SM SM OU Winter Seasonal #4 - Round 2

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Requesting extension if possible; opp and I matched up around Thursday, but scheduling conflicts have been making it difficult to reach one another


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friendly reminder that, if you scheduled in private, please show the host the full extent of the pms, we can't just operate on hearsay alone

oppo gave win
oppo gave me the win on cord
can you show me the full scheduling?
Claiming activity, opponent (MrShowfan) mischeduled and didn't answer to play since then.
Impossible schedule with my opp
(Td can value an extension, cuz im avaible)

act calls (any name to the left gets the act win to them:
jawabarat vs swag god
MangoSteak vs lou dort
Proftreez vs lemonstre1
Amir vs Haarper
Jhonx~ vs SplashGhost
Jojo8868 vs Lie
KaiserKaiba vs Auranati
MassiveDestruction vs Tranquility
c0mp vs meatisspeed
daddl_ding vs Zankyou
HikozaruGG vs Zodiac Lusy
pdt vs Penumbra2Turnt
al-my vs Askov
ASKid679 vs advaita
Blox vs Warucario
Cdijk16 vs intervertedbookence
Doomstadt vs Hockey1
Justdelemon vs Spellcaster
SenseiSese vs Achungus0

CyberOdin✝ vs P3terGriffin
3乂匚卂ㄥ|乃ㄩ尺 vs Osajima
Saketh22 vs Yisus piola xd
Eternal Spirit
vs pannu
vs Loganisawesome57
Sir Snub vs Sailorgreatest
vs Srita Kaguya
Unowndragon vs Matro
Denki2.0 vs Marksito/uwu
kaifengyyds vs RichardMillePlain
TDNT vs Eledyr
vs Imagina 2 vacas
~Undead~ vs pulsar512b


Staxi vs Erza10Scarlet
Laurel vs SpaceSpeakers
Typical_bastard vs Shakur
Stellar Flares vs MrTVshowfan2012
Riku Sakuraba vs Ryum
Shaad Skyel vs Liimpy
StepC vs Brandonlee1
noobiste vs Maxima
Analytic vs HugeNoobLmao
Ado vs nonfoolnonfish
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