Announcement SM RU Suspect Process, Round 3 - Voter Identification

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but then what's left of me?
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Identify your accounts here by posting a screenshot of your rating on the RU (Suspect Test) Ladder. As a reminder: you need a COIL rating of 2800 or more and a maximum of 61 games played, in order to obtain voting rights.

The test will be over on Thursday, September 14th at 11:59pm EST and there is not going to be any extension of the deadline.

When uploading large pictures, use the HIDE tag.

Your screen must contain:
  • Your COIL and Wins/Defeats/Ties.
  • A proof that you own the username (top right corner, chat, etc).
Do not post incomplete requirements, do not post to comment on other people's requirements. If you have a question, PM either myself or -tsunami-.

If by any chance, you try to falsify your screenshot or cheat your way in the requirements, I'll send you to shake's shadow realm.

example of reqs / Arifeen's actual reqs for this test

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