Sizzlipede [QC 0/2]

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name: Bulky Attacker
move 1: Leech Life
move 2: Fire Lash
move 3: Power Whip
move 4: Knock Off
item: Eviolite
ability: Flash Fire
nature: Adamant
evs: 236 Atk / 76 Def / 196 SpD

With decent bulk and and a fairly good defensive typing for Little Cup, Sizzlipede carves itself a small niche as a bulky attacker and check to Grass, Fighting, and Fairy-types. Sizzlipede is most effective as a check to sun-based teams, as it can very easily switch in on Vulpix and Oddish, while against Sticky Web based teams Sizzlipede can easily handle Cutiefly. Sizzlipede's EV spread is meant to maximize its Special Defense as to deal with the above listed threats, all of whom are Special Attackers, as well as keeping a large Attack stat. Power Whip helps deal with Rock-, Ground-, and Grass-types, while Knock Off can take away the ever-important Eviolite from many bulky threats.

The most important thing for Sizzlipede to have on its team is Rapid Spin or Defog support to counteract its otherwise insurmountable weakness to Stealth Rocks. Drilbur, Farfetch'd, Vullaby, and Timburr all fill this role quite well. Timburr specifically makes a wonderful partner, as Sizzlipede checks Cutiefly and Spritzee quite well. Due to its ability to check two common team archetypes, Sizzlipede can fit well onto any team lacking a proper check. Finally, Sizzlipede is most easily countered by bulky Water- and Flying-types such as Mareanie and Vullaby, so checks to these threats such as Chinchou and Ferroseed make great teammates.

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  • coil is too niche with onix and corph being so good right now. I’d remove it and throw it into OO when full analyses come around
  • cherubi is dead
  • make the last sentence in the second paragraph a full sentence lol
also as I recently learned you have to remove the <> from the credits section

great stuff, 1/2
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