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I somehow managed, with some excellent advice from TVBoyCanti, to get from this:

to this:

Your Raikou was coming along quite well, but it really wasn't finished yet. I finished it for you here (use this if you like, don't give me credit). Edit: Still very good for a first time pixel over!

The crest was still mishaped in a way that it looked like ears. Fixed the far "ear" so that it looked more like the reference art. As for the right ear, its still too long but it was taking me too long to fix it so I left it.

The stripes were left with that pink outline, so I got rid of that. Added highlights where they were needed on the body and the clouds. They really are important for adding depth.

I also made the legs in the background darker to add depth to the sprite. Objects in the back ground should be a darker color than objects in the foreground to show that they are on a different depth plane. It helps give a sprite that "pop" that keeps it from looking 2D.

Ramped up the contrast on the face mask. Added shading to the head balls. Also added dithering to the cheeks, they were looking really gradienty. Finally, I added a highlight to the eye and desaturated the iris colors, which really adds life to the eyes.

Wichu, if you use this sprite, make sure you credit LR and not me.

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That's amazing Canti, far better than my original attempt. I would probably have gone a bit further with Raikou than I did if I used more than 16 colours, but I thought that was what we were meant to stick to. It's a learning experience though, and I really think I can do a better job with any other ones I try to do.
Wow, so is this like Pixel Overs, but in a smaller size? Or are we scratching pixel art?

Id like to get into this, and if possible "reserve" Donphan please. I have experience with pixel overs, as many of the older visitors here might remember
Yeah MetalGarX, I remember your pixel overs, your Deoxys outline was the thing gave me the idea to try a pixel over (which is how I learned how to pixel).

LR, Pokemon Amethyist is supposed to be a PC game so I don't know why Wichu would limit it to 16 colors. It will be really difficult to make 160x160 Cel shaded sprites look decent with only 16 colors. And don't forget, transparency counts as a color too.

And my CAP sprite:
Here's the lineart for a 160x160 Lanturn I'm doing for Wichu, its a pixel over from an awesome pose I found on a Pokemon card image.

Comments, critiques?
TV: Sprite looks great. Looks a bit wrong in someplaces though, but I can't pinpoint just why.

Badassery, huh. Sounds like a tough one to sprite, considering the cobwebs on my spriting gears. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Maybe I'll make a pixel over for this Amethyst......I'd probably do Latias.
Thanks for the info, Wichu. Anyway, I finished my Darkrai. I ripped the colors from the HGSS sprite, and I have to say, it isn't really the best pallete ever. The shadows are too dark, and the highlights are too light-at least, on the main body. Here it is:

May the spriting gods cast their C+C on this image. Also, I'm thinking of doing Blastoise next. I'm also thinking of drawing an image of Staraptor and pixeling over it. We can use our own images to pixel over, right?

EDIT: Thanks again, Wichu. I'm also hoping for an Amethyst thread, just to collect art and stuff for now. By the way, what is the thread for this on Serebii called?
I'm no expert, but the "smoke" coming off the top should have no outline when closer to the top (so that it would vanish rather than stop abruptly). Other than that, it looks great.
IMO it looks too much like an evolved form, although the mods might allow that. I wouldn't, but I'm not exactly the big decision maker in the judges.

Anyway, the wings look too blocky for my tastes. Fix that and it's great.

EDIT: This was at albel.
Yeah, that was what I was afraid of...
Thanks, I'll fix the wings and try to make it look a little less evolved.

EDIT: Ok, I'm thinking this is looking a little less evolved now. Anything else?
I liked the other one IMO. the closed eyes make it look just as dopey as the original. I say go back to the original design, it's not like this looks any less like an evolution than the other one. (BTW, there's nothing in the rules that say it can't be an evolution).

Edit: Ok, I've decided that these will be Hitmonlee's special attacks.
Double Kick: B rapidly

Stretch Kick: >,<,> B or A

And a WIP basic attack, because I like posting stuff here.
Ok, thanks. I liked the first one, but just thought it looked too unsparce-like. I think I'll enter that one, then.

Hey guys, tell me what you think about my CAP sprite! I have two alterations so far which would both like criticisms, so please, help me feed and nurture these!
Tilted the head down a bit. You guys can compare them and tell me what you think. Not really sure which I like better honestly. S, leaving it to you guys. Maybe if I can figure out how to do one, the less-liked sprite can be the second frame of an animation. :)

^And remember, C+C is highly smiled upon.^
Xand, it looks really good, except for the dirt on the bottom. Try basing it more off of Dugtrio dirt, its more of a hole that what looks sort of like a cairn.
Hey guys, tell me what you think about my CAP sprite! I have two alterations so far which would both like criticisms, so please, help me feed and nurture these!
They look great. I like the first one better, since it's looking at the opposing pokemon more. The only thing I see that might possibly be wrong or odd is the dirt. It looks like it's slanted a bit, and shouldn't it be flat? If it doesn't, then I don't see anything wrong with it. ^^
Ok, here's the admittedly not excellently shaded version of Lanturn for Pokemon Amethyst, any who wishes to comment or even change the sprite is welcome to to improve it, but if you change it, make sure you let me know!

Yeah, its not great, but I wanted a more exciting version of Lanturn, and the image I pixel-overed was faced the wrong way, so I had no basis for the shading.
If the light source is the lanturn, judging by the shading on the head, then the antennae should be shaded much lighter since it's right next to the light source. Other than the fact that the antennae is too dark I think it looks pretty good, maybe just clean up the shading lines a bit.

Too bad it's too big for Wichu's game.
I'm no expert, but the "smoke" coming off the top should have no outline when closer to the top (so that it would vanish rather than stop abruptly). Other than that, it looks great.
Thanks! I made a version with no outline near the tip of the smoke:

Also, TVboyCanti, Solstice's pic is 160 by 160, which is exactly the size for Amethyst. I agree about the shading, though.
I was talking about the scale. Lanturns only 2/3 the size of that sprite when it's scaled to the trainer sprite that wichu provided. Maybe he won't care.
Hey guys, I'd like to help with the pixel-overs, but I've never actually done one before. Any tips, and how to actually go about doing them?
There are way too many choices for WSC week 10 so I'd like to ask which Pokemon people would like to see made badass. Some to consider...

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