Tournament SM RU Nuzlocke Tournament(Won by Lopunny Kicks)

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SM RU Nuzlocke Tournament

Hello and welcome to the first SM RU Nuzlocke Tour. The Rules are pretty simple.

In the first round this will be a standard RU Tournament. But from the 2nd round on you will not be allowed to use Pokemon that fainted in any game of the previous rounds.

For example:

Team Round 1:


Fainted Mons:


Unusable Mons:


Team Round 2:


Fainted Mons:


Unusable Mons:


… and so on.

Specific Rules:

· The tournament will be single elimination.
· Players will play a best of one series each round.
· Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!
· Standard Smogon rules apply.

· Every Pokemon who fainted mustn’t be used in further rounds
· Posting replays is important to keep track of your lost mons. If you don’t post a replay the match will be coinflipped and the winner will loose 6 random highly viable RU Pokemon.
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