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Why play SM LC?

- It's balanced and diverse: The meta has a wide range of viable threats and team archetypes, and each individual Pokemon tends to have many viable sets to choose from. It is also the only generation with Z moves, which open many additional possibilities on many Pokemon.
- It's accessible: Being the generation closest to Gen 8, the meta is very similar to SS LC in terms of the main threats, with the notable exceptions of Vullaby and a few others. It is relatively easy to pick up for a player without prior experience, once he or she gets used to the presence of Z-moves and Hidden Power.
- It's relatively stable: Despite Sticky Web being banned after it became an oldgen, the meta has been very stable since the end of Gen 7. A diverse set of builds have consistently been viable over the years, giving players a lot of solid options to choose from.


Pokemon: :scyther: :sneasel: :tangela: :yanma: :swirlix: :gligar: :murkrow: :meditite: :misdreavus: :drifloon: :porygon: :cutiefly: :vulpix: :aipom: :gothita: :wingull: :trapinch:
Moves: Dragon Rage, Sonic Boom, Swagger, Baton Pass, Sticky Web
Abilities: Moody
Items: Eevium-Z
Clauses: Species, Sleep, OHKO, Evasion

Sample Teams

:staryu: :timburr: :vullaby: :diglett: :pawniard: :foongus:
Standard Bulky Offense - by Ninjadog

:mudbray: :foongus: :staryu: :pawniard: :vullaby: :ponyta:
Scarf Pawniard + NP Vull - by Starmaster

:diglett: :abra: :gastly: :onix: :mienfoo: :vullaby:
GastBra Hyper-Offense - by Acehunter1

:vulpix-alola: :spritzee: :magby: :scraggy: :diglett: :vullaby:
Veils Setup Spam - by Corporal Levi

:mienfoo: :diglett: :onix: :foongus: :vullaby: :timburr:
Screech Diglett Fightspam - by Luthier

:gastly: :diglett: :mareanie: :mienfoo: :vullaby: :ferroseed:
Scarf Mienfoo Offense - by Toadow

:diglett: :staryu: :mienfoo: :pawniard: :vullaby: :mareanie:
Icium-Z Staryu - by Unknown

:staryu: :mienfoo: :vullaby: :mudbray: :spritzee: :ferroseed:
FerroSpritz + Scarf Mudbray - by Unknown

Big thanks to Corporal Levi, Coconut, LilyAC, ninjadog, and Star for making this thread possible!
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Doubles LC Leader
is a Tiering Contributoris the defending LC Circuit Champion

Viability rankings

:vullaby: Vullaby

:abra: Abra
:diglett: Diglett
:foongus: Foongus
:mienfoo: Mienfoo
:onix: Onix
:pawniard: Pawniard
:staryu: Staryu

:ferroseed: Ferroseed
:gastly: Gastly
:mareanie: Mareanie
:timburr: Timburr

:magnemite: Magnemite
:mudbray: Mudbray
:ponyta: Ponyta
:snivy: Snivy
:spritzee: Spritzee

:carvanha: Carvanha
:clamperl: Clamperl
:corphish: Corphish
:magby: Magby
:munchlax: Munchlax
:rufflet: Rufflet
:shellder: Shellder
:tirtouga: Tirtouga
:vulpix-alola: Vulpix-Alola

:doduo: Doduo
:dwebble: Dwebble
:frillish: Frillish
:grimer-alola: Grimer-Alola
:meowth: Meowth
:omanyte: Omanyte
:scraggy: Scraggy
:torchic: Torchic
:zigzagoon: Zigzagoon

:archen: Archen
:bunnelby: Bunnelby
:chespin: Chespin
:croagunk: Croagunk
:elekid: Elekid
:pumpkaboo: Pumpkaboo-Super
:slowpoke: Slowpoke
:snubbull: Snubbull
:taillow: Taillow
:wynaut: Wynaut

:amaura: Amaura
:chinchou: Chinchou
:cottonee: Cottonee
:honedge: Honedge
:larvesta: Larvesta
:pikipek: Pikipek
:riolu: Riolu
:salandit: Salandit
:stunky: Stunky

:budew: Budew
:drilbur: Drilbur
:koffing: Koffing
:lileep: Lileep
:pancham: Pancham
:pumpkaboo: Pumpkaboo-Small
:sandshrew-alola: Sandshrew-Alola
:venipede: Venipede

:anorith: Anorith
:axew: Axew
:cranidos: Cranidos
:deerling: Deerling
:hippopotas: Hippopotas
:natu: Natu
:sandile: Sandile
:snover: Snover
:trubbish: Trubbish
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