Small Street Game Thread N1, Deadline: 7pm est 18th April

Because if it were, I would say it’s bullshit because you haven’t been playing like a TPR.
A majority of town members in this game are going to be power roles because only a few roles don't have some kind of action, and public vanilla is confirmed to be CS. Especially in this setup, I don't see why PR's should play any different than these other four roles.
  • Fruit Vendor (can't be performed alongside a factional action) (+1)
  • Public Vanilla (is publicly confirmed not to have any power at the start of Day 1) (0)
  • 2-Shot Neighborizer (0)
  • Priest (if this role attempts to hammer, the vote will not be hammered) (0)
1. What made you jump on the idea that DS. was saying they are a TPR just because they want to survive to late game?
2. Why do you think DS.'s play is inconsistent with being a TPR.
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Apricity (1): CsYager
Ds (2): Texas Cloverleaf, samoyed
Hannah (1): tonithetourguide
Stelthbomber (2): Former Hope, MewtwoHidden
Not voting (10): DS, ZestOfLife, Nuxl, Vooper, tonithetourguide, Drookez, Sanjana, Oddish, Hannah, Stealthbomber

Deadline: 7pm est, 17th April
Hammer: 9

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Actually legitimately, hal's whole case for me being scum was on the basis that the mafia would recruit a forth person. We're not in white flag, so I think that the chance a 4th was recruited is rather small. The fact he hasn't done anything to adjust his reads with this information or anything at all is really concerning.

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