OU SM OU - Teambuilding Competition : October 2023 Revival (Week 1: Seismitoad on post #290)

Rockium Z Bulu + SD Gliscor

:toxapex: :gliscor: :tornadus-therian: :metagross: :tapu-bulu: :diancie-mega:

Since Egor posted a very awesome team with banded Bulu, I cooked up a squad with Rockium-Z; however I'm not a fan of Mega Scizor atm (which pairs well with rockium z users in general), so I decided to pair it with SD Gliscor as the main abuser instead. Ostensibly, Bulu can remove the likes of Celesteela and Skarmory, which can otherwise prove problematic for Gliscor to break.
Toxapex: Pairs well with Gliscor and was an obvious addition - together they check both Charizard megas. This Pex is payapa berry to help in the medicham MU and to provide a foil vs psychium volc cheese.

Gliscor: SD to abuse the likes of Celesteela being removed by tapu Bulu, it forms the classic core with toxapex.

Tornadus-Therian: Our primary Kartana and Mega Medicham check, it is also the defogger.

Metagross: Assault Vest metagross is a relic from ORAS that I felt complemented the team well; it is our main Lele / Mage check and can pursuit trap shedinja. It additionally likes the removal of mons like Celesteela, Skarmory, and Zapdos to spam physical moves from its powerful base 135Atk. Clear body means that Landorous is in for a rough time. The moves here allow for the greatest coverage. Think of this as a more stylish Alolan-Muk (that cannot check Volcarona (duh!)).

Tapu Bulu: The man himself, SD + Rockium Z is very threatening. The spread allows us to outspeed 20spe invested Zapdos, as well as survive 2 hydro's from specs greninja after stealth rock chip. It also can stomach electric attacks from tapu koko, which i enjoy.

Mega Diance: Sets up rocks against stall, which is big. It is also our speed control and check to the likes of SD Garchomp with HP Ice.

That concludes this team. Would love to see someones take on Fightinium, or maybe scarf bulu!



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OU Teambuilding Competition - Week 6: Tapu Bulu CAMEL BABY LET'S GOOOOOOO
(Camerupt GrassSpam)

:sm/tapu-bulu: :sm/kartana::sm/magearna: :sm/rotom-wash: :sm/camerupt-mega: :sm/tornadus-therian:
Choice Band Tapu Bulu is the absolute best Bulu set in OU and no one can convince me otherwise. Its ability to grab KOs extremely easily is invaluable and you basically cannot switch into it without Celesteela or Skarmory (and even Steela takes more than half on Superpower and can only switch into Bulu once.) It also keeps the defensive utility thanks to its great typing and decent defensive stats, as well as passive recovery with Grassy Terrain. Megahorn is chosen over Stone Edge to hit (and absolutely destroy) Mega Latias (248+ Atk Choice Band Tapu Bulu Megahorn vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Latias-Mega: 366-432 (100.5 - 118.6%) -- cleanest OHKO of all time)

Kartana is an obvious partner for Bulu, as terrain-boosted Leaf Blades will tear through everything not named Skarmory (or Celesteela but it's not really a great Kart switch in). Leaf Blade under terrain has a 69.5% chance (nice) of 2HKOing max HP Tornadus, easily weakening it for Bulu or itself. Its great defensive typing and more than decent physical bulk helps it keep Garchomp and Gliscor in check, while threatening them with its strong attacks.

Heart Swap Magearna brings defensive utility for the team, keeping CM users in check thanks to Heart Swap while being a good Lele (and Psychics in general) switch in. Not much to say about this set, it's very good at what it does, bring Volt Switch support for the team to get in our hard hitters on Pokemon wanting to switch into it.

Bold Rotom-Wash does what Bold Rotom-Wash does: check Landorus-T, check Toxic-less Heatran, be a pain to switch into thanks to the combination of Elec+Water coverage and Will-O-Wisp, and Volt Switch around to bring in Bulu, Kartana or the next Pokemon.

Camerupt-Mega is an incredible Pokemon in the SM OU metagame and I highly encourage you using it. Its unique typing, ability to destroy FerroPex cores, and defensive utility give it a unique niche in the current metagame. It rounds up the GrassSpam core by virtue of its typing, being able to blank Zapdos, which is one of the most annoying Pokemon to deal with when using Bulu and Kartana. It's also a great SpD Gear partner, Magearna often luring in Pokemon like Heatran, Celesteela or opposing Magearna for Camel to switch in safely and threaten the opposition with a KO. Camerupt forces a lot of switches, making it a great Stealth Rocks user. Grassy Terrain gives it some passive recovery and turns Nature Power into Energy Ball, allowing it to hit the likes of Gastrodon, Rotom-Wash or a daring Pelipper.
tldr use camel with bulu they're good together.

Bulky Tornadus-T is there to not get thrashed by opposing Kartana, Z-Crystal to not get smashed by CB Knock Kart, and Heat Wave to keep Scizor and Kart in check. Defog user for the squad, U-turn support, you know what Torn does.

Sorry for spelling mistakes xo
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MHera+Grassy ParaSpam Offense


Team is built around the offensive wallbreaking core of SD:heracross-mega:+:choice-band::tapu-bulu:. Due to their low speed, :Choice-scarf::serperior: provides the immediate speed control for the team, as well as utility with Knock Off & paralysis support, & appreciates the former 2 breaking down opposing Steel-, Fire-, and Flying- types that stops its sweeping attempt. Grassy Terrain from the star of the show also allows :heracross-mega: to run a strong Bullet Seed (also helps ease the stall matchup, & not having to rely on Rock Blast 90% accuracy all the time), and makes :serperior:'s Leaf Storms sting even more, making it sweep easier. :zapdos:+:jirachi: supports the team - forming the defensive backbone (specifically, the former checks Flying- [:tornadus-therian:,:hawlucha:,:pinsir-mega:] & opposing offensive Grass- types [:kartana:], while the latter is the Steel for the team to help against PsySpam [:tapu-lele:,:alakazam-mega:,:magearna:]), provides pivoting, and most importantly spreads paralysis even further with Static & Body Slam respectively.:Garchomp: rounds out the team, providing a Fire- resist, Volt Switch immunity, and Z-move user. SD+3 attacks pushes the team's offensive capabilities even further; :dragonium-z: nukes stuff at +2, especially taking care of :tangrowth: & :latias-mega:, with Fire Fang to overwhelm Steel- types like :scizor-mega:,:skarmory:, &:ferrothorn: - all of which are appreciated by the grass core.

252+ Atk :heracross-mega: Bullet Seed (5 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def :clefable: in Grassy Terrain: 255-305 (64.7 - 77.4%) -- approx. 2HKO after Leftovers recovery and Grassy Terrain recovery (2HKOes Unaware Clef)
+2 252+ Atk :heracross-mega: Bullet Seed (5 hits) vs. 252 HP / 4 Def :Toxapex: in Grassy Terrain: 400-475 (131.5 - 156.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO (Rock Blast only has 31.3% chance to OHKO)
+2 252 Atk :Garchomp: Devastating Drake (190 BP) vs. 252 HP / 168+ Def :Tangrowth:: 408-480 (100.9 - 118.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Tldr; Team revolves around explosive physical wallbreakers to overwhelm defensive mons, and paralysis support helps slow down offensive ones while making your opponent rage.

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Zard Y+Z Slowbro+Grass Spam

:SS/Charizard-Mega-Y: :SS/slowbro: :ss/heatran: :SS/gliscor: :SS/Tapu Bulu: :SS/Kartana:

(Click sprites for paste)

Grass spam is one of my favorite cores to use in Gen 7 OU due to just how effective it is in overwhelming your offense. And I wanted to try to create a team around grass spam with a lure mon to catch people off guard.

:Charizard-Mega-Y: Zard Y complements grass spam very well, being able to just nuke grass spam's checks and counters such as bulky grass types like Ferrothorn and tangrowth (:Ferrothorn:, :tangrowth:), steel types like Skarmory, Celesteela and Heatran (:skarmory:, :celesteela:, :heatran:), and flying types like tornadus, and zapdos (:Tornadus-Therian:, :zapdos:), paving away for grass spam to clean up.

:slowbro: (Big shoutouts to Proftreez for showing off this Slowbro lure set. I thought that this set is amazing and I wanted to try it out)The real star of the show. Alot of the times when Zard Y is out, a lot of those previous mons that checks/counter grass spam hides behind spdef walls. In this case and most commonly, Toxapex and even spdef Kommo-o. And that's where z slowbro comes in. Slowbro can still play its part, being able to wall physical breakers such as fighting types like mega lopunny, mega medicham and hawlucha (:Lopunny-Mega:,:Medicham-Mega:,:hawlucha:), ground types like Mega Swampert, Rockium Z Garchomp and SD Gliscor (:Swampert-mega::garchomp:,:gliscor:). But with Z Future sight, slowbro is now able to destroy the one mon after rocks that normally would not only wall slowbro, but also uses slowbro to set up status inflicting moves, toxapex(:toxapex:). As bonus it is even able to have a chance to ohko mons such as Kommo-o, Koko , Tornadus-Therian after rocks, even Zard X(:kommo-o:, :tapu koko:, :Tornadus-Therian:, :Charizard-Mega-X:). Future sight outside of its Z move still holds alot of value, being able to pressure mons like pex and kommo-o while Zard Y is out on the field.

144 SpA Slowbro Shattered Psyche (190 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Toxapex: 266-314 (87.5 - 103.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock

144 SpA Slowbro Shattered Psyche (190 BP) vs. 252 HP / 116+ SpD Kommo-o: 368-434 (103.9 - 122.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO

144 SpA Slowbro Shattered Psyche (190 BP) vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Tapu Koko: 297-351 (105.6 - 124.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO

144 SpA Slowbro Shattered Psyche (190 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Tornadus-Therian: 256-303 (70.7 - 83.7%) -- 62.5% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock

144 SpA Slowbro Shattered Psyche (190 BP) vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Charizard: 268-316 (90.2 - 106.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock

:gliscor: Gliscor complements Zard Y well by being one if the most reliable defoggers in the gen. This mon can also check other hazard setters like toxapex, but more specifically heatran(:heatran:, :toxapex: ). Toxic is probably the better move to use over knock off, but knock off is still viable for getting rid of items on mons like celesteela, torn and zapdos to remove Leftovers and rocky Helmets.

:heatran: Heatran becomes the glue of the team, solid Stealth Rock setter with better recovery thanks to grassy terrain, getting 12% every turn. On top of that with sun, magma Storm hits extra harder than before. It's a decent check to steel types like magearna, and jirachi(:magearna:, :jirachi:), grass types like bulu, tangrowth and Ferrothorn(:tangrowth:, :tapu bulu:, :Ferrothorn:), but most importantly, it walls mega latias and is able to wear it down with toxic(:Latias-Mega:)

:tapu bulu: As much as I wanted to run banded, I decided to run spdef sd set instead. With this set, it is able to wall common special hitting mons such as ash greninja, psyspam, and koko(:Greninja-Ash:, :Alakazam-mega:+:tapu lele:, :tapu koko:)as well as tanking a hurricane from a torn and a magma Storm from a spdef heatran(:Tornadus-Therian:, :heatran:), while also possessing an offensive threat with Swords Dance. Synthesis is used because it is magnified under sun thanks to zard y.

:kartana:imo the best scarfer in this gen. Nothing can snowball's the endgame in your favor as well as scarf kartana does due to its ability, beast boost. Especially when grassy terrain is active with leaf blade.

To shorten it up, the goal is to break teams down with Zard Y, Tapu Bulu and bait pex with slowbro so that scarf kartana can sweep through, as well as having to pivot around with Heatran, Gliscor Bulu and Slowbro
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Captain Funk defeats the power of the Camel Crew and wins the week! Onto Week 7!

Week 7 - Heatran!


Heatran is one of the best Pokemon in the metagame thanks to a variety of different traits. Its typing and really well-rounded stats make it a good check to top threats within the metagame like Magearna, Mega Mawile, Tornadus-T, and Ferrothorn Additionally, because of Z-Moves, it's hard to consistently keep Heatran in check defensively. Most of all, Heatran is an excellent enabler, being able to dispose of or cripple would-be checks for its partners. How are you going to utilise its power? 5 days to submit!​
:Heatran: :Alakazam-Mega: :Tornadus-Therian: :Toxapex: :Tangrowth: :Garchomp:
Heatran + Regenerator Spam

In my opinion, Heatran :Heatran:'s biggest weakness is its lack of reliable recovery, and there are many different ways to supplement this weakness. Some attempt to let it recover with Tapu Bulu :Tapu Bulu:'s Grassy Terrain, but I thought that, if I could fit stealth rock on something else, protect Tran would be really cool way to allow it to maximize leftovers! Toxic combined with protect makes this twofold, as Heatran can get out of range of certain 2hkos while toxic damage piles onto the opponent. I ran 84 speed to outspeed other 80 speed variants, idk if the loss of even HP is any significant. I think the more glaring change is running magma storm over lava plume. I felt the trapping damage piled on with the toxic damage and protect was a really cool interaction. Anyway, I paired Heatran with bulky Mega Zam :Alakazam-Mega:. I felt that shoring up the 4x ground weakness was not terribly pressing, and I wanted a win condition. Mega Zam has incredible speed, but can shrug off select special attackers with calm mind + recover. After this, I was looking for a flying type, and I came across a devious idea. Threegen. That's correct, 3 regenerator pokemon. Pex :Toxapex: + Helmet Torn :Tornadus-Therian: helps with our weaker physdef core, and AV Tang :Tangrowth: is a great "swiss-army knife" of sorts. Conceptually, three regen users allow you to position Mega Zam in a way to maximize its effectiveness, as the team with triple regen will have an easier time outlasting the opposition being hampered down by toxic and tspikes. I needed rocks and a way to not lose to volt switch, so I added Chomp :Garchomp: as a way to accomplish both and thieve games if it lands a nice matchup. Hope you guys enjoy the team!

Heatran FWG good stuffs.
Heatran's greatest assets include its typing, ability, and reliable defensive stats to set up strong chip damage in Stealth Rock and Toxic. Combined with Greninja and Tapu Bulu, they form a fierce FWG core that can put serious pressure on the opponent and win battles. Greninja offers some early game pressure with its strong offensive moves, as well as with Spikes. Bulu's CB + Terrain Wood Hammer OHKO's 85% of the metagame, even more with hazards set up.

For the other three Pokemon, I chose offensive olympians to really flex on the competition, hoo-hah! Scarf Lando with Earthquake kills many key meta mons, like Magearna, opposing Heatran, Toxapex, Tapu-Koko, Excadrill, and more! Magnezone puts the hurt on opposing steel types thanks to Magnet Pull, especially Ferrothorn, and Substitute in particular protects from slow status users and builds momentum. Finally, Mega-Pinsir helps round things off with the threat of setup sweeps and priority. helps KO Hawlucha, and other mons.

Replays of the team in action WOO!



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Fire Phrog
+ M-Altaria


Heatran is one of the most useful mons in OU, specially because it can deal with most of the fairies of the tier, and serves as an excellent stallbreaker. Heatran's main weaknesses can be found on offensive water Pokémon (such as Ash-Greninja), coverage moves like Focus Blast and Earthquake, and ground-types in general.

Pairing M-Altaria with Heatran is a great idea. Aside from the type synergy, they both fulfill roles that help eachother. Once Altaria has megaevolved, it is capable of checking the water types that destroy Heatran, like Ash-Greninja, Keldeo or Mega Gyarados. Stops both Zard X and Zard Y, 2HKOing the former one with Hyper Voice and poisoning the second, and as an extra, it can eat HJK from megas such as Lopunny and Medicham. With Heal Bell, it works as a cleric for the team. Big shotouts to Vittorioso for making this fire set.

Kartana is the next member of the squad. Gives the team a way to break through mons like Chansey, and also speed control. Is the main way the team has to break ground and water types. It does not fear of being paralyzed because of the Heal Bell support.

Gastrodon is the main Heatran switch-in, and also a way to improve the matchup against Rain Teams. Volt-blocks Koko and Magearna, and with Earthquake, it can lure them enough for Kartana to pick up KOs.

Tornadus-T is the defogger of the team. It is pretty standard, but decided to choose Taunt over Knock Off to improve even more the stall matchup. It also has one the most important roles in the team, which would be protecting the team from EQ spam.

Finally, CM + Pain Split Magearna is a set focused on breaking SpD walls like Toxapex. It's a way to control Dark mons prior to Altaria megaevolving too.
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:sm/scizor-mega: :sm/garchomp: :sm/tornadus-therian: :sm/heatran: :sm/toxapex: :sm/tapu koko:

:scizor-mega: The team's Mega Evolution of choice, Scizor is able to defensively check the Ground types that Heatran hates and appreciates Heatran's Fire immunity thanks to its ability
:garchomp: Z-move Garchomp serves as the Stealth Rocker, with its Rockium Z set being reliable at getting up Stealth Rock and blowing away most Defoggers with its strong EdgeQuake coverage
:tornadus-therian: The team's defogger and an all-around excellent utility mon. Defog helps prevent Garchomp, Heatran, and Tapu Koko from being worn down quickly by hazards, Knock Off removes items, and U-turn can safely bring in a teammate
:heatran: This team utilizes a dedicated stallbreaker Heatran to delete walls and it synergizes well with the other members of the team as they are able to cover each other's weaknesses
:toxapex: The Pex serves as the team's Ash Greninja check, a Pokemon that can pressure Heatran. It also helps relieve pressure on Heatran to check Volcarona and can handle Mega Charizard Y
:tapu koko: Choice Specs Tapu Koko rounds out the team, providing speed control and helping handle the Water types that can trouble Heatran. I gave it U-turn over Volt Switch so Ground types can't kill momentum

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