Tournament SM RU Nuzlocke Tournament(Won by Lopunny Kicks)


Lopunny Kicks vs Cheryl
Miyami vs Stan Soojung
Pepeduce vs DurzaOffTopic
vs L1ppe1

Matchups Round 2:

Zaack95 vs Romanticist
Catmasterballs vs LordEsche
Ilesaural vs iRKD
Feliburn vs Lixx
Lopunny Kicks vs DurzaOffTopic
Atomicllamas vs Stan Soojung
Gatorboy vs HypnoEmpire
MohHumG vs EviGaro


So I decided to give those with activity calls 1 to 3(also randomized) randomized fainted pokemon.
The coinflips all lost 6 Pokemon while the first 3 were picked between Viability Ranks S to A-(randomized) but 1 of those first 3 had to be at least one S rank mon.

The other picks were also chosen randomly from Viability Ranks S to D (yes thats why Blastoise was picked so often since it blocked up slots from +, neutral and, -).

Used for the randomized numbers.

Have fun:

Deadline is Sunday in one week (05.11.2017)

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