NOC Smalltown Mafia: Day 2

aight, so, revisiting earlier comments--

I get the logic behind clearing deathstump ahead of time but if we're letting roles dictate pac target, I'd rather tracker/poisoner (leaning poisoner)

+1 re: scum daychat, would like to know this. Would also v much like to know if scum is multitasking
There's a lot of talk around the deathstump and I'm unsure why we're discussing targeting the deathstump and not bluedoom. I'm aware they can talk after death but I don't see why we should be specifically targeting them with any of the important roles purely because he's a deathstump.
whole setup is role madness, so trying to solve by forcing role interactions isnt a bad idea lmao

but i dont think bluedooms slot is particularly suspicious anyway so /shrug
If we're not using pacifier on me, we should be using it on poisoner/dayvig/doc/bodyguard because those are the roles whose alignment is crucial to check because they decide how the numbers go in the game. Mirror/joat/absorber are ok lynches in terms of where the balance is.
Apologies if things weren't clear enough. I'll add these to OP.
Re daychat: yes. Mafia have daychat
Re flips: Any player removed from the game will have their alignment revealed.
Any other questions I will answer next vote count.
Edit: removed some vague wording
I just found the posts underwhelming tbh like it was trying to appear productive but not especially so. I don't think scum would actually want to help town come up with a productive breaking strategy because it'd bite them in the butt but they kind of have to suggest something to blend in.

This is just how bluedoom's luck goes tbh. I don't want to blast him rn because I think this is closer to his townrange (even if all the rolespec is in the game is muddying it) because his logic as mafia tends to be a lot worse.

Waiting for Texas to respond to things.
Respond to what?
U-Turn Out(1): SB.
SB.(1)*: Thunder~Ballz

SB. Has plurality

Ok so I didnt check when I made this thread. Technically 24h left. But I might delay a bit since Im fairly occupied today.
24h but might make it 30h. This is the final votecount before eod.

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