Smeargle's Summer Illustration Event!


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Happy Summer, everyone! It's time for another Smeargle's Studio summer event, but this year we're trying something new!

We've curated a gallery of summer-themed photos, which you can find hidden below, or alternatively, in this imgur gallery:

Photo #1
by Amir Ahmadi -

Photo #2
Chris Galbraith -

Photo #3
Claire Rush -

Photo #4
Clarisse Meyer -

Photo #5
Dmitry Pankov -

Photo #6
Dorothea OLDANI -

Photo #7
Erda Estremera -

Photo #8
Fiaz Mohammed -

Photo #9
Jcob Nasyr -

Photo #10
Jcob Nasyr -

Photo #11
Lacie Slezak -

Photo #12
Liza Springer -

Photo #13
Lorenz Narbs -

Photo #14
Mae Mu -

Photo #15
Nas Mato -

Photo #16
Paul Streltsov -

Photo #17
Rowan Heuvel -

Photo #18
Samantha Gades -

Photo #19
Sean Oulashin -

Photo #20
Sebastian Davenport-Handley -

Photo #21
Silas Baisch -

Photo #22
Silas Baisch -

Photo #23
Taylor Vick -

Photo #24
Tim Collins -

Photo #25
Vicko Mozara -

What we want you to do is use one of these photos as the basis for a custom illustration! Anyone who wishes to participate can choose a photo from the provided options, and use that photo to come up with your own pokemon-themed summer illustration! You can draw your Pokemon directly on top of the provided photo, or blend your illustration into the photo entirely.

As an example of what we're looking for, let's say you chose to use this photo:

You might draw something like this!

If you're not comfortable blending your illustration in with the photo directly, you're also free to use your photo as inspiration for a completely original illustration, or you can redraw the photo in your own style to illustrate on top of. As for the subject, it can be just about anything you want! Your project can include Pokemon, trainers, etc., and if you feel confident enough to draw multiple subjects, feel free to do so, but it's not required! You're also free to crop your photo as needed to make your project look as nice as possible. And although this project is primarily intended as a digital drawing exercise, you're also free to use traditional media as well, or whatever tools you have available to you.

You also don't need to worry about reserving the same photo as someone else - you're free to take any photo you want, regardless of what other participants have taken!

And for anyone who's concerned or curious, all of the stock photos that will be used were found on Unsplash, which provides free-to-use stock photos, so there are no problems with using the images. With that said, we've still provided the names of the photographers and links to their portfolios.

If you'd like to participate, simply make a post in this thread stating that you're joining in, as well as the number of the photo you want to use. Once you're finished with your illustration, we ask that you PM your completed project to myself or tiki ; that way we can present them all at once when the submission deadline arrives. And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in this thread, or send a message to myself or tiki , and we'll clarify things as best as we can.

Have fun! :blobwizard:

Signup Deadline: July 10th
Submission Deadline: August 10th
Extended Deadline: August 18th

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Alright, signups are over! Thank you to all of you who chose to participate! As mentioned in the OP, you have until August 10th to complete your project and send it to tiki or I so we can compile them together and reveal them all at once at the end of the submission period. Best of luck, and feel free to let either of us know if you have any questions!

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