Smeargle's Draw This In Your Own Style!


Loosely Resembling Some Variety Of Bird
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Wet Kisser your mega Lopunny is absolutely stunning, I fucking adore your art style so much goddamn. Very glad to have been paired with you!
Next time I won't start the lineart then completely forget about this until 3 days before the deadline lol


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When 2nd round???, or it was a one-time event???
There's going to be more, the next iteration will have its own thread. Just not right away! There's a different event for october that's gonna be posted soon-ish, and our traditional secret santa afterwards, so we don't want to split people's interest between multiple events too much so we end up with low participant turnout.

Consider them small breaks in between, but since there's a lot of interest there's definitely going to be more! We're just mindful of every event being able to perform well when it's their time to shine :toast:

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