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As the newest addition to Batcap, Krilowatt is the character I currently know the least about. My impression of him ranges at times from overpowered to underwhelming, and I was just wondering what people's opinions of the little guy are.

Fim recently uploaded a couple of kril vids for an example of decently high level shrimp play.

Krilowatt seems to have rather limited offensive options and relies more on reactionary damage, in my opinion.

He'll rely on Dive mostly to get his offense started and from there go into his varied blockstring combos and usually finish with one of three things. Spark, for the damage, Fliptail (4C) if they block and you want to get to safety, or the trip (2C) for the knock down. While getting a KD is always a good thing, kril's wakeup options seem pretty limited compared to the rest of the cast, his best option perhaps trying for an ambiguous crossup attempt to repeat the situation.

His dashes allow him to position himself advantageously at all times, and, I'd argue, if he's going to adopt a reactionary playstyle, he's going to want to aim for midscreen. His C shockwave being his most damaging midrange punish bar Zap Cannon.

With his mobility also comes responsibility of being aware of his positioning on the stage at all times. The closer he is to the corner, the harder it is to escape using Aqua Jet. If he is backing his opponent into the corner, his damage potential off of Zap Cannon is greatly reduced. Perhaps of lesser importance if you opt for rushdown tactics, but interesting nonetheless, I find.

Have you had success with Krilowatt? Or are you perhaps finding it hard to overcome his shortcomings like low health and limited range? Any tips? I've found kril to be very fun to play even if it does sometimes lead to somewhat protracted matches.
I am playing a ton of kril at the moment cartoons. I am getting kinda good.

Anyway, it's hard to describe what's so good about Kril. It's true that he seems limited, but his mobility makes his options way better. He can fake and feint attacks or approaches to bait stuff, but sometimes people seem to find his cross up stuff with dive overwhelming.

If you manage to combo or punish with super, you can do like 50% damage to rev (super, aqua jet, more super juggle, spark) and that also gives you about 50% super again, so you're almost ready to reuse it.

Kril is amazingly versatile. You can comfortably go from relentless offence to shameless camping depending on the character match up or even just relative state of a round. The mobility helps a lot in this regard. Maybe it's just me, but while the defensive style is obvious I have managed to do 'high pressure rush down kril' like I do with everything.

Oh, trace is amazing too. Trace alone makes Kril able to compete in so many match ups. Levitate, WoW, Quick Feet, Battle Armour, Spite - they range from being the sole reason Kril survives to just a general nice buff. For example, against Kit you can plant down a WoW and then projectile camp. Kit only wishes she had such a way to force approaches! Sadly, kit is pretty good at approaching even with WoW and projectiles up. Levitate and Quick Feet seem super super important in both those match ups, and avoiding them feels like suicide.

Even though Kril's tool set seems a little limited, it's everything he needs. With trace, each match up requires a different play style too! Very enjoyable since Kril tracing WoW feels like a whole different character from Kril tracing Levitate.

Edit: I am having lots of success with Kril, though so far I've played Via, Wyv and Aqua. And against Wyverii it felt like all our games, fairly even but slightly in my favour. I'll be uploading those matches later!
I'm not really a Krill player, but I do use him from time to time. I have to say, his size is such a good advantage, especially against Gem and Fidgit. I don't have much of an actual strategy with him, other than be confusing with your approaches and grabbing like a maniac.

Dash > Grab is fun, even with grab nerf.
So after messing around with krill and finally getting down the super combo, I've been messing with his aqua dive, and its a lot better than I first noticed.

Dive > 5.C > C Spark
does great damage for 3 hits.

When crossup

Dive > Jet A/B
You will land on the opposite side of them, but shoot back to the side you were just on and then strike.
Dive > 2.C
Good hit and run move
Dive > C Spark
Same as above good hit and run

With the crossups its weird to do the inputs correct, but you get use to them.

Super > C Jet > B Jet
Good damage off of landing his super

Super > C Jet > 5.B > C Spark
Same as above, but leaves you right next to them

Super > C Jet > Dash > C Spark
You should be able to dash under and move in time to easily do the spark.

and finally the max damage i've gotten off of krills super (sycalant specific)
Super > C Jet> Ability > B Jet > B Dive > C Spark
Does 71 damage which brings ant down to the middle of his second victory spot.
*Note - Can work on oak if you dash, but not rev

Honestly these are pretty basic, but we should really get some more discussion going for the characters anyways.

Edit: To add in krill takes damage when you block aqua jet, why??
To be honest, that's about as complicated Krilowatt gets in terms of combos. He's really more about knowing what move to use in what situation than button-press recitals for 'big' damage.

Ideally, after a Dive, you can go for a 5a 5b 5c into Spark - for damage, but requires you to be close- 2c - for reliable knockdown- or 4c - if they block and you want to reset the situation safely. You can mix it up however you like, skip a few buttons altogether, even attempt a grab or overhead, in any case, it puts you in an advantageous position.

The trick is being able to set up that Dive safely.

Rev, Oak, and Ohm are probably the characters most capable of defending against Dive attempts, but it's fairly easy for any character if you're predictable.

The safest time to go for a Dive mixup is when your opponent is waking up. You can even deke them out by not Diving but going for a jump in attack or cross up.

If, however, you're restricted from using Dive too often against a competent player, what is Krilowatt supposed to do to mount an offense?

Krilowatt can play surprisingly close to his opponent, and remain a frustrating thorn in any character's side if you're dogged enough.

He has two decent moves that advance him, 6a and 2c, as well as one of the best forward dashes in the game. It allows him to stick close to an opponent safely while maintaining the threat of a tick throw. Seriously, his throw game is fantastic. Add to that his tiny frame, especially when crouching and we have a character that is great at weaving in and out of danger while keeping his opponent in a defensive posture. You just need to overcome the temptation to always be going for an aerial approach, great as it is.

Also, Spark to reversal any attack attempt. Warning that it is quite punishable, so don't get baited!
A cool clip of Krilowatt doing massive damage to Syclant in a single combo, courtesy of Zen1400.

Apparently this combo may be possible against others if you substitute the Double Team with a forward dash.

This also may not be practical outside of the center of the stage. Also, if you aren't aware, Zap Cannon can be cancelled into from Scampy Stamp, 3b, Kril's overhead.
The World's Most Lethal Shrimp?

Interesting combo. It has room for optimization, though. In fact, with said optimization, of all the people to have one... Krilowatt has a Touch of Death against Syclant.

j.C (Late, as in VERY late... last 1-2 frames before you hit the ground) 3B Zap Cannon, B-Jet, forward dash. B-jet, (tiger knee) C-Dive 5B C-Spark, Zap Cannon C-Wave C-Wave.

Yes, that's 2 Zap Cannons in one combo. You earn back ALL of your meter with this. And no, the last Zap Cannon/C-Waves don't combo. But they ARE undodgable by Ant on wakeup, which means he takes all 15 points of chip damage. This is what kills him. I can also confirm that the forward dash works on at least Vitalimar, but not most of the rest of the cast including Kitsunoh, Fidgit, and Revenankh.
The main reason I didn't use C was because when I landed it from tiger knee, it did less damage than just doing A/B dive to C spark. Either way very nice.

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