Tournament SM UU Ghosting Tournament - Finals [won by the French cucks]


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Only the first 32 teams will be in the tournament due to the way brackets work and that we're nowhere close to 48 teams; sorry to the remaining teams. There also won't be a need for free agent teams. Anyway, here are the matchups for round 1! Captains, please contact the opposing captain as soon as possible to schedule a time, since it'd likely take a while due to multiple timezones being involved. Let me know if any extensions are needed and be sure to read the rules of the tournament once more.

Round 1

.BOS always wins vs. Coma Bea não
☆killintime: I mean t-bolt kills vs. POP! Federation
[HC] Rusty vs. Les gas pedales
smig's team
vs. SchizoguyZ
kong reject division vs. The french cucks
Cute Brigade vs. Delinquent Darmanitans
Stan Soojung's team vs. Zesty43's team
comedy hospital lounge vs. ACM gang
Renny's team vs. cclm
Os Amigões do Peito vs. The Thicc Thots
representative characteristic computer virus vs. MAJEV
Brazil + Spain vs. Drud's team
Lax Never Loses v.2 vs. IDM Junior Division
Metrosexual Marauders vs. The Brits, The Irish, and the Ghosted
gg?GG? REALLY DUDE? vs. Team HeatingAss
SilvioGuacamole's team vs. temporary viable overview desert carpet

Team Index (Team Name: Captain | Other Players):
MAJEV: Eyan | Juuno Amane Misa vivalospride martha
Cute Brigade: Sage | eht Kink Nightingales Smallsmallrose
Drud's team: Drud | tjdaas Zeden
smig's team: smig | lax dodmen lo shohei ohtani toyotas dingbat
Stan Soojung's team: Stan Soojung | Geotal passion slated roman
gg?GG? REALLY DUDE?: CBU | YouthBerry BluBirD252 TheGreninjaWarrior21 faded love
Zesty43's team: Zesty43 | Fardin Thimo HunterStorm Chloe
representative characteristic computer virus: Anime Sans | RaJ.Shoot Atr0city Elgino10 lopd
SilvioGuacamole's team: SilvioGuacamole | bebo7788 robjr Jrdn Draceius
Renny's team: Renny | NaCl Marrano Tricking Kebab mlml
Team HeatingAss: Wittz | Jellomellow Mltprpz Stunar Internal_Pain
The Brits, The Irish, and the Ghosted: yogi | honchkrow Taskr Teddeh Shaneghoul
Lax Never Loses v.2: Villa | Hamhamhamham MJ Luthier EternalSnowman
Metrosexual Marauders: PinkDragonTamer | Miraklez yeezyknows Lixx Darksafadao
cclm: Kaneki | Corazan.. Hyssou Kory2600 Simia
SchizoguyZ: S poi re | Arcobaleno Pepeduce Dlanyer lagrossemerd
comedy hospital lounge: Plas | frisoeva London13 SANJAY Sharp Ladder UU
POP! Federation: Fuladono | POP Arthur21 Amphareixon Vitôr Drumond SrPato
temporary viable overview desert carpet: Kaideos Eramoth RedEmption Mindnight Alkione
Os Amigões do Peito: BeralRed2103 | Rewer GustavoYAY Askov BR-Skpmn
ACM gang: Chop | obii Finchinator Abstract Emily roscoe
Les gas pedales: Mapplle | patoche Le Sabreur SaltyFrenchGuy SanJl
The Thicc Thots: love chants Wordlife or Lordwife Bothadeeznutz
IDM Junior Divison: blunder | Star TonyFlygon Poek FLCL
kong reject division: Hootie | Pearl bro fist shiloh Sam
☆killintime: I mean t-bolt kills: Adaam | Pak Shiba fatty HT
.BOS always wins: Hydreigon Specs | Randomnick TistieyZ Real FV13 Yujiii
Brazil + Spain: M Rodrigues | Jeffis odeio stall Luispeikou pilz0311
Coma Bea não: Caetano93 | Liemaster Thiago Nunes CaCaTuA Shoot
[HC] Rusty: Finding True Love | zben Ed Aehzo Kingofcrimea
The french cucks: Jaajgko | Moutemoute BeTheShadow
Delinquent Darmanitans: Indigo Plateau | Gefährlicher Random Lopunny Kicks Anish Panther-T

Deadline is June 10th, 11:59 PM GMT-4
Reminder that ghosting logs or the equivalent are mandatory when posting for a win. Don't deprive the rest of us!
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