OU SM OU - Teambuilding Competition : October 2023 Revival (Week 1: Seismitoad on post #290)


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I'm tiebreaking since I forgot to hit send, and Proftreez wins it! Onto the next!

Week 17 - Magnezone


Magnezone's near-exclusive access to Magnet Pull gives it a very unique and valuable niche in the OU metagame as a trapper and eliminator of Steel-types such as Ferrothorn, Scizor, Skarmory, and Celesteela. It also functions as a solid revenge killer with Choice Scarf, being able to check a number of dangerous Pokemon like Kartana, Mega Scizor, and weakened Celesteela. However, its lackluster Speed stat, even with a Choice Scarf, means that it typically struggles to retain its utility after it has trapped what it aims to trap; it is often forced to take a hit before it can attack with its other sets and doesn't have recovery to offset this damage.

7 days, gl!​


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Frozen Ecstasy:
Ice-Spam + Lopunny-Mega Offense

(click on the pokemons for the pokepast)

:SM/Lopunny-Mega: :SM/Kyurem-Black: :SM/Weavile: :SM/Magnezone: :SM/Landorus-Therian: :SM/Rotom-Wash:
Hi everyone, time to post a team which I got a lot of fun to build and play. Like you can read it on the title, the team is build around a powerful core of Kyurem-Black and Weavile Choice Band which I add a Lopunny-Mega that greatly appreciate the offensive support from these two. With that, I also put a Magnezone to trap steels and ease the job of my two ice behemots. Finally, I add Landorus-Therian and Rotom-Wash to support the rest of the team. Let's look in detail the sets.

:Lopunny-Mega: With Fake Out + Quick Attack and its natural great speed, Lopunny-Mega will provide all the speed control we need. Moreover, with its dual-stab, Lopunny-Mega will be able to give us the edge against a lot of offense in general. However, Lopunny-Mega can't really break Balance/Semi-Stall by itself.

:Kyurem-Black: Kyurem-Black is a really polyvalent tool in SM OU in my opinion. With its absurd Icium Z on Freeze Shock, Kyurem-Black easily takes a kill on many playstyle like Rain and Balance. Moreover, to abuse even more this advantage, I decide to go for the Substitute + Hone Claws variant. With these two moves, Kyurem-Black can easily abuse some usual defensive parts of Balance like Slowbro or Toxapex and put a fantastic pressure on them. For the spread, we outspeed Landorus-Therian with 252 speed, Kyurem-Black can survive one High Jump Kick from Hawlucha at +0 and Chansey can't break the sub (also, you can increase the ev on Def to 140 in order to survive Z-Stone Edge from Garchomp at +0)

:Weavile: Weavile will put even more pressure on bulky water like Tapu Fini or bulky steel like Magearna Assault Vest. Pursuit is pretty nice to trap bulky psy like Slowbro or Reuniclus for Lopunny-Mega and trap some heavy wallbreaker like Medicham-Mega, Tapu Lele or Hoopa-Unbound. For the last slot, Focus Punch is neat as a decent midground to heavily hit anything that want to in on its ice-stab.

:Magnezone: The star of this week. We use on this team an Assault Vest variant. The idea is to use Magnezone as a fake bulky steel and soft-check some threats like Alakazam-Mega. If the first three moves are logical, the last one is already much more uncommon. Mirro Coat here is really nice as a way to easily pop off anything that dare to hit on the special side Magnezone. This tech is really nice combined with the spread that makes sure that Magnezone will survive Z-Focus Blast at+0 from Timid Lele and Psychic into Focus Blast from Alakazam-Mega at+0.

:Landorus-Therian: The best glue of the tier. Landorus-Therian will soft-check a lot of physical offensive pokemons while providing Stealth Rock and momentum with slow U-turn. Moreover, Toxic is useful to punish Defog from Rotom-Wash, Tornadus-Therian and Zapdos.

:Rotom-Wash: Another excellent glue. Rotom-Wash will help a lot to soft-check certain offensive threats (Swampert-Mega, Greninja Choice Specs, Tornadus-Therian, ...) while providing Defog, momentum with slow Volt Switch and, finally, Thunder Wave in order to slow down fast threats like Alakazam-Mega and Volcarona.

Conclusion: Hope you will like the team. S/O to Proftreez for his valuable help. Lot of glaring issue unfortunatly, but the team is still very fun to use and will greatly reward aggresive style. Thanks again for you attention and see you next time.
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:ss/(Tapu Lele): :ss/(Heatran): :ss/(Lopunny-Mega): :ss/(Tapu Bulu): :ss/(Magnezone):

This team basically is a stall counter since u will always see Stall being used a lot in the high ladder
Heatran is our chansey trapper with magma storm taunt and toxic it is bound to kill the mon .
Loppuny mega is our speed control for the team with its high speed and a good attack stat.

Magnezone is our ferro and skarmory trapper.

Tapu Bulu with sd up in grassy terrain is bound to deal a lot of damage to the opponents mons

Hope u enjoy using the team
Here's the pokepaste


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Congrats to Alpha for winning the week! moving on..

Week 18 - Rain

:ss/manaphy: :ss/pelipper: :ss/swampert-mega:

Everyone knows the deal with rain at this point, you send out your funny little bird and you get to smashing holes into the opposing team. There's a variety of different builds and Pokemon to use on rain teams, but lets see what all of you can come up with! Maybe we'll even see some new takes on rain or Pokemon that aren't as common on this weeks builds!

7 days to build, good luck!
Looks like the stars aligned this week, 18 is my lucky number and Mega Swampert is my favorite Pokémon. That said, the team I have for this week is:
Punch Slice Zap Whoosh

This team was basically my gateway into SM OU. I've played SM DOU with a mixed rain/electric terrain team for about four years now, and I wanted to keep some of those elements when switching to singles. Functionally it's fairly standard, Pelipper sets up rain for Swampert to have some fun with Swift Swim, but also to help with Tapu Koko's Thunder and Keldeo's Calm Mind-boosted Scald. Tornadus helps deal with Grass-types for Swampert and Keldeo, and Ferrothorn is here to be tanky like it always is. Koko's Electric Terrain also helps against sleep strats, which is always nice. While this team definitely isn't perfect, I always have a lot of fun with it, and weirdly enough I've found it's pretty effective against other rain teams with the inclusions of Koko and Ferrothorn. It also made me realize that Keldeo is a lot of fun to work with, being the only Special-attacking Gen 5 sword horse (I forget what their actual title is lmao).

Thanks for reading this! I hope you all like this team as much as I do. Full sets can be found here.
Z kyub+spd steela rain
:sm/pelipper: :sm/swampert-mega: :sm/kyurem-black: :sm/greninja-ash: :sm/celesteela: :sm/gastrodon:

Pokepaste: https://pokepast.es/1ed079de1ac6a9df

Pls keep in mind I will not be stating the obvious facts, like superpower on pert being for ferro etc

:Pelipper: :swampert-mega: So basically I started building this team revolving around pelipper and m swampert, as we can all surely agree rain without these 2 Mons isn't rain

:Tapu-bulu: Next thing that I wanted was grass and electric immunity/resistance plus smt that can take care of tornadus therian, plus some offensive utility if possible, so I came up with bulu 248+ Atk Choice Band Tapu Bulu Wood Hammer vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Tornadus-Therian in Grassy Terrain: 288-340 (79.5 - 93.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock 248+ Atk Choice Band Tapu Bulu Horn Leech vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Tornadus-Therian in Grassy Terrain: 180-212 (49.7 - 58.5%) -- 99.6% chance to 2HKO 248+ Atk Choice Band Tapu Bulu Horn Leech vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Tornadus-Therian in Grassy Terrain: 180-212 (49.7 - 58.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock As u'll see in the paste, the speed is exactly enough to outspeed max speed magearna and hp enough to live 2 hydros after rocks from normal offensive greninja (and possibly recover from horn leech), and can take a hydro from ash gren in rain from full and has a roll to live ash gren in rain after rocks 252 SpA Choice Specs Greninja-Ash Hydro Pump vs. 84 HP / 0 SpD Tapu Bulu in Rain: 238-281 (78.8 - 93%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock and takes a huge chip off of even torn with leech and with rocks up, wood hammer straight up smashes it

:kyurem-black: I decided (with the help of dear Proftreez ) that we change this to kyub coz terrain reduces the power outcome of earthquake and the fact that kommo o p jab really really hurts us, esp with celesteela being SPD and all. Also I did not like how m lop and m Medi can essentially tear through this team had it not have the speed tier of m swampert and ninja to destroy it, hence we added sub in kyurem to prevent rotom from ever touching it and further insurance against greninjas

:greninja: With 3 Mons chosen, I needed smt that could further make use of the rain coz rain with just 1 rain Mon is bonkers, esp since I only no special attackers, so I went with greninja, surely y'all don't need no introductions here, smashes half the meta and has a potential chance to sweep, always glaring at the opponent's face with the possibility of battle bond to active, also slapped on extrasensory for kommo o and toxapex mus

:celesteela: That being done, I started to think abt the meta and Mons that r slightly annoying to deal with, and psyspam was annoying, m Medi with the 1hkos, Lele setting up terrain and being one of the strongest spa hitter in the tier, and ofc m zam, that rain has so much trouble dealing with coz of its ability trace, so keeping all that in mind, I introduced celesteela to the team, which takes care of the entirety of psyspam besides m Medi but m Medi is v cautious clicking hjk Vs steela coz of protect so that's a huge plus, also it soft checks magearna shift gear by leech seeding and prot heavy slamming

:gastrodon: Lastly I realized there r a few issues to the team, namely m char X, rotom wash, magnezone and volcarona (volcarona coz if I kill with bulu and rain isn't up, I have to double from pelipper to swampert and that'd be an issue coz I can't deal with 2 quivers), that's where I introduced gastro, which can easily live a +1 d clay after rocks+spikes from m char X and counter it to oblivion, and clear smog spam for volcarona, and simply walls rotom and magnezone, and takes a wisp from rotom which kyub and pert absolutely do not love

Feel free to hit me up with some thoughts on this team as maybe your valuable opinion could help enlighten me with something I may have missed on earlier :bloblul:

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