Flapple, Stonjourner, and Morpeko.

Only want the dex entries for them, so happy to touch trade. I can only trade on Home though.
Hello! I am on Gen VI looking for Sheer Force Totodile. I have shiny Shinx, Defiant Piplup, Contrary Snivy, or Flash Fire Cyndaquil I can trade. Thank you. Edit: Obtained
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So…. now that Home has updated, can anyone help me out with a Roaming Gimmighoul? (not a GO player obviously)
Will the # of boxes ever go over 30? I'm nearly full for each one, w home now. If they release all mons ever, more boxes will be needed. For now LF all PLA exclusives(I have PLA but idk if I want to beat it xd it's weird.) FT lots, some shinies, tons of Eevees w/ differing teras, other mons from tera raids, can tera change to any type. Also sorta lf high value items, PP Maxes, Draco Meteor/EQ TMs.

EDIT: Also FT Bold Ditto w/ 31s but 0 atk. Ditto is easy to get now, but this has a nature to go w/ the IV spread, and Idk that I really need it. Several of certain legendaries, Giratina comes to mind.

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