Smeargle's Studio's Sixth Annual Secret Santa!

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Welcome again everyone to our favourite time of the year: SECRETIVE SAINT NICK TIME! You know the deal. Everyone's welcome, except flakes who make my job harder and are big assholes. DON'T BE A FLAKE.

Sign up deadline: Closed!
Drawing deadline: December 14th, 11:59pm PST!
How to participate:
A Secret Santa is basically a big anonymous gift giving, for those who don't know; but in our case it will be a big anonymous art trade! To get involved, shoot me a PM saying what you want somebody to draw for you. (you can post in this thread to let others know you are participating, but you must send me a PM with your request!) By making a request, you're also agreeing that you will in turn draw the request of somebody else - so do not sign up if you don't think you'll be able to finish a drawing. You will be punished and/or have your arse kicked by me personally if you flake.
Once the sign ups are complete, I'll send you a PM containing what you are to be drawing. Draw this within the deadline, and send it back to me. That's all you have to do!

General Rules:
  • The request should be Pokemon-related - Crossovers are generally alright (eg Charmander in a Mario costume), but it absolutely must have something to do with Pokemon. If you must do a crossover, the less obscure, the better (eg No 'Grumpig as Martin Van Buren').
  • No insane requests - Self explanatory, don't break somebody's back, ok? (eg No 'Every Kanto Pokemon dressed up as a Simpsons character')
  • The request/finished drawing must be sent via forum PM to me, elcheeso - Letting me know on IRC what you want or that you finished isn't good enough!
  • Do NOT tell anybody what request you got, or what request you sent - The point of a Secret Santa is anonymity!
  • Do not request anything questionable - Nothing explicitly violent or sexual or otherwise tasteless. Attempt to slide by this rule and you will be banned from participating! That goes double for you, RODAN !
  • You may change your request at any time, until sign ups deadline - So you don't have to tear your hair out thinking of something. Once the deadline for sign ups has transpired, however, you're on your own!
  • Get your drawing done - Like I said before, please do not be this asshole! Try and have some respect for the person whose request you got.
  • Digital and Traditional Art is allowed - I've gotten this question a few times so to clear it up, traditional media (eg crayon on table napkins) is definitely allowed!
Don't feel shy, Christmas is about being the spirit of giving and the thought; even those who have never picked up a pencil can join in the merry making with the old pros! Have fun, and good luck!
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Alas poor Yorick!
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I am also going to sign up for some Christmas spirit.

(don't let me draw for pom and vice/versa)
I am totally in on this! I love to draw (even though my drawings sometimes aren't the best) and I would love to have somebody draw something for me! Even though I joined a few minutes ago, I would love to draw something for somebody.
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