NOC Smalltown Mafia: Day 2

Feels amazing to not get midnight discord notifs

Here to say I skimmed through once, developing some Feelings abt certain suggestions (d1 dayvig, pacifying stump, blah blah blah). Will read back through & come back tomorrow with something tighter.

peace & peaches
Vote: Bluedoom

My angle says he's scum. I think he's acting like he knows I'm town. Idk if it's a slip but it's susp.

Btw if we do lynch Bluedoom and he flips scum I am gonna table a formal request to have either protective role on me. SB. heuryalone note this down.
I think there are too many roles for the two protectives to save. Poisoner and Tracker should always be kept alive. I'm in favor of using the dayvig today and pacifying Dusk/Texas.
Edit: had to refresh page
Another (almost) 12h have passed
bluedoom(1): CaffeineBoost
SB.(1): Thunder~Ballz

To answer some of the other questions
There is also a list of roles in OP in this thread. Click on the link first line in Role PMs.
I will take plur votes if hammer is not reached (except in Lynch or Lose scenarios)

Schiavetto prepare to get pinged on discord every midnight again!
So we don't need to waste vig shot or poisoner on supersaint. If we want to vote hal, then we just don't hammer before deadline.

Actually, tracker isn't amazing here, poisoner is way more important. My role also isn't that useful for us here. Still want to dayvig today.
Duskfall98 CaffeineBoost imagine having our scumteam from white flag in this game, it would be absolutely incredible
Reading Uto as town. Second post feels more like an afterthought. First thought about how his role isn't too useful to town, and second thought, the realization of how much more useful his role would be as mafia.
The statement just doesn't make sense. Obviously mafia picked their roles before they knew their alignment. The only motivation I see behind the statement is a forced distancing themself from the alignment of mafia. I just tend to scum read people that make subtle statements that say "Look at me, Im town!"
I see. I don't think it's a logical failure so much as a thing that apricity does and saw the post as a joke but I get where you're coming from now. I feel like it might just be a personality thing but reading people this game is hard.

bluedoom is Moody normally lurkscum? Or does he just hard freeze or something.

##Vote: U-Turn Out

Gut? I don't feel great about their solving, it doesn't feel like it's actually trying to help much.
Figured you guys understood his meta more than others in the pl.

SB. My observation is that he usually posts less during the early part of the phase but picks up activity towards the end, and as mafia he's just a lot more quite than usual. I guess he lurkscums,he did the same in leet's game that we played in, as I recall.

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