Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

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Here are three PKM Sprites I've made for a Rom hack of Ruby so far, I'll make more later.

Not very good, still need some improving, but I'll get them.

And here are some D/P style ones:
An avatar with sceptile and a cool green background would be awesome. It can be shiny too. Thanks in advance to whoever

I know you asked for a green bg but i just couldnt help myself! You dont have to use it if you don't want to; anyone can, just please give full credit to me :D It was a bit of a rushed job but enjoy!
EDIT: Oh, an avatar (oops) :P I'll make one now.
Hey guys! I figure I'd start posting my sprites around here. I've never actually sprited Pokemon before. I usually sprite other series such as Fire Emblem, and uh.. Fire Emblem. XD Anyway..

Alakazam has always had amazing artwork, so I decided to base a sprite around the original Sugimori artwork.


It's still far from perfect, so I'd love some constructive criticism.
Note to self: Avoid letting spriting skillz got to shit next time you take a month break. ._.

This...this THING is a flying disgrace. It doesn't deserve a name.
I...I have failed you guys.

More requests. T.T Must revive old skillz.
Buizel + Oddish?
BTW, the color code is F5F5FF IIRC
You have it bad? I haven't sprited for like, 2 and a half months T_T

I've been tricking you all with a deceitful color that is completely invisible unless highlighted or quoted, in case you were wondering.
I need a Banner made for my new Forum:

I need it 752px x 172px
Needs to have the artwork for Charmander, Squirtle, Alakazam, Charizard, and Tyranitar with a glow around them matching there main colours (If that's not possible then any sort of glow)
Needs to have the words Storm Force Dungeon
For the background, I would like a half visible picture of a player in a Dungeon from any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. If thats not possible, then just black with some red lightning streaks.

Thank you. Unfortunatly, I can't offer anything in return. Sorry if this an inconvienience.
How's this?


You can call me Jiggly
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Which is the better sprite (WSC)


These Are PNG files, but it doesn't look perfect. I'm entering one of these, any idea's on which is better?
Ok I had a try at colouring Porygon, C+C please.

I don't think my slightly darker colours were quite dark enough, and a few of the lines are too black.

You're in luck, I did that just a few weeks ago.

(That's a revamp by the way, not a repose. I colored in the RBYG sprite with DS-era colors.)
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