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congrats to Maktyum for winning the week! Onto week 12, with a personal favourite mon...

Week 12 - Serperior


Serperior's great utilty moves in Glare, Substitute and Leech Seed can make it extremely threatening to just about any Pokemon that isnt called Tangrowth, Ferrothorn or Heatran, and even then the combination of Leaf Storm and either HP Ground or HP Fire, coupled with boosts thanks to its Contrary ability, makes it extremely difficult to 1v1. Choice Scarf sets are also popular: With its already high Speed tier, a Choice Scarf allows it to outrun just about everything in the tier, bar Scarf Koko and Greninja, and Serperior only really needs to break through teams with Leaf Storm prior to some chip. If you read any of this put "Grassy" in your post, I'm curious.

You have 7 days to make a team featuring Serperior, good luck!

Balance Diancie-Mega + Serperior

:SM/Diancie-Mega: :SM/Serperior: :SM/Victini: :SM/Slowbro: :SM/Gliscor: :SM/Ferrothorn:
Hi everyone, this is a team that I made really quickly to spam ladder when I have time (I reach 1600-1700 without too much trouble). It's around a well-known core: Diancie-Mega + Serperior. Not only each other can bait similar check, Serperior holds incredible tools to open the path for Diancie-Mega (and likewise for the contrary of course). Overall, the main glaring issue would be how Kartana looks really scary (Scarf is manageable, Band is a pain and Z-move is the worst), but the team still works well enough for me (especially when you consider how it's hard to have something solid overall with Diancie-Mega + Serperior). Let's take a look into the sets for now!

:Diancie-mega: 3 attacks + Stealth Rock is pretty great here. Earth Power is really useful to hit Heatran for Serperior, but it can be changed for HP Ice if gliscor is really too bad for your taste (even if Ice Beam Slowbro + Victini Final Gambit is already more-than-decent for gliscor in my opinion).

:Serperior: Not a big fan of the pokemon to be honest (SubSeed set is such a scam), but here it plays an important role. With HP Fire + Knock Off, Serperior will be able to bait a lot of common check of Diancie-Mega (Ferrothorn, Scizor-Mega, Chansey, ...), resulting to wear down them quickly. For the rest, I give it the Miracle Seed to increase its firepower and, obviously, keep Glare because it's a broken move.

:Victini: With Scarf, Victini will provide a solid speed control. Moreover, Victini will help a lot to ease some MUs (Volcarona, Psychic-Spam, Rain, Gliscor, Scizor Balance, ...) and, in general, a really flexible tool to target some annoying pokemons like Toxapex or Heatran.

:Slowbro: I really enjoy a lot Slowbro at the moment. Check a lot of things (and, in general, being a solid physic sponge) like Garchomp, Charizard-Mega-X, Lopunny-Mega and such, while not sapping too much the momentum (with Regenerator mainly). For its set, I go for the Z-Futur Sight. The sudden burst it can provide helps so much Slowbro to achieve what it need to do on a match (and can also bait some pokemons like Toxapex for example).

:Gliscor: The infamous but popular bat. Insane staying power, two mandatory immunity and a lot of support moves. Here, I use Gliscor SpeDef with the usual 254 of speed with defog (Knock Off and U-turn are also nice options instead of Toxic by the way).

:Ferrothorn: for the last pokemon, the team badly needs a bulky steel and at least an answer to Greninja, so ferrothorn fits pretty well in this squad (especially when Diancie-Mega already provide a fly-resist for Tornadus-Therian). Ferrothorn obviously provide a lot: Spikes, Thunder Wave and a solid answer to a lot of pokemon.

Conclusion: Hope you will like the team. Its not perfect unfortunatly (and I will prob update it later with better spread for example). Also, sorry for the mistakes (I can't spend to much time on this). Thanks for your time and do not hesistate to pm me if you have questions with the team.


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Sorry for the delay! got a little busy with school work but now we're back in action, congrats on KaiserKaiba for winning the round!

Week 13 - Weavile


Weavile's solid attacking stats and offensive typing make it a big threat to offensive teams, as it can outspeed and heavily damage threats like Tornadus-T, Garchomp, Landorus-T, and Serperior. In addition, great STAB moves such as Knock Off, Ice Shard, and Pursuit ensure Weavile will almost never be dead weight in any matchup, as it can provide utility in several ways against several team archetypes. However, Weavile's typing is awful defensively, granting it a Stealth Rock weakness as well as weaknesses to common types like Fairy, Fighting, and Steel.

How do you plan to let Weavile shine? You have 7 days to make a team featuring it, good luck!​
Balance Alakazam-Mega + Weavile

:SM/Alakazam-Mega: :SM/Weavile: :SM/Slowbro: :SM/Kommo-o: :SM/Gliscor: :SM/Celesteela:
Hi, everyone, thanks to this week, I can retry to build on this core: Alakazam-Mega + Weavile. The idea is that, with Z-Dig or Z-Low Kick, Weavile can bait some annoying pokemons for Alakazam-Mega like Magearna, while keeping his ability to wear down with Pursuit + Knock Off. I know that this core was already explored by certain good players, but I wanted to give it a try myself. I choose Balance as a playstyle mainly because, if I put this core on a Bulky Offense or Offense, I feel like the team will be complelety crushed by Volcarona. So, let's look in detail the sets!

:Alakazam-Mega: It was really hard to decide what coverage to put on Alakazam. In my opinion, Psychic + Shadow Ball + Focus Blast is surely the best overall, but, depending of the MU, you can change the set. Energy Ball helps against Rain, HP Ice for Gliscor and HP Fire is really damn useful for Scizor-Mega (which is a nuisance for both Alakazam and Weavile). For the last move, Recover increase so much its staying power.

:Weavile: Like Alakazam-Mega, it was hard as well to really conclude on what Z-Move is the best here. Overall, I feel like Z-Dig is the best, but Z-Low Kick is really neat (and also helps to solidify Kartana's MU, which is a huge pain in this team) too. For the rest, Pursuit + Knock Off + Icicle Crash are really useful to put pressure on Chansey, Celesteela, Gliscor, Toxapex or Latias-Mega.

:Slowbro: yeah, it is already the second time I bring this pokemon on my Balances (I love to recycle my defensive cores). Nothing too fancy on the set, Scald helps to punish any Physical Offensive pokemons, Ice Beam to OHKO Garchomp and Thunder Wave for Charizard-Mega-X and trying to scam CM Bulky users.

:Kommo-o: Not a big fan on the pokemon (for some reasons, it always feels like a worst Chansey overall), but here I really wanted a Dark-Resist in this squad. Able to check Ash-Greninja, Charizard-Mega-Y, Volcarona, Heatran and many other pokemons; Kommo-o provide the mandatory Stealth Rock (by the way, Rock Slide is really necessary if you are using Kommo-o for Volcarona/Charizard-Mega-Y and also for Blacephalon).

:Gliscor: Oh my! A balance with Gliscor! What a surprise! Here, it will be our Hazards Remover while providing a slow U-turn for both Alakazam-Mega and Weavile. For the spread, I put a bit of Def in order to ease my MU against Mawile-Mega.

:Celesteela: I do not like Celesteela at all, I always feel like it fails everything it needs to do. But, here, I can't think of another pokemon in this last slot. Celesteela provide a Fly, Grass and Psychic resists while giving us another way to deal a bit against Kartana (but, in the end, Celesteela will never be a Kartana's check unfortunatly).

Conclusion: It's not really a good balance if I have to be honest. Like every Balance without CM Latias-Mega, Manaphy will haunt your dreams forever. Also, this team lacks of real answer to some common threats (Tapu Koko, Kartana, Weavile, ...), but, as long you accept these bad MUs, the team works pretty decently and explore a really fun set of Weavile.
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Offensive MediVile
Hi! This is my first time building for this competition, and here's what I came up with: A semi-bulky offensive team built around a reliable core of Weavile and Mega Medicham. Weavile runs the classic Choice Band set for Knock Off, Pursuit trapping, and STAB Ice attacks. Mega Medicham helps counteract some threats that could take advantage of Weavile's fragility, namely Fighting types. Lando-T is here because it's Lando-T as a Stealth Rock setter with Swords Dance and Rockium Z to take out Flying types that could threaten Medicham, as well as being a solid overall damage-dealer. Ash-Greninja takes advantage of Weavile's Knock Off and Lando-T's ability to remove threats like Ferrothorn and Tapu Koko. Several different Fire types could work to pressure Weavile's Steel type checks like Magearna and Kartana, but I like Volcarona, so I gave it a set with good bulk and Quiver Dance to more reliably neutralize those threats. Finally, Kartana runs a Choice Scarf for more consistent Defogs so Weavile and Volcarona don't have to worry about Stealth Rock as much.

I hope you all like this team, I had a lot of fun building and playing it. Full sets can be found here. Thanks!
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Kaiser wins! onto Week 14!

Week 14 - Gliscor


Gliscor is a versatile Pokemon that can fulfill several roles: it can be a Swords Dance breaker, a Stealth Rock setter, or a Defog user. Due to its flexibility, Gliscor finds itself on many archetypes in OU, ranging from bulky offense to stall. Gliscor's amazing defensive typing, good natural bulk, and excellent recovery through Poison Heal and Roost allow it to check prominent Pokemon like Heatran and Toxapex. However, Gliscor faces competition from other Ground-types that have a superior offensive presence, such as Landorus-T and Garchomp. Moreover, its typing also leaves it prone to prominent Pokemon like Greninja, Tapu Bulu, and Mega Latias.

You have 7 days to make a team with Gliscor on it, good luck!

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