OU SM OU Secret Santa - 2022 edition!

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Happy Holidays everyone, and welcome to the second SM Secret Santa event! It’s similar to real-life Secret Santa exchanges, except grown adults won’t look at you funny for gifting them teams of Pokémon! In case you’ve never participated in a Secret Santa before, here’s how it works:
  1. Sign up to participate by Wednesday, December 14th
  2. DM me, and provide a single Pokémon or small core of Pokémon you would like to have a team made with.
  3. Get anonymously paired with another user.
  4. Design a team for your partner around their chosen Pokémon or core before the submission deadline (Friday, December 23rd)
  5. On Christmas Day, receive your gifted team via DM from me!
  6. (Optional but recommended): Discuss your team/thank your Secret Santa in this thread!
General Rules:
  • To sign up, post "in" in this thread (or otherwise make it obvious that you want to participate in your post).
  • Please, only sign up if you can commit to building a team for your partner. I can help a little if needed but can’t build for everyone!
  • This is a Secret Santa – don’t reveal what your request was or what request you received!
Submission Rules:
  • DM me (on Discord @Clem#3471 or on Smogon) with your requested Pokémon/core after signing up, but before the submission deadline. If you don’t send me a request before the deadline, your sign-up will unfortunately have to be disqualified! Don’t make me be a Grinch!
  • Try to keep requests limited to UU-viable Pokémon. If you really want a team with an unranked Pokémon, you can request it, but the resulting team may not be as viable as you might hope!
  • Requests of cores are preferable to requests of individual Pokémon (for example, Ash Greninja + Garchomp, instead of just Ash Greninja), unless one of the Pokémon is difficult to build with.
  • It will make it much easier for your Secret Santa to build a team you like if you also include the style of team you would like built with your requested Pokémon/core (ex. bulky offense, balance, hyper offense, stall, sun, etc.)
  • If you would like the Pokémon you request to have a specific set, please mention this in your request!
Again, the all-important deadlines:

The sign-up deadline to participate in the project is: Wednesday, December 14th
The final team submission deadline is: Friday, December 23rd

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
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