Smeargle's Studio's Smogfight II

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Welcome back artists to another year of Smeargle's Studio's Smogfight!
Smogfight is based on the popular artistic event of
Artfight, where artists partake in creating pieces of art in a means to gather points to win this friendly competition!

How it Works
- Signups will be live for one week. If you'd like to participate, see below on how to secure your spot!
- After signups close, you will be randomly assigned to one of two teams. All participants will be invited to the Smogfight II Discord Server!
- Once the event starts, you will have a month to make as many art pieces depicting the other teams' members' Pokemon as you can in a means to "attack" them and rank up points!
- If a team member "attacks" you, you have the opportunity to "revenge attack" them back!
- Make sure all pieces are posted here after you've finished them!
- After the month period is over, the winning team will be announced and receive the grand prize of a custom banner to place in their Smogon Signature!

How to Sign Up
- Sign up in this thread with your name, your Discord tag, and three Pokemon to represent as your "characters"!

Things to Keep in Mind
- When picking your Pokemon, please try not to pick too many Pokemon with overly complex designs! Examples of complexity can be found below.
- Updated Scores will be shared at the end of every week, in addition to being updated here in the OP!

What Constitutes as "Complex"?
- As a general rule of thumb, anything that has numerous and/or intricate patterns, lines, shapes, etc. is considered complex.
Simple -

Normal -

Complex -

Scoring will be based on the following and averaged out between all judges:
- Simple Shaped | 2pts
- Headshot / Bust | 10pts
- Halfbody | 15pts
- Fullbody | 20pts
- Complex Shape | multiplier of 1.2x

- Rough Sketch | 2pts
- Clean Sketch / Lined / Lineless | 7pts

- Uncolored | 0pts
- Rough Color | 3pts
- Clean Color | 5pts
- Painting | 10pts

- Unshaded | 0pts
- Minimal Shading | 5pts
- Fully Shaded | 10pts

- No / Minimal Background / Photograph | 0pts
- Pattern / Abstract | 3pts
- Props / Scene Elements | 7pts
- Scene | 10pts
Numerous Pokemon will be scored by a multiplier of 1.5x

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or DM a cohost!

Current Scores
Team Scarlet
Team Violet
1,995 points
2,515 points

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