SM Team Tournament - Round 3

call act on hayburner, my teammate has already talked to genesis7 about this issues and the tds say we can take the win, so i'm here to make a confirmation about that
my teammate yjh971203


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Activity Calls:

OU: truedrew vs. DenisTheMenace
OU: xTech vs. Gondra


OU: Quagmander vs. sedertz
LC: nishikino kotori vs. ItzViper482

Due to being tied at 4 wins apiece, ChillShadow's Shadow and sdmughtdbc will have to play a tiebreaking match before we can begin the next round:

SM OU: Casparov vs. pancake

You guys have until the 12th of November @ 11:59 PM EST to get this game done before the next round is posted.​


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lost, gg, was a good run. unfortunately, the TDs decided to nuke PU right before this tour probably resulting in it's exclusion from this tour, + I was forced to play OU (dumb rule btw lol, why couldn't I make one of my teammates play it). I'm sure we could've won if these things didn't happen :[

super duper mega ultra galaxy hyper turbothrusters deluxe breakfast club out :bop:

E: this post came off as much more salty than I wanted it to lol, I'm not salty 8) thanks hosts for hosting
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