Smeargle's Studio's 12th Annual Secret Santa!


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It's that time of the year again! Our budget? Bigger than ever. Our thread banner? The most luxurious. The prizes? Non-existent. Your host? A dumbass.​

Sign up deadline: December 5th
Drawing deadline: January 14th

So, most of you should be aware of the concept of Secret Santa, an anonymous gift giving; in our case though the gifts are all replaced with images, so consider it a big, anonymous art trade! If you'd like to join in, make sure to send me a private message on Smogon writing what you'd like somebody to draw for you. You can feel free to drop a post in this thread letting others know that you will be participating, but do keep in mind that sending me the PM is a must. Sending in a request also means that you'll be drawing someone else's request as well, so please don't sign up if you don't think you'll be able to actually finish the drawing, because you're making things less enjoyable for others as well as making things more difficult for me and helper elves. Don't do that. Anyways, once we reach the sign up deadline you'll get a PM from me containing the request you'll need to draw, which once it's completed you need to send back to me. Simple as that!

General Rules:
  • The request should be Pokemon-related - This is still a pokemon forum, so with that in mind crossovers are allowed as long as it's not too obscure.
  • No insane requests - You wouldn't want to be tortured by a mad request either, so don't do this to others. Keep it manageable.
  • The request/finished drawing must be sent via forum PM to me, tiki - Letting me know on Discord won't do the trick, since I'll probably forget about it.
  • Do NOT tell anybody what request you got, or what request you sent - That's the whole point of Secret Santa after all!
  • Do not request anything questionable - Nothing explicitly sexual or violent. Those who attempt to slide past this rule will be banned from participating!
  • You may change your request at any time, until sign ups deadline - So you don't have to tear your hair out thinking of something. Once the deadline for sign ups has transpired, however, it's too late for any changes!
  • Get your drawing done - As I already pointed out, don't join if you can't actually finish your drawing in time. Someone is trying hard to finish up the the drawing you requested, so try to respect their effort as well as the person whose request you received.
  • Digital and Traditional Art is allowed - In case you were wondering, traditional artwork is just fine as well!

If you're interested in being awesome by helping with covering for the flakes (the ones who don't get their images done), feel free to shoot me a PM.

Oh and don't hesitate to join if you don't think you're good or skilled enough to draw something. The effort is what matters the most, just have fun and good luck!
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