NOC Small Street Game Thread - Ended- TOWN wins!

the reason DS dodged the thunderdome and got help from his team to do so would be
a) samoyed is scum and trading two mafia for one town was absolutely not what he wanted to happen
b) he was unwilling to risk trading for two townies, indicating that he thought his survival was crucial to his team winning ? Nuxl was in a decent position at the time but was often afk, so that'd point to drookez/cs more than to nuxl's slot ?
Yes, but my point was that it was nuxl (and hal because hal sheeped nuxl) who switched the vote to sb. That means that nuxl was the person who would've helped DS./Samo in that situation.
I think generally that 1. is the answer and nuxl used his town cred to switch the vote away from a thunderdome that would lead to two of his teammates getting lynched, but its entirely possible that town!nuxl just thought it was a reckless/impulsive idea in the first place.
ok so the fruit thing:
i had a seizure when i was trying to type out my fruit and then i forgot about this game. duskfall cant read my seizures i guess. i don’t blame him.

there’s literally no reason i wouldn’t fruit. i meant to fruit jalmont, as directed

why did they shoot hannah.
I mean I guess I’ve been dodging thread but I hope to engage now. Drookez has been floating by.
Sorry to hear that Samoyed I hope you're doing better.

fwiw I actually think this relatively clears samo since if he's mafia, his teammates would submit the actions in for him no? So it seems pretty reasonable to me, especially with a no kill.

I would like to vote Josh today and I will probably put my vote their tomorrow morning. I have seen nothing to suggest why I shouldn't vote him. Think he entered ok but then he's been here and not here and I think that fits with him giving half-effort/giving up.

Next would CS just because he's coming off less towny than hal atm.

ok good night
now I’m even more confused about why the mafia chose to no kill

Did they really do it just to dodge tracker? But there are two scum alive, tracker results don’t mean anything?
I guess it doesn’t matter we have two mislynches, so long as you convince yourself that the only person who pointed out scums mistake isn’t scum who made that mistake, then were fine
If mewtwo was scum, since scum no killed then mewtwo could’ve claimed that he commuted last night and have been like borderline verified

Moody and jal are still never scum

So it just has to be CS/Josh/Drookez/Sam

And then it doesn’t matter which two of these four it is because we have two mislynches
Thinking on this more I think I prefer drookez actually

If scum was willing to no kill to dodge the track then we can leave josh alive and see if they try again in two nights?

Vote drookez


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first of all you're retarded if you think I ever no kill. the only time in my entire mafia career I've no killed was because I was the most town read person in the game and I wanted the doc to "save" me. it worked. second of all you're retarded if you think scum!me enters the thread and immediately hard busses three days in a row. third of all scum cant kill me, I'm one of like 2 possible mislynches left. fourth of all Toni is never a kill I make.

to answer a previous qurstion: I tracked drookez again because scum usually dont expect you to double track, same with how they wouldnt normally expect a double doc (and why docs almost never double target).

another qurstion: yes, I missed ds being scum without hannah because governor isnt a protective action in 95% of games. I havent really read the setup, at all.

I'll try and get to this tonight, cause I think this thread needs a good read.

anyone wanna quote why samoyed is being town read? cause when I subbed in and got my role PM, after reading 25 pages sporadically
rhe team is
samo ds Jordan 4th
im sk lost why town is losing
idk the last one but
they have not played well
maybe cs
moody is laughably out of zcumrange
mmand this is classic scum ds openwolfing and being an annoying little shit

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