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Welcome all to the SM Team Tournament! This tournament will only be played using official SM tiers (OU, UU, RU, NU, LC, Ubers and Doubles). 2 spots for OU on a team 1 spot for the rest. In round 1, the 16 teams will be split into groups of 4 where each player will play opponents of the 3 teams in their pool who are in the same tier. Round 2 – Finals will be team vs. team.

-To sign up as a player for this tournament you can simply say “in” and the tiers you want to play in. If you are having trouble finding a team, my advice would be to PM a captain who doesn’t have his lineup to see if he has space.

-To sign up as a captain for this tournament, simply say “in as a captain” if you don’t have your team already formed or, if you do, list your team members in a post and also please PM me the lineup as well just in case I don’t catch it. The goal is to get 16 teams playing in this tournament so we want at least that many captains.

-Last year, spots filled up very quickly and there were free agent teams made. I expect it to be the same this year so if you want to play be proactive and get on a team or make your own.

-The first 32 teams to give me their full roster in a post or a PM (please do not edit your original post to add players to the lineup because I won’t see it) will get in.

-You may not sign up for this tournament if you have the “I COULD BE BANNED” label or of course, if you are tournament banned.

-2 spots for OU

-1 spot per team for Ubers, UU, RU, NU, LC and Doubles.

-Total of 8 spots per team, the team captain will have the same role as the rest of the players, his only responsibility is to send me the team lineup and to request a sub if necessary.

-You can name the team whatever you want.

-The first 32 teams to give me their full roster in a post or a PM (please do not edit your original post to add players to the lineup because I won’t see it) will get in.

-If one user showed more activity through VM scheduling or through activity posts they will be awarded with an activity win that will have the same levity as a normal win.

-If both users were inactive or if both attempted to schedule but neither showed more activity than the other the match will be coinflipped or possibly declared moot if neither players made an effort to play slightly in later rounds.

-In the FIRST ROUND ONLY substitutes may sign up if they missed signups or did not manage to get picked. They will be used if a player is inactive and a captain requests that player to be subbed out. In future rounds, you can only sub in a player in between rounds or when the match for that respective tier has been played.

-Once a player has been subbed out he will not be able to sub back into his team or any others at any point of the tournament.

-I will stress this here, in round 1 you will have to play 3 games in a span of 3 weeks, if you don’t finish your games it will have a big effect on your team’s score so please make sure you will be able to finish your games before signing up.

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