NOC Small Street Game Thread - Ended- TOWN wins!

Even if you think sam is scum you fucking leave him for last because if we lynch three scum and scum choose to nightkill and we get fruit from sam then sam is cleared

You must have realized this by now?
I'm not sure how valuable that tactic is compared to just lynching him, but I'm not willing to risk the mislynch and forgo that strategy
Living players:
  • Samoyed: Fruit Vendor (+1)
  • CsYager: Public Vanilla: (0)
  • Drookez: Priest (0)
  • apricity: 1-Shot Gladiator (0)
  • Josh: Odd-Night Tracker (-5)
  • MewtwoHidden: Non-consecutive Night Commuter (-5)
  • Moody: Restless Spirit (-35)
  • Jalmont: Doublevoter (-45)
Confirmed Mafia:
  • DS: Universal Backup (-5)
  • XnadrojX: Even-Night Tracker (-4)
Last to claim: DS., Josh, XnadrojX, Sanjana, Tonithetourguide
dodged claiming : XnadrojX, DS, JALMONT
Mafia start with 85 points. Counting DS (-5), XnadrojX (-4), BVP (+10), and assuming 4 mafia (-80), mafia have 6 points left to spend. This assumes last night got rid of a BVP, and was not a 'No-Kill' action (No-Kill is a +3). It also assumes mafia use all of their points. Therefore possible teams are:

Josh (-5) and Drookez (0) + 1 daytalk
Josh (-5) and Samoyed (+1) + 2 daytalks, 1 roleblock, or 1 rolecop
Josh (-5) and apricity (0) + 1 daytalk
Josh (-5) and CsYager (0) + 1 daytalk
any 2 zero-point roles (0) + 6 points worth of daytalks (-1), roleblocks (-2), and rolecops (-2)
Samoyed (-1) and any zero-point role (0) + 7 points worth of daytalks (-1), roleblocks (-2), and rolecops (-2)
Any teams that don't contain Josh have a lot of extra points to use on special actions, and I don't think mafia need that many points. We also have no evidence of that many actions being used. Therefore,

The most optimal team seems to be Josh and Samoyed, resulting in a good selection of special actions they are able to use.
Using fruit to test samo won't work without a tracker.

I'm voting him because I think he's the most likely scum slot out of drookez/josh/me/cs/hal/samo since we are assuming scum haven't taken high price roles.
I didn't receive any fruit. Samoyed ?

pretty sure mafia took away jalmonts bpv with their kill last night.
You didn't commute last night?

Who do I talk to about seeing if I can lynch mewtwo?
I mean role-wise I don't see why the mafia wouldn't want a commuter but m2h has played very towny so I can't see myself lynching him. The no-kill is very weird at this point though. Especially if no one got hooked. I don't really get it. Maybe there's "deep scum" (ew I can't believe I said it)
vote samoyed
For future reference

(day 1 samoyed/DS interaction)

gets into a spat with DS, ends up unvoting

(DS liked the post)

FH calls out DS' post as super scummy and votes him, which would be the start of a long adventure

D3 justification to ds' scum read on samoyed
this is getting annoying, either case him in light of the flips or don't but this is too late into the game for naked votes on someone with so many associations with scum

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