Gen 7 [SM ZU] - L.U.G.G. - "Locked-Up and Good Game" - [Peaked PS! #1] 1587 ELO ll 84.7% GXE


"Locked-Up and Good Game"


Credits to AmirAlexander for this amazing artwork. Delightful.

Hello Pokémaniacs :]. Here it is Mirbro again! This is the 5th RMT and, in this current issue of JAPS, I will be addressing the SM ZU tier again. My initial intentions were to release this RMT last year before generation 8 came out. However, due to in real life issues, its release presented some delay. SM ZU tier was my favourite one from the last generation, and I would like to spend some time in this RMT to talk about it and do some small study at what SM ZU stall refers. Moreover, I consider this team the best one I have ever built and the one I have had more success in both ladder and room tours. Thus, sit down and enjoy my fairytail.

I hope you find it easy-going, moving and exciting to take a deep look into the ZU tier. In my opinion, currently its metagame is quite healthy with some common Pokémon but any of them broken. At last but not at least, its community is also positive and welcoming. Generation after generation ZU community is getting bigger and with more importance. And that's, in part, due to the amazing work of the council and active participants. Thanks for your fork!

As always, during all the RMT you will find some music that I have chosen carefully to accompany you in this sea of words. Each chapter will have a specific song (or set of songs in some cases) that synergize very well with its main goal. You will find them like this:

Here you have two songs that are the remix and the original one in 8-bits. I love both of them, they transmit me a thrilling moment of adventure and also some tension. These were the songs from GSC games when you entered both Ice Path and the Dark Cave. My favourite generation + my favourite soundtrack. It is a gg, Game Freak. I do not get tired of listening to them.


L.U.G.G. “Locked-Up and Good Game” [ PS!: Peaked #1]



I - Preface
  • SM ZU: Hazardous
  • Project
II - Introduction
  • The Team: L.U.G.G.
  • The Synergy: Spinning and Hazard Stacking
III - Results
  • Details: Pokémon sets
  • How to use the team: Replays
  • Peak
IV - Discussion
  • Weaknesses
  • Suggestions
V - Acknowledgements

VI - Conclusions


L.U.G.G. “Locked-Up and Good Game” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


Both remixed (above) and the original (below) songs always remind me of an intriguing moment when you are entering the ship and you do not know what you will find but after some minutes you realise that is a great adventure. I think it fits pretty well in the Preface part of this RMT.

I - Preface

  • SM ZU: Hazardous
After some Pokémon Showdown break, I have come back to play a bit more. As some of you may probably know, I am a stall biased archetype player and I have had some roles in SM NFE and SM ZU. Thus, I wanted to finally share my main SM ZU team I have ever built. LUGG is not only stall but it also brings into play hazard stacking. Many players such as 3Gs and tlenit1 have used similar strategies in both ZU and PU, respectively.

In the last RMT I went to hazard control with Komala, Altaria and Avalugg. I decided to import Avalugg here as a cardinal point/keystone of this team due to a couple of things: 1) It gave hazard control only for our field (Rapid Spin) and 2) it was the best physical defence wall in all the tier. Moreover, the name of the previous RMT was AVA and it lacked LUGG in reference with this team.

As I also mentioned in the last RMT, I left the state-of-the-art comment for this one. In this case I will mention both Pokémon that can wallbreak and are S-A (and some B) in VR or give a tough time to stall and Pokémon that can be really good in stall archetypes. Thus, let’s get this started:

Offensive Pokémon

Physical attackers

SD with Z-Move sets are dangerous. They can get a nuke easily in any team. However, keeping Mareanie at practically full HP and with Haze is the way to stop it but you need to be aware of Thunder punch.

SD with Z-Move sets are also dangerous. Moreover, it has some utility setting up Stealth Rock. Avalugg with Avalanche can resist Stone Edge at +2 and revenge kill.

Both CB and SD sets are troublesome. However, between Mareanie and Avalugg they can stop it.

SD set can be stopped with both Avalugg and Mareanie again but you will need to scout at the beginning if it is a special set. The latter is not troublesome using Lickilicky.

Shell Smash sets can break through the team if not played correctly. You need to switch in as soon as possible Mareanie or Avalugg. The first is scared due to EQ and the second Stone Edge. Critical hit here may provoke your loss. Pawniard will always help you with Sucker Punch and physical bulk.

Not really a problem if there is no critical hit with Stone Edge. Avalugg can sit up in front of it and then with Rapid Spin and Avalanche stop it. You will need to be aware of Toxic running sets.

SD set with Rock Blast can be problematic for Avalugg. However, it can resist it and revenge kill it with Avalanche.

Like Golem but a bit more problematic. Toxic and Stealth Rock beat Avalugg. In this case you need to stack some damage between Mareanie and Avalugg (Avalanche and Scald). Stealth Rock will be in your field, try to keep Avalugg at full HP.

Avalugg and Avalanche. That’s it. SD set cannot do anything against it if not running Toxic.

This is a bit of a problem. Your own Pawniard need to come in and then do a SD fight if the other Pawniard is an SD set.

SD with ground/electric type move may be difficult to deal with as they can break through Mareanie. However, it is uncommon Rapidash can break through both Mareanie and Avalugg.

SD with Z-Move set can be stopped by Avalugg but Stone Edge critical hit can break through it.

SD and Stealth Rock. Go directly with Avalugg.

Curse set -> Mareanie. If running Thunder Punch/EQ then Avalugg with Roar (many times Avalanche will not do enough).

Really annoying, Mareanie + Avalugg and resist.

Special Attackers

A bit annoying but between Lickilicky, Dusclops and Pawniard you can deal with it.

Try to toxic it as soon as possible with Dusclops and then Rest with it after Nasty Plot. Lickilicky can stall it with Protect and Wish. Pawniard with Sucker Punch can also try to finish it. It can take one nuke though.

Really annoying as we do not have any ground type Pokémon. Volt-Switch will provoke you some headache. Use Lickilicky to heal some damage with Leftovers and Protect. If you see Trick incoming, then you switch in Pawniard.

:Silvally-Dragon: and :Silvally-Water:
Both are not difficult to deal with between Mareanie, Lickilicky and Dusclops.

Try to erase its Focus Sash and use the combination of both Lickilicky and Dusclops. Pawniard can also come in and click Sucker Punch/Knock Off.

Volt-Switch and Nasty Plot are scary again. Lickilicky is the Pokémon you can choose to scout the set and Dusclops to Toxic it in the second Raichu’s wave.

:Simisage: and :Simisear:
For both Lickilicky and Dusclops. Nonetheless, Mareanie can help with the second one.

Oh dear, Specs Eruption is practically a nuke. Try to get the Toxic as soon as possible with Toxic Spikes and to set up Stealth Rock or Spikes to decrease the sheer power of Eruption.

Specs Golduck is a bit dangerous but not as much as Rain Life Orb Golduck. This last one is a beast. Sack Dusclops but with a Toxic. If you get it then maybe Licki can survive a bit with Wish + Protect.

Mixed attackers

Not difficult but you need to know which set is running: special attacker, physical attacker, scarf, Z-move… Mareanie can normally sit in front and help you scouting.

Volt-Switch again. However, it can also run a mixed set. In that case it is a bit scarier but scout the set with Lickilicky (that normally can stop it). However, it can run some fighting type move.
Stall archetype

Physical walls

Haze + Toxic Spikes + Knock Off and Regenerator are incredibly useful for any team. However, it stacks weaknesses with Pyukumuku and only one of them are run in the same team. If you try to get hazard stacking, then Mareanie is the one you are looking for but we aware of the setting up Pokémon.

Electric immunity, good bulk and Stealth Rock are nice. However, no good recovery.

Rapid Spin stopper is tremendously helpful for hazard stacking teams. WoW + Leech Seed + Foul Play + Synthesis can stop many of the physical attackers on the tier. Thus, I would consider it one of the best physical walls and with great utility.

Stealth Rock + Toxic + Knock Off always come handy for stall team. Intimidation causes a -1 in attack in the opponent’s team when it switches in. However, no good recovery makes you a Wish passer totally necessary.

Sometimes used by kay. Cottong Guard + Rest and Fluffy as ability makes it very difficult to breakthrough in the physical part. However, it is normally too passive and it needs to Toxic the opponent’s Pokémon.

The Unaware user of SM ZU. PP stall or Soak + Toxic are good but the first one is normally better at long time. However, Taunt users can break it easily.

The best physical wall of all the tier. Roar to phaze, Rapid Spin to get rid of hazards, Recover to gain some HP, Avalanche to accumulate some damage. Just amazing. However, it has bad typing.

Not great bulk but Rapid Spin + Stealth Rock + Knock Off + Toxic always come handy. Electric immunity in a stall team is always good. At the end, it is normally used due to role compression.

Whirlwind to phaze, Stealth Rock and Toxic. Good recovery. Electric immunity. It seems like a good choice to do but it relies a lot on Eviolite which many times is gone for a physical wall.

Rock type Pokémon with Stealth Rock + Recover and Regenerator as ability. However, Rock + Water give you Electric and Plant weaknesses many times stacking with the ones from Mareanie and Pyukumuku.

Spore + Strength Sap are good to stop some wallbreakers. Moreover, Fairy type may help you to stop Fighting Pokémon such as Machoke.

Special defensive walls

Sometimes can be run in the special part with Wish + Knock Off + Protect + Rapid Spin as I did in AVA team. However, it stacks weaknesses with Lickilicky, one of the two best special walls.

One of the two best special wall Pokémon of the tier. Wish passer, Cleric and Oblivious to stop Taunt users. Seismic Toss/Body Slam/Knock Off are also useful to deal some damage. Moreover, it has good physical bulk and good physical attacking investment.

Good Pokémon with Knock Off + Poison Jab + Pursuit and Shadow Sneak (Priority). It had some utility when Shiftry was in the tier.

Its small niche is to be a good special wall. Thick fat ability gives some fire and ice resistance. Sometimes is used for hazard stacking teams with Whirlwind.
Mixed walls
Passive Pokémon but gives you a status absorber (Rest) and Toxic + Stealth Rock. It can be run in both defences. Sometimes too much passive.

Status Absorber and Ground immunity are always handy. Defog + Toxic spreading can help you against opponent’s rockers.

Levitate and Ground type gives you immunity against electrical and ground type moves. Roost for recovery, U-turn for momentum and Defog for hazard control.

Curse set with special defence investment can be a mix wall and a wincon.

Not really mixed but it gives you some attacking presence that will help you for both sides.

Stealth Rock and Calm Mind are really good in a Pokémon with good bulk for both sides.

It can be run for both but normally is physical to stop some rockers due to Magic Bounce. Toxic spreading + Roost + Night Shade makes it not as passive as other Psychic Pokémon like Bronzor.

Psychic and Ground immunity (useful for Stored Power users such as Duosion) and Roost for HP recovery. Knock Off is always useful and Foul Play comes handy for physical attackers. It is a good hazard control user with Defog and it can spread Toxic or gives you momentum with U-turn.

Normally used as a special defence wall, it can be used for both sides. Defog + Roost + Heal Bell are great for stall archetype but many times is too passive and not a good hazard control user.

Mixed wall due to the fact that is good stopping Pokémon type moves that are not supereffective. But in that case you need to have great hazard control in your team that, in my opinion, is not great in SM ZU tier.

  • Project

I always say that writing and sharing a RMT is like explaining a fairytale. What you are reading it is me getting across a road trying to pick the good choices until I get home which is when I have the main conclusions and I have learnt something about the tier itself. During this long journey I would like to invite you listen to the music I am sharing and just spend 30 minutes of your life enjoying how a Pokémon passionate is trying to convince you that stall can be fun if played with respect and with head.


L.U.G.G. “Locked-Up and Good Game” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


Bright Side is a song from a Catalan group that emerged during the COVID-19 quarantine. Practically all starting songs of the group made references to the pandemic and they practically posted one song each day. As the name of this team indicates "Locked-Up and Good Game", sometimes you need to be locked-up and do some games to enjoy. At least it was one way to get over the pandemic.

II - Introduction

  • The team: L.U.G.G.
What does this acronym stand for? The main star of this team is Avalugg. One of the best physical walls of all tiers, Avalugg can stop many physical breakres and get rid of hazards at the same time. Thus, I wanted to dedicate both SM ZU RMTs to this beast. Avalugg was repeated in both teams (as well as Lickilicky) demonstrating its importance or greatness in the stall archetype. Both stall teams are absolutely different in the way they are used but both need Avalugg. As you will se in the main banner, Avalugg is the altar where Pawniard makes a sacrifice for SM ZU Gods. At the moment this team was created, Shiftry was suspected to be gone. Moreover, in the front you can see both columns which can stop special attacks but have great physical bulk which are Lickilicky and Dusclops. Finally, preparing the typical traps of any ancient pyramidal construction you have Mareanie and Crustle delivering Spikes, Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes. In conclusion, the name of the team refers the fact that wherever you go they will be lovely waiting for you with traps which make you gaumless or helpless against them.

  • The synergy: Hazard stacking

:Avalugg: + :Dusclops:

I started building around one great spinner and physical wall and the main star of this team: Avalugg and its contraposition Dusclops with can stop all rapid spinners. One gives you a physical wall meanwhile the other a special wall. In general terms, they have great synergy for a stall team. Beyond that, Avalugg can phaze with Roar and increasing the hazard damage accumulated and Dusclops can spread Toxic to the Pokémon that cannot be toxic’d by Toxic Spikes.

:Avalugg: + :Dusclops: + :Crustle: + :Mareanie:

Then I added two Pokémon that would help as physical walls and would give hazard stacking, basic for our team. Crustle with Stealth Rock and Spikes is one of the two normal leads of the team (3 out of 10 times). Mareanie is the normal lead (7 out of 10) as you want as soon as possible to set up Toxic Spikes. However, if you see during the previous in the opponent’s team a Poison type Pokémon, it is better to not waste time setting up Toxic Spikes and go ahead with Stealth Rock and Spikes until this Poison type Pokémon is gone. Mareanie helps on phasing too with Haze.

:Avalugg: + :Dusclops: + :Crustle: + :Mareanie: + :Pawniard:

At that point, you can stop rapid spinners but no defoggers. If you set up hazards but they can be defogged easily with no punishment, then you will lose for sure. Pawniard is here to help you on that and to spread punishment and regret. As it has Defiant as ability, Defog will increase at +2 its physical attack. Moreover, it has some good bulk to resist some attacks and with Knock Off can help breaking the opponent’s team. Sucker Punch gives you some priority that many times comes necessary. Swords Dance can help you as a late-game cleaner.

:Avalugg: + :Dusclops: + :Crustle: + :Mareanie: + :Pawniard: + :Lickilicky:

Lickilicky is the other best special wall of the tier and it has great synergy with Dusclops. Moreover, stop Taunt users and it is a Wish passer that is super useful for Crustle and Pawniard not having both good recovery moves. Main Cleric of the team and Volt-Switcher firefighter also deals consistent damage with Seismic Toss.


L.U.G.G. “Locked-Up and Good Game” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


This song makes reference to both Avalugg and winter. Recently, in Spain there have been striking snowings in practically all the country. It seemed like the film "The day after tomorrow" like climate change + virus pandemic.

III - Results

  • Detals: Pokémon sets


Huitzilopochtli (Avalugg) (M) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Avalanche
- Rapid Spin
- Recover
- Roar

Roles: Hazard Remover + Phazer + Sturdy

Full physical wall. Avalanche to hit harder when receiving a physical hit, Rapid Spin for hazards, Recover for HP and Roar to phaze some physical threats like Bouffalant and Arbok among others. I went with Rocky Helmet to increase damage dealth to opponent’s team.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the God of war and sun in the Aztec tradition.


Mictlantecuhtli (Dusclops) (F) @ Eviolite
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Rest
- Seismic Toss
- Sleep Talk
- Toxic

Roles: Toxic spreader + Pressure + Rapid spin blocker + Status Absorber

Dusclops is amazing as a special wall. Seismic Toss to deal some damage and Toxic to spread status. RestTalk set to increase its lifespan and to absorb some status.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the God of the underworld as it is always in both sleep and awake states.


Nanauatzin (Crustle) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Knock Off
- Spikes
- Stealth Rock
- Stone Edge

Roles: Hazard Stacking + Knock Off User + Sturdy

Crustle is really good in hazard stacking as it can set up both Stealth Rock and Spikes. No good recovery (Leftovers) but it has some physical bulk. Stone Edge helps sometimes altogether with Sturdy to get an emergy KO. Knock Off to get rid of some opponent’s items.

Nickname: It refers to a God which sacrified itself in a fire to make the sun shine through the time. In this case, Crustle many times will be the first loss but it would have set up all the hazards necessary to win.


Centzonmimixcoa (Mareanie) (F) @ Eviolite
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Haze
- Recover
- Scald
- Toxic Spikes

Roles: Regenerator + Toxic Spikes setter + Phazer

Mareanie helps you phasing altogether with Avalugg and sets up Toxic Spikes. Regenerator is awesomely useful to get some HP recovery when changing (beyond Recover). Scald is for STAB damage + burn fishing.

Nickname: Its name refers to a God of stars (as it is a star based Pokémon).


Itzpapalotltotec (Pawniard) (M) @ Eviolite
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Iron Head
- Knock Off
- Sucker Punch
- Swords Dance

Roles: Defiant + Knock Off User + Wincon + Priority

Pawniard helps against defoggers and it can be a let game cleaner with SD and Sucker Punch for priority. Knock Off to get rid of opponent’s items and Iron Head for STAB

Nickname: It refers to the Aztec God of sacrifices (like in the main banner).


Macuilcuetzpalin (Lickilicky) (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Oblivious
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Heal Bell
- Protect
- Seismic Toss
- Wish

Roles: Cleric + Wish passer + Anti-Taunt

Lickilicky is really good and gives some role compression for Wish passer and Cleric. Seismic Toss is chosen over Body Slam and Knock Off as you want to deal great damage to win as soon as possible due to the fact that this team’s defensive sheer power is not as good as other stall teams.

Nickname: It refers to the Aztec God of pleasure and gluttony.


L.U.G.G. - "Locked-Up and Good Game"

This is some music inbetween lofi and eastern that took part of the series Avatar. Great ones to watch and enjoy for some entertainment. I found them really relaxing and sometimes they go well for battling when you need to not mistake in any moment.

  • How to use the team: Replays
In this section I will post some replays in which you can find the way to use the team. You will find a description of the battle (with the keypoints) and you will only need to click on the image to be redirected to the replay :]. I will try to classify them according to the opposite team.


Webs are not a problem for stall teams. However, Komala can get rid of our hazards easily and can knock off Dusclops Evio. That’s why first of all is important to use Avalugg against it and when it takes some damage due to U-turn, use Avalanche to spread damage to other opponent’s Pokémon.


Shiftry is again scary but you can sack Crustle and with a Toxic you can go over it. Chatot is dealt with Dusclops. A bit problematic the core between Silvally-Ghost and Sandslash for setting Stealth Rock + Rapid Spin + Rapid spin stopper. But once you have beaten Silvally-Ghost then you have a plain road.


At a first glance, too many setting up Pokémon. Swoobat, Bellossom and Combusken are scary. Combusken between Crustle and Mareanie can be outplayed but you need to get them very low in HP and not missing a Stone Edge. Bellossom with Safeguard can be more problematic but go ahead with Seismic Toss and cross your fingers. Swoobat cannot attack with high sheer power to Pawniard, so go with it and do not get it get the Substitute up.


Rain teams can be annoying as under rain some of its breakers can get through your team. Try to get some Toxic Spikes as soon as possible and Toxic’d them.


A weird SM ZU HO Rain team that features BD Poliwrath, SD Armaldo and LO Golduck. Mareanie stops the first one with Haze, you can sack pawniard sith Sucker Punch for the second one (but you need to Toxic it first) and, of course, Fearow does nothing against Avalugg.


Natu is a big problem for LUGG team as it stops with Magic Bounce hazard stacking. Thus, Crustle with Knock Off and Stone Edge was the lead to deal with it. Avalugg was lost but it practically stopped Alola-Golem setting up Stealth Rock. Bellossom is a really good special wall breaker with QD but once you get it Toxic’d then you need to resist with both Licki and Clops.


Silvally-Poision eats our Toxic Spikes. Thus, first you need to get rid of it and avoid Stealth Rock in your team due to Sandslash.[/


At a first glance, Octillery and Arbok (ergo, no Toxic Spikes) are scary and they have Volt-Switch due to Electivire. Between Licki and Dusclops you can stop the latter, and Octillery need to be scouted among Licki and Mareanie. Finally, Arbok is dealt with Avalugg with Roar and Avalanche.[/


First of all, no Toxic Spikes as Muk and Arbok are there. Arobk needs to be dealt with Avalugg. Rotom-fan makes you keep your Licki in high HP to take all Volt-Switches. Flareon is stopped with Mareanie. Specs Glaceon can be stopped by Dusclops bar Shadow Ball (in that case you play with Licki). NP Cacturne is uncommon but really annoying, try to get the Toxic as soon as possible and play with Wish + Protect Licky.


Z-Move NP Simisear is a threat. You need to play around this and sack some Pokémon in order to try to get Toxic’d.


Standard SM ZU team against which when you scout their sets you can control the game pretty straightforward. You only need to be aware of Swanna’s set, Mareanie full HP for Combusken and Volt-Switch Electivire.


Offense with some bulk SM ZU team from an experienced player. Basically you need to be aware of Fraxure and Alola-Golem.


BO team with Golem and Pidgeot as the more threatening Pokémon. Kecleon is also a bit scary as Protein and Drain Punch can be troublesome at long time.


Bibarel doing SD and with Moody as ability can be really scary. Try to Roar with Avalugg or Haze with Mareanie. Stealth Rock will be difficult to get rid of due to Bastiodon. Finally, Masquerain doing QD and boosting itself needs to be stopped with Toxic from Dusclops.


Chatot special attack can be scary but with Dusclops and Toxic you can stop it. Machoke can also bring you some bad new but playing with Mareanie and trying to get some poison/Toxic on it is really useful.


SD Z-Move Pinsir can break through Avalugg if it has its Sturdy broken. Try to get a Toxic on it with Dusclops or Toxic Spikes. Weaknes Policy Golem is a thing to take on mind when opponent’s lead with it. Sometimes is better to not risk activating it with Avalugg and go with some Toxic or Iron Head. Choice Specs Exeggutor is a monster and playing a bit with Dusclops but mainly with Lickilicky you can play around it (but you need to get the Toxic on it).


Good replay to see how Pawniard gets +2 Atk with Defiant in front of Defog from Togetic. Moreover, you can see how Avalugg can stop and practically faint Rampardos.


Here you need to sack your Avalugg to get over SD Moody Bibarel. Z-Move NP Raichu is also scary but only sacking one between LickiClops you can deal with it. Pawniard cleans late-game.


This replay is good to show how Avalugg can deal with Stealth Rock set up by Metang. As many other replays, Electivire can be a bit annoying (use both LickiClops). Chatot with Toxic is more problematic than other sets to be stopped by Dusclops. Shiftry is the beast and maybe you will need to sack something like Lickilicky in this case.


This game is fire. Marowak with Stone Edge can give you some tough times trying to get rid of them with Avalugg. SubSeed with Leafstorm Servine is an amazing stallbreaker as you can see in this game. Try break the sub with Crustle and Toxic it or just to waste its Leafstorm using Protect and Dusclops’ Pressure ability. Finally, Shiftry is also scary and broken in the tier at that moment, so you need to sacrifice Pawniard to get some damage with Sucker Punch. At the end, with Roar and Avalanche Avalugg get the win. A BEAST.


This game shows how the combination of Dynamic Punch Machoke and Leafstorm Servine are amazingly good against LUGG team. You need to pray a bit and play around them to get their PP get down.
  • Peak
Beyond the peak in the PS! this team had some success in roomtours and official Smogon tours like ZU seasonals. I also reached #6 with another novel account some time later.



L.U.G.G. “Locked-Up and Good Game” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


This song is a remix of the beginning of a Pokémon adventure. Hope you enjoy it and gives you motivation for this following discussion.

IV - Discussion

  • Weaknesses
As it has demonstrated with the peak and in room tours, this team can overcome most of the current playstyles in the current metagame. However, it is important to mention which Pokémon can provoke some troublesome scenarios. In the next paragraphs, I will highlight in red the Pokémon that can be very annoying, in orange the moderate ones and in yellow the slight ones.

Crustle is a big problem because it can set up its own hazards and Shell Smash set can overcome with EQ and Stone Edge both Mareanie and Avalugg, respectively, if they need to switch in just when Crustle do Shell Smash. You need to have Avalugg at full HP to deal with it in some way.

Z-Move SD Combusken is not a problem if it is not running Thunder Punch, otherwise is practically a gg or you will need to conserve Sturdy on your Crustle to revenge kill it with Stone Edge.

NP with Psyshock and Shadow Ball Beheeyem can go through both your special defence walls. Toxic it as soon as possible and you will need to play around it and click some Seismic Toss. At the end of the day, you will need to sack one of your Pokémon for sure.

Uncommon but Camerupt with Specs Eruption just create holes in any bulky/slow team. Try to PP stall them out with Mareanie and Protect from Lickilicky. Hazards are good to decrease its sheer power.

SD with Knock Off and Iron Head Pawniard is an annoyance. Avalugg can do some damage but it will faint and then you will need to play with your own Pawniard.

Generally, Taunt/Encore users stopping your recovery and hazard removal moves, although Lickilicky helps against them due to Oblivious ability. Volt/turn are an absolute pain because you will enter in a switching in/out vicious circle that never help any stall team. Moreover, Rotom-fan specifically can Trick one of your Pokémon and then click Volt-Switch. Again, Lickilicky is your best option recovering HP with Protect and Leftovers.

  • Suggestions

160 Def makes it a bit more physically defensive allowing to take in 99.7% cases 3 Stone Edges/EQs from Golem, outstalling it with Rest. This totally helps Avalugg.

248 HP lets you take less Stealth Rock damage. 12 in Speed gives you a better chance to outspeed defensive Golem and Mareanie, since they have the same base speed as Crustle.

Same as with Crustle, 12 Speed allows you to have a better chance at outspeeding defensive Golem, so you can Scald it first adn the 248 HP let you take less Stealth Rock damage. The mxied defensive EVs are designed to le tyou live a +2 Brave Bird ffrom Swanna after Stealth Rocks (hazing the Z-MM set) and also lets you survive 2 Hurricanes from special Swanna (not including Stealth Rocks though!). This mixed set is 132 Def and 116 SpD.

Less HP for 140 Speed to outspeed Adamant 252 Speed Golem and everything that speed creeps Golem by 1 point i.e. Bouffalant.

248 HP and rest in Def to decrease Stealth Rock damage.

sketchy ecchi

It agreed completely with the team with no clear suggestions.


L.U.G.G. “Locked-Up and Good Game” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


For me this song is so nostalgic. One of the best routes of all Pokémon games with the ash falling from the next volcano. At the same time, it is so powerful, you know that something epic is coming. Something epic but tough too. Original version is the bottom one.

V - Acknowledgments

As always, building this team and its own success would not have been possible without some people that have been there just backing me up or giving some advice.

I would like to thank all of you that get out of your way to help me or just discuss with me about competitive Pokémon or just Pokémon vanilla. I would like to do some brief shoutouts to people that have not participated directly to this team but I know they are there: hjkhj, Simbo, Rav3ndan, Procrastinasian, tlenit,, Cookees, czim, Aquarius Ghost ❤, R8bbit Konijn Lapin, BanDisnDatnMe and Skoun. General thanks to the ZU community and shituusers.

However, I want to mention with more emphasis the people that have been there during the performing of this team. They have participated more or les directly to its creation and its final outcome.

Non-predetermined Free Will – Thanks for being with me everyday of my life. I love to see your effort to understand and enjoy with me one of my passions. Biggest thanks and hug I am able to give you.

M – Felicitats Doctor! Ja tenim aquí el 5è equip que ha tardat bastant en arribar jeje.

AmirAlexander – Really, thanks for the amazing banner you did. I have no words to express how amazing you are and the creativity you have. The best artwork of all JAPS I have ever done.

sketchy ecchi – Thanks for enjoying with me the passion for stall and to discuss all our attempts on building some teams. One of the greatest ZU stallers.

85percent – Oh boy. Great builder, better person. Thanks for your suggestions you gave me, all made sense and improved the team .

Reiga – Thanks for the patience. You did an amazing work for the Dragonite. Cute and comfy, a pure Dragonite :).


L.U.G.G. “Locked-Up and Good Game” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


This piano version is so beautiful. I will always remember the credits with the protagonist cycling through the region (see below video). The end of an amazing journey.

VI - Conclusions

This is the end of my 5th RMT. I am really glad I finished my run in generation 7 with this team which, up to day, is the team with more success. Moreover, it is no pure stall as I normally do so… I think you will enjoy it more than the other teams I posted.

And just to finish these conclusions, my main statement is that stall archetype in SM ZU is viable although has plenty wallbreakers which make difficult to build a consistent stall team. However, both pure stall and hazard stacking are good and have a good hand against other common teams and playstyles. Pawniard surprised me how good it is as a mid-late game cleaner but the main star of the team is Avalugg. Really, believe me, it is a beast and as I have seen in generation 8 with Body Press it is even better.

Currently, I am playing both SS ZU and SS Nat Dex UU and I already have a couple of teams worth mentioning and posting so… Stay Tuned!!!!! The King is coming Remember Pokémaniacs, Pokémon is just to enjoy any piece of time you spend on it. Peace always in the battles against Hyper Offense or against Stall because, at the end, what makes you happy playing it is your attitude. Life is not easy, but it is not difficult. Life is life, face it with a big smile (like this Dragonite :D)!

Click me, I am spherical ;)
Credits to Reiga for this amazing artwork.

See you all Pokémaniacs in the next RMT! :)


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